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You May Be Wondering …

“You may be wondering …..” was often the opening phrase a TV reporter called Fyfe Robertson – on the “Tonight” programme hosted by Cliff Mitchelmore – began his piece with, after the camera had turned its lens to reveal this hatted, bearded and, craggy looking character ”…… what I am doing stuck half way up this desolate windswept mountain?”.

You may well be wondering along with me just what on earth is going on in “our “ party of UKIP. To me, it appears to have all the characteristics of a “Soap Opera” – a continuous and apparently endless sorry and tasteless drama. It has all the characteristics of a self devouring tropical medical condition.

What has moved me to put pen to paper is the news last night that my local UKIP party organiser had been taken to hospital with a heart attack. He had written to me a few days earlier, advising me that there was to be an   extraordinary area meeting  in early September to discuss whether we should join 82 others in calling for a national  EGM, the motion for which being “Requests the party hold a national EGM to discuss Constitutional Reform”.

Obviously his notification had not come as too much of a surprise, as amongst all  the constituent parts of the UKIP “Opera” discussed on here I had heard an EGM had been mooted.

I will give a brief summary of the questions I thought should be answered at the meeting:

  • a) Comprehensive agenda.
  • b) Details of the factions producing it.
  • c)Chapter and verse of which particular sections of the Constitution require reform.
  • d)The likely effect of the reforms and the effectiveness for the party.
  • e) I wish to know what forward policy is, even if we have a policy, who is responsible for producing it and who will be enunciating it.
  • f) I would also like to know what the chain of command is, i.e. who is in charge and the degree of independent authority he/she has.

Bear in mind this letter was written before I saw Jonathan Arnott`s exceptionally able contribution to this site – How to lose votes and alienate people – on 19/8/16, where he outlined and condemned the internal petty squabbles in UKIP along with the reason a national EGM was a non-starter, for example that it couldn`t take place before the new elections for NEC members which are already on schedule.

In my letter to my leader I also had a word or two to say about the leadership election.

I quote:

“We all know the election of the new leader is a shambles, I don`t believe any of the candidates has sufficient stature, nous or knowledge, nor the ability to think on his or her feet, certainly not of the class we have come to expect of Nigel and I think the whole process should be shelved.I truly believe Nigel should be dragooned back, before UKIP just dissolves altogether, as to me and others it seems to be fast doing.”

A few words on the future … I quote again from my letter to my local Party organiser:  

“You also know my views on harnessing the and GO mob with UKIP as a “new deal” cross party democratic organisation, or grouping, reflecting grass root populist views as monitors of total Brexit. I would like to know if these organisations are still in existence – after all, it won a substantial proportion of the Brexit vote. “Vote LEAVE” or most of `em are too closely allied to the Conservatives and thus still contaminated with EU ideology. Finally has anybody realised the Remainians are now the new Xenophobes?”.

Regarding the meeting I said:

“I’ll be there, but unless I hear some convincing answers to the above questions, I doubt I would vote for change – they will just be reorganising the deck chairs on the Titanic!”

In view of the likelihood that my questions will not be answered and taken together with Jonathan Arnott`s sensible strictures, I will not be voting, even though I count myself a grass root member who has put up with countless brickbats and indignities from sharp elbowed YBF Carpet Baggers – not ‘You’ve Been Framed’, but a pernicious Conservative Think Tank, who are probably calling the ‘Vote LEAVE’ shots. Its up to them to recant and retract and just join in the melee instead of so prissily standing aside and not mixing with us street fighters that delivered their bacon.

Over to you, Candidates, Party Organisers, and all who rely on us grassroot members and street fighters to deliver your bacon!

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15 Comments on You May Be Wondering …

  1. Yes, the party looks a shambles just now and the leadership election something of a farce. We lost 3 kingpins at once and that’s sad. Grassroots members are very cross and we will lose some. Please remember however that change after the referendum result was inevitable. This is the natural time to reorganise. I think that if Woolfe or Evans had stood, we could have got behind either, despite their ideological differences. Provided we now choose the best available candidate we can still quickly recover.

    The party has a Toxic reputation in some areas and we badly need to shed that, just a little PC is required.
    Nigel can get away with some quite outrageous statements, no new leader would be able to do the same.

