We hOrban Hitler Parodyave all heard of Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, but few will have heard of Zsolt Bayer, the co-founder of the Fidesz Party with Orban. In September, Zsolt came to Orban’s defence in protest after a left-lib Soros-funded magazine depicted Orban thus:

You can watch his outdoor speech, to thousands of people, on Youtube

Here is a transcript of his speech:

Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen.

There is a man, and not just anybody. He is a Harvard professor. They call him Noel Ignatiev. This man believes the following, a word for word quote follows.

Treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity. The key to solving the problems of our age is to abolish the White race, the abolishment of the privileges of the White skin.

There is apparently a man, my dear friends, who picks out a race based on skin color from the rest of humanity. And the destruction of this race is what he sees as the solution to the problems of humanity.

This man teaches at one of the world’s most famous and best universities. He moves within the highest, most elite circles. They listen to his opinion, they shake his hand. This man matters. This man is a real Nazi! However, over here, around our place, a Hitler mustache is drawn on our lawful Prime Minister by the liberals.

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear friends. It has perhaps never been so important in the past decades to maintain our composure and rational judgement-making ability. For we have never faced such a major challenge in the past few decades. And such an enormous provocation. There exists my dear friends, all manner of weapons.

There are traditional weapons, atomic weapons, chemical weapons. And now we can see that there exists the ethnic weapon. And now, this is what has been deployed against Europe and against the white race by the “invisible hands”.

Friends, in Afghanistan, 1979 May, that is 36 years, there has been constant war. Syria has been in a war for six years. In Pakistan, there is no war. Nor in Bangladesh. In large parts of Africa for centuries it has been horribly difficult to live, or at times, life can be unbearable there.

Let’s pose the question finally.

Why, … Let’s pose the question. Why is it that suddenly now it came into everyone’s mind who live in such places to start moving to Europe? From everywhere and all at once. Why? Let us say it loudly and with a level-head:

This is an artificial, contrived migratory movement!

And it’s goal, … And it’s goal is the permanent and irreversible transformation of Europe’s ethnic and religious composition. And for this, they have already produced the necessary ideologies. According to the Harvard professor, the white race must be made to vanish!

One of them I have already mentioned. According to the Harvard professor, the White race must be erased. But there is an ideology aside from this as well. Let’s take a look at the economic “gurus” and their statements made with unassailable confidence. Europe is not reproducing and it will quickly age, so we need immigration for “blood renewal” purposes, so that the current economic output can be sustained. And for there to be someone to work for our pensions. This is how one of the scripts goes. This is how one of the scripts goes.

And, the controllers of this diseased continent aren’t telling us to reproduce and be plentiful, but rather to accept EVERY type of foreignness that just happens to come our way. How can this be possible?

How does and how can such a scale of self-identity destruction exist? We will immediately understand, too, once we listen to the second economic script. The President of the car manufacturer, Daimler, says, that they just happen to need such young and motivated manpower that can be seen in the masses of illegal migrants currently pouring into Europe.

My dear friends, Europe today is incapable of giving work even to it’s own young people! Let’s not be mistaken, today British young people are emigrating to Australia and New Zealand. That is where they will try their luck. And Hungarian young people head to Britain. Romanian young people go largely everywhere where Latin languages are spoken. The Poles likewise go to Britain. The Spanish youth, to the time being, are not emigrating anywhere. However, amongst them, unemployment is over 50%.

And in THIS situation the President of Daimler comes along and “realizes” that the Syrian masons and the Bedouin goat herders represent the ideal workforce! My dear friends, at times like these, one must inevitably think that this man has lost his mind! It certainly seems so.

But I have a bit of bad news. It ONLY seems so.

The actual truth is, my dear friends, that this is truly an insane remark, yet there is indeed a method to it. For the Syrian mason and the Bedouin goat herder will actually do the given work for 20% of the lowest possible wage. It is this 20% of a wage that has made Europe’s leaders lose their minds. It is for this much that they want to sell us and ruin our Europe.

