It is well over two years since I wrote my first article for UKIP Daily: ‘The Zombie Apocalypse’ When I look back to the time I wrote the above article, I am unfortunately shocked as to how quickly some of my predictions have come true and events continue to lead us towards a nightmare scenario.

Sometimes, when reading UKIP Daily, I do worry that many of you, with a few exceptions, don’t really appreciate the desperate situation that we’re in and so I’ve decided it’s time for a follow up to my original article, where I wrote about a time I was viciously mugged in the Third World: Brazil.

I was forced to defend myself from an attacker who used lethal techniques, attacking me from behind, and in that situation I had very little control. In a situation like this you just have to do what you can, it was beyond ‘reasonable force’, anything was reasonable.

Fortunately for me, things didn’t go well for my attacker, but he suffered horrendous injuries and as a result I became something of a Pariah in the neighbourhood, through no fault of my own. People such as my attacker hang around in gangs. When they want revenge you’re in trouble.

Every day for lunch, I’d go to my favourite bakery for a coffee and a sandwich. I noticed as time went on that I was being watched. You can always tell when you’ve lived in the Third World for long enough: these people always try and remain unnoticed but you can see the annoyance on their faces when you look straight at them and they know the game is up.

Six months after the mugging, my attacker showed up at the bakery, I didn’t recognise him at first, his face was still bandaged and he was hoping I wouldn’t notice him, the look of pure hate on his face when I recognised him was unmistakable.

Sometime later, I noticed a really nasty piece of work was watching me. I recognised the type and realised I was in trouble. I knew then that one day if I let my guard down, somebody would be behind me with a pistol and that would be the end of me: time to leave Brazil.

Speaking to local friends, the advice was that I should have finished my attacker off at the time. True, there were so many murders in that city, in the morning the corpse would have been thrown on to the body wagon and in reality that would have been the end of it.

This course of action didn’t even cross my mind. I’m a civilised person, from a civilised country, and anybody we consider to be sane wouldn’t do such a thing. My attacker though, I’m very sure, would have killed me without a second thought, as happens very regularly in that city.

Logically, killing my attacker would have been the best option. Sometimes in life, in order to survive, you’re faced with very harsh decisions. You’re out of the comfort zone of our normal western life. I hope that you and I are never faced with having to make a decision like that but it’s something that we need to think about.

What do we do now that our country has been invaded by millions of people with a totally different set of values to our own, people that will never integrate and regard us as knife fodder to be attacked, mugged and raped at their will? How do we get our country back and be rid of such people?

“These are problems that we are going to have face and unfortunately, the more extreme we allow these problems to become, the more extreme the solutions are likely to be. None of us ever wanted to have to face such harsh realities, we didn’t ask for it and it is sole responsibility of successive LibLabCon governments that have foisted these problems upon us without consulting we the people that they were supposedly elected to represent.”

In truth, as millions of Third World denizens turn up on our shores, between the European Court of Human Rights, the United Nations Court of Human Rights, Liberal, Left politicians and the European Union itself, we’ve been left with very few viable options to repel invaders, apart from the ones that we’d sooner not contemplate.

Since the end of the Second World War, the combined efforts of generations of Labour, Liberal and Conservative governments, with their lies and treason, have turned a once proud and prosperous nation into a bankrupt, crime ridden, violent, Third World slum.

We are now moving to a situation beyond the power of our governments to repair our damaged nation, even if it were their intention to do so, which I doubt.

We can discuss the fortunes of UKIP here all we want and I wish UKIP all the best, but by the time we can make a political difference, it may be too late.

In the very near future, if we are to survive as a race, a nation, and be able to provide our children and grandchildren with the civilised place to grow up in that many of us remember, we are likely to be faced with decisions that we would sooner not have to face and we need to prepare ourselves for this. Far be it from me to offer suggestions, but these problems are headed our way regardless.

We did not ask for the problems that we are our now facing and these will continue to get much worse. I don’t see this ending well, you’ve seen nothing yet.

One thing we can do though, when it comes time to vote: remember who’s fault it is that we’re in this dire situation, remember out Liberal, Labour and Conservative governments.


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