    The national EGM is not such a bad thing, we’ll have our new leader by then and if he or she can select a team that includes all our factions, they can strongly influence the result. Whatever happens if we wish to continue to be a significant force in politics and offer a viable alternative to the usual suspects, we MUST strongly support whoever is our new leader. The EGM must end all infighting, power struggles and careerism at the top and silly arguments between councillors or within branches or we will throw away our chance to change politics for the better.
    We have a wider duty than to push our opinions to the point where we damage our own party, we have a heavy responsibility to our country, one we can’t discharge without tolerance of others views and a willingness to compromise when necessary.

    • If UKIP becomes a little PC and not seen as toxic in hard left areas, which in my humble opinion are the only areas that it is seen as toxic, it will become exactly like the other three parties. Mustn’t say anything controversial, just do enough to pay the salaries of those at the top and make enough contacts for a nice little earner after the political career is over.

      Ukip needs someone with balls and integrity and who do not see leadership as a career move. I look at the way our country is going and fear for what will become of my grandchildren. I know that LibLabCon will do nothing to stop the rot. All the ex-Tories who came to UKIP when they thought their Tory failed career would get a lift and now think that UKIP should “change” it’s image as the New Nasty Party should have the decency to – for want of better words – go back where they came from, then maybe the likes of Godfrey Bloom would come back. I didn’t agree with all the views of Bloom but he had the courage to say what he thought without first assessing how it would affect his political career prospects.

      • John, I share the tone of your comments.
        I heard on a Sky News “look at the papers” a couple of weeks ago, a young lady reporter opining that of course the “real problem in UKIP was that Carsewell,Evans and Co. represented the “Respectable” element of UKIP”.
        She may be right in her assessment, but the pursuit of respectability almost to the point of zealotry, doesn`t cut the mustard in getting any sort of airing (good or bad) in the MSM and UKIP dies if it is so supine that it is ignored.
        For goodness sake we are revolutionaries, maybe minus a militant wing.
        How the hell you can inspire a revolution with buckets of respectability, I don`t know
        Let`s face it the failed legacy parties together with their fellow travelling BBC,MSM and most of the establishment have been “FOUND OUT” in the perpetration of the greatest crime against the state and its people – namely the loss, nay surrender, of its Sovereignty.
        17 odd million voters want them punished for this and for the position to be set to rights i.e. TOTAL BRexit.
        UKIP`s duty is to harness the power of these 17million in ensuring that “they” are aware and acknowledge their dereliction in duty and join supportively in completing BRexit and working to ensure its success.(not sitting there sulking and formulating ways of getting another referendum – I would rather we had a truth and confession tribunal)
        By the way, I am convinced Godfrey`s fall from grace was due to his having “peed” on Nigel`s “Parade” at that famous Conference – Crick deserved his blows with a piece of newsprint (I think he qualifies as the most objectionable reporter I know, who shouldn`t be allowed out in public)

  2. The first requirement is to find and elect a new leader. No changes can sensibly be implemented without his input.

    Sadly I see no-one among the current candidates who fits with my view of someone able to be Prime Minister, which is what he should be.

  3. “You also know my views on harnessing the and GO mob with UKIP as a “new deal” cross party democratic organisation, or grouping, reflecting grass root populist views as monitors of total Brexit. I would like to know if these organisations are still in existence – after all, it won a substantial proportion of the Brexit vote.”

    I’m a UKIP branch chairman, and was GO regional director (Yorks/Humber) until I was made redundant when designation went to Vote Leave. GO folded into Leave.EU. So I then became assistant director (Yorks/Humber) for Vote Leave, for the remainder of the campaign. Vote Leave folded its tent and f@££3d off sharpish after the referendum. I still have large contact lists full of great people (many Kippers, many non-aligned, some tories) who fought hard to win the referendum.

    There is also a new outfit calling itself ‘Invoke Democracy Now’ who want article 50 invoked ASAP. I suggest we get in touch with any and all people who want a full Brexit and work with them at the local level and see what comes out of it as a growing grassroots movement. The UKIP elite will have to follow where the people who do the actual campaigning lead…

    Onwards, Upwards and OUTWARDS!