Our own leaders in Brussels and the various controllers of Western powers do exactly the same. It is for this, and in the name of some brainless, and completely faulty, badly interpreted, general “human rights” platitudes. And anyone who dares to speak up against this immediately becomes a “Nazi”. And this is how a Hitler moustache came to be put under Orban’s nose.

But I have some bad news for these scumbags!

To the Austrian Chancellor, to the French Foreign Minister, to the rotten to the core, lying and disreputable journalists of the Western media, oh, and of course to the worthless scumbags of Magyar Narancs [magazine that did the Hitler moustache cover], as well.

The bad news is, my dear friends, is that out of the 500 million native citizens of Europe, how should I say, “natives” today, largely 450 million of them do NOT want to see any more immigrants!

And, the Hungarian Prime Minister represents their desires. He speaks the truth in their place, that which, for now, due to the “opinion terrorism” of THESE that no one dares to say. It’s bad news of you Magyar Narancs, Austrian Chancellor, Western media, French Foreign Minister! It’s also bad news for you that current central part of Europe represents normalcy. WE represent it!

My dear friends, WE represent normalcy, those who say, “No!” to the idiotic and Pharisaic quota system! Let’s applaud them all!

Long live Finland! Long live Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia!

Long live Denmark! Long live — once again — Poland!

Long live the Czech Republic! And yes, long live Slovakia! And my dear friends, long live Romania!

And last but not least, long live Hungary!

And the situation is, my dear friends, that these scumbags can draw the Hitler moustache underneath the noses of the elected Prime Ministers, too. And underneath the noses of 450 million European citizens, too! But we in good faith and with the patience of a psychiatrist are warning them, where everyone is a “Nazi” there, no one is a “Nazi” any longer!

And my dear friends. The situation is, my dear friends, that these mentally-ill and brainless scumbags are actually not insulting us, but that which is one of the biggest taboos. They, with their constant “Nazi” outcries are insulting the victims of the “Holocaust”.

My dear friends. Now, in these times they want to create fear and panic in us, and of course rage. That is why they are threatening and provoking us. So that we will lose our composure and be unable to act rationally. This is why we must maintain our “old blood” and our ability to make sober judgments.

This is how we must act with cool heads. This is how we must maintain Central-Eastern Europe’s unity. This is how we must represent the deciding majority of European’s will and opinion. It is for among these reasons that we demand that the leaders of the European Union do indeed send out a referendum on the question of immigration.

And this is why, … And this is why we support and assure our solidarity with the Hungarian government and Prime Minister, Victor Orban.

Crowd: (Chanting) Victor! Victor! , Victor!

My dear friends. My dear friends, those who saw [the movie] , “The Lord of the Rings” or, I hope, have also read it, will know precisely what I’m going to talk about now at the end. And to whoever hasn’t seen it or read it, make up for the omission.

And so, let’s say it. Us, Hungarians, let’s say it first, that which Victor Orban has already said. And that which was first said by Gandalf the Grey in the mines of Moria, on the bridge of Khazadum, to the demon of the ancient world:

You shall NOT pass!

This, let’s say this, nice and loud. Let everyone hear it. Let those on the southern border hear:

You shall NOT pass!

And my dear friends. From this place we send the message to everyone. This fence is being built, so that we will be able to protect not only our own homeland, but the entire European Union as well. The fence is being built so that we may finally get validation from the EU’s still active, valid laws, which have not been terminated by anyone.

We thank the Government’s work! From this place, we thank our police for their sacrifices and superhuman work. Let us thank… Let us thank the work of the Hungarian Army.

And let us prepare. Because from Tuesday, next week, another world is coming. And also prepare, because there WILL be a peace march!


That peace march took place this month, and it is (not) reported (in the western media) that 700,000 turned out in the streets of Budapest for it. And, this weekend, the EU is mounting its counter-offensive against the Hungarian people with the evil Guy Verhofstadt in the van.