    • Hi Roger,
      Glad to see my comments are falling on some fertile ground.
      Pity to waste all those contacts
      I`m sure all the areas have this information and I`m sure the Vote LEAVE organisation has similar lists in fact I know they have as I got a leaflet from them through the post, as did some of the houses I called at.
      Who is to put this together?
      My ideas are only suggestions – they need fleshing out.
      It will also need funding (Cloud?)
      It would be helpful if more areas could signify their interest – rather smartly, as I believe this window of opportunity won`t remain open for very long.
      I can`t envisage any objections from killjoys above, as it is plainly carrying the objectives of UKIP forward and actually harnessing the people with a common populist grassroot democratic interest and not harbouring any taint of “Remain”, in fact eminently POSITIVE……. and OUTWARDS.-lets talk and exude SUCCESS

    • I agree Roger that the most disappointing thing about after Brexit has been the complete absence of holding the Tories to account from or GO. It was I suppose predictable that a cross party organization would scuttle back into its constituent folds after Brexit, and much more disappointing,that Nigel didn’t or couldn’t pick up the ball and run…I think we could have gained massive support which would have grown with every week that May backed further and further down. So from that point of view I am extremely disappointed. I can forgive Nigel if he was subjected to threats, and he had put his all into it, but there was a deputy Leader whose job it was to step into the role, a Northerner delivering for the North. In my book, Paul has a lot to answer for. I think his stepping out of the picture completely was disgraceful, and has cost UKIP dear.
      However, we are where we are, and as I see it now the immediate urgency is to get ourselves a new and credible leader who is not afraid to reform the NEC and will not be afraid to expel anyone who will not work wholeheartedly for complete Brexit, as well as sort out the toxic Wales situation.
      Maybe ukippers could be signposted to Invoke Democracy Now, and urged to sign up, and then the organization could work with the new and hopefully reformed UKIP. I think we should keep the name UKIP, because if nothing else it stood for something, and will still do so if we get a good leader.
      Without a leader willing to reform, we’ve frankly had it, and let down millions who believed in us.
      Diane has hinted that she has a role for Nigel in mind if she wins the Leadership, that could be the answer to all our prayers.

      • It would not surprise me if very serious threats have been issued to Nigel Farage ( and thus his family) and also to others which could presumably include the UKIP deputy leader. The cold stark lonely reality of a mystery power not only warning you off but giving details of your family and their daily movements would chill you to the bone. For myself I could be cavalier but for my wife and children I could not.Is this science fiction? No just watch the film noir “The Big Heat” starring Glenn Ford and Gloria Grahame to have a taste of what is hidden from view. There is evil in the world.

    • Hoist the “Jolly Roger” and give `em a broadside!
      We need somebody with a sense of Mission – off the wall thinking.- go for broke

  4. Thank you Pam and Dee,
    I`ve read your comments and would explain that I used the word dragooned, as a method of expressing public acclamation and any physicality was purely in the parliamentary sense of the protesting Speaker being “dragged” reluctantly into office.
    Regarding the resignations, I feel they were too precipitate, I know they always say you should “quit when you are ahead” or “get out at the top” – there`s also a warning “be nice to those on you way up, because you`ll surely meet them on your way down..
    To be quite honest, I have had my doubts about the management methods of the top UKIP hierarchy, ever since my personal divorce from my branch during the Lincolnshire episode after the County Council elections in 2012, but I stuck with UKIP, mainly because there was no alternative.
    This was at the time when Nigel was thinking of a reverse takeover of the Con party, as he learned from the Canadian experience, where a small party had suddenly taken over.
    So he woooowed the Cons, probably in conjunction with the YBF and they came over in droves – in fact saturated the party and virtually pushed us natives out. Meanwhile PN & other Grassrooters(?) were making great strides in the North, so came the GE and surprise surprise the Cons won it, but our ex con heavy candidates only got one victory.
    Nigel resigned then, but when it dawned on the top mob that Cameron was going to have to call a referendum, they realised Nigel was the only “Leader” with the nous, presence and stature of a person who wouldn`t be overshadowed by any of the failed legacy trio (Be honest who else did we have at the time who could cope with the likes of Barosso and Rumpy pumpy – the new MEPs were just cutting their teeth in the big wide world)
    Anyway came the Referendum UKIP became Nigel`s “Peoples Army” together with all those lovely Northern labour votes he had been given by PN and others – we were and are the GO Grassroots organisation – Nigel`s personal “Peoples Army” we are no longer just UKIP and that`s why I have been going on about becoming a CROSS party organisation.
    If we are not, we can possibly kiss BRexit goodby and also the next GE.
    We must stay loyal (perceptibly) to all those who have been beguiled, coerced, groomed and trusted us with their votes.
    Nigel is responsible for creating “his” peoples army it is virtually in his image and he has a responsibility to continue leading it.
    It`s the only way we stay an effective fighting unit, we offer TOTAL Brexit, leading to the only true unsullied Democratic organisation in British politics that is completely uncontaminated with Remainder fever.
    Come on Nigel, you`ve had your rest and holiday, you`ve had nearly two months away from the coal face, come back and save UKIP – ungrateful wretches that we to us, You may be marmite to UKIPers, never mind the whole electorate, but you do have a habit of saying the unsayable and seeing it come to pass.

  5. Agree wholeheartedly with the other comments. Nigel may have been an outstanding leader, but UKIP is the sum of all its parts, not just one man. I actually look forward to a new Leader, and I live in hope that we will not hark back to when Nigel was leader, but all get behind a new Leader, who will be for a different time. l am hoping UKIP will provide a party of Great Britain with policies for Great Britain, providing a voice for all those who have been so sneeringly ignored by all the other parties. Wales must be sorted out, but after that, we must settle down and leave the infighting to the other parties. I truly believe it’s up to the Members whether UKIP rises to be a stronger party, or is pulled apart and sinks.

  6. Nigel cannot be ‘dragooned back’, but can only return of his own free will, which he said he might if Brexit was not being delivered. Longing for Nigel’s return and dismissing the other candidates as not worthy plays into the hands of our opponents who have always sneered at UKIP as being a one-man band.
    At the very least, Nigel deserves respite from years of a hugely demanding role that undermined his family life and left little or no time for rest or recreation.
    We are where we are, and the leadership process is underway with candidates who want to take on this demanding role. It will be closely followed by an election for NEC members. Personally, I would have nothing to do with the mechanics of calling for an EGM and our branch is certainly not involved, I’m glad to say. Time and patience are needed, not hotheaded action. UKIP is going through a transitional period, as is the whole country. The slogan “Keep Calm and Carry on” has never been more appropriate since the last war.

  7. The resignation of Nigel Farage quickly followed by that of Paul Nuttall and Steve Crowther from their respective positions was bound to have the consequence of a power vacuum. Whoever is elected Leader in September should be given 100% loyalty by all members. Within a year things internally will settle down and we can continue on our Mission Possible to become a force in Westminster.
    Decisions have been taken by individual members and the NEC and we are best advised to tarry awhile before any precipitous action lest we start resembling the crying remainiacs.
    There are some local difficulties in Wales and it is up to the relevant bodies/cttees/officers to decide the best action.
    At the moment politics around the world are in a maelstrom and we must not allow the good ship UKIP to sink down to Dvy Jones’ locker.

    • You are right there is a power vacuum.
      I`m just furious that UKIP have not devised some modus operandi and rushed in and filled it.
      We`ve been fiddling while Rome has burned.
      Until the day we actually achieve TOTAL BRexit we have to remain and act like a revolutionary party that our Grassroots thought they were supporting.
      WE MUST NOT let them down.
      At the same time we must build up the Cross Party political organisation which is ready to fight the next election

      • You are of course right Roger. What I see at the moment is a totally amateurish attempt to find a new leader. Would a large well known enterprise seek a new CEO in a similar fashion?
        For a start they have excluded potential candidates by applying the 5 year rule. Then there seems to be no properly defined selection process. Of course the candidates should fit with UKIP’s core values but what, now that the referendum has been won, are those core values?
        Any candidate should be required to state their aims in some detail:
        • Plans to reform the party in the light of the previous objective having been achieved
        • Policy statements covering all major areas of government
        • Plans to contest every constituency and find candidates to do so together with means of vetting them
        • Plans for a media campaign during the run up to the election and employing qualified staff to do it
        • Plans to finance the above.
        Such statements would provide a good basis for members to choose. The members too have a heavy responsibility to inform themselves and choose wisely; bearing in mind that politics has an unfortunate history of electing smooth talking traitors whose names I need not mention here.
        Of course a UKIP government might not be a realistic outcome in the next GE but being prepared for one and, more importantly, being seen as a viable one by the electorate, is necessary to attract more votes.
        Time is running out and fast. Maybe a recruitment agency needs to be taken on board to assist in the administration and definition of the selection process. There again that requires some due diligence in selection…

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