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Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – Who Are You?

We can simply answer this question by going to Google, typing in her name and “Wiki” to get the relevant biography on Wikipedia.

A Ugandan Asian, granted the right of abode in Britain under our obligations to the UN Refugee Convention (the same convention which Nigel Farage recently re-affirmed UKIP’s commitment to) she describes herself as a “leftie liberal, anti-racist, feminist, Muslim, part-Pakistani, and … a very responsible person”

You do not need to read her leaders in The Independent to see where she is coming from, her biography page on The Independent itself lists all her recent articles: she thinks Britain in becoming more unequal (not wrong, but her solution is wrong: more Tony Benn and Bob Crow), she thinks poverty in childhood scars for life (but how many self-made business people have come from under-privileged backgrounds?), she thinks the flooding proves the Climate Change case (not a lack of dredging)… You’ve got it, a leftie liberal with a strong voice in the media.

So, why am I drawing attention to her? Hands up all those who watched Martin Durkin’s fly on the wall documentary where he followed Nigel around for 6 months from the Conference in September to the end of March? And can you remember your reactions when this woman, this leftie liberal, interjected with her judgements on Nigel Farage and UKIP? Let me refresh your memory:

“What has to happen between now and when the Elections that are coming up, is that the media has to be kind of controlled in terms of how often Farage gets to rule the airwaves. I think we should be very very worried.”

I could not believe my ears when I heard this:  a member of the media, that very same media which fought the recommendations of the Leveson Report to prevent government controlling the media, now calling for exactly that, to control the exposure of one man, one party, in a multi-state democracy.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – on whose mandate are you calling for such censorship?  You are a very dangerous woman indeed.

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13 Comments on Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – Who Are You?

  1. She also went on to that that UKIP ‘should be silenced.’ Say it with a Nazi accent.

  2. You could sing her name to this

  3. Alibhai-Brown represents no-one but herself, a serial abortionist (for career purposes) shows what is really important in her life.

  4. ChrisWynThom // June 23, 2014 at 5:24 pm //

    It was on that programme that I first saw her and I really, really, really just couldn’t understand why they used her to make comment on Nigel Farage. She said he was an absolutely frightful man, or words to that effect, and that he shouldn’t be given any air time on TV.
    Since then, she has upset loads of men, who have been compelled to say what they would like to do to her – jokingly, of course . My own opinion of her is that she’s an embarrassment to women.

  5. I call people like her liberal fascists. They have their own left wing agenda and purvey lies and distortions about others with any alternative point of view to theirs which they try to suppress in any way possible. I am glad that she has been recognised for what she is.

  6. I’m sorry but I just can’t get my mind around those who claim to be liberal but who are intolerant of anybody who does not share their point of view. Surely liberalism is a tolerance of all points of view and that the promotion of a view should be undertaken by example, not forceful imposition. If so, so-called liberals, as opposed to the genuine article, do not have a very good track record -especially as regards their indiscriminate infatuation with everything “European”, even if at odds with liberalism. And the term “left-wing liberal” seems to me to be a oxymoron (as does “Liberal-Democrat”) but then some Lib-Dems never seem to know what they are talking about!

    Remember that the first anti-Common Market group was established by Liberals.

  7. The lady is a bigot, plain and simple. An inverted bigot perhaps, but a bigot none the less. Like many of her ilk, her hatred of independent thinking (especially ironic given the title of the national paper she writes for) says much more about her than those whom she seeks to attack.

    Her comment on Channel 4 was nothing short of shocking. I, too, couldn’t believe my ears. A real “did she actually just say that?” moment. A legitimate political party, with not one remotely extremist policy, operating in a democracy and reflecting the views of millions of supporters should be airbrushed out of the media because Ms Alibhai-Brown finds their views “worrying”. I wonder if she could articulate a single UKIP policy? The actual policy mind, not the media mis-representation of it. I would be amazed if she could. Like so many of the hard of thinking, she would never let the facts get in the way of a bit of prejudice.

    The rest of the footage showed her to be similarly, woefully ill-informed and prejudiced. If she had a shred of self awareness she would keep these blinkered prejudices to herself.

    A terrible, terrible woman. An excellent barometer though. So long as she’s “worried” about UKIP we know we’re on the right path.

  8. Also a serial abortionist. It seems there is nothing this woman won’t stoop to for her own personal advantage.

    However non culpable the prospective mother might feel about being pregnant no situation could possibly be worse than killing a completely innocent human being purely because their existence might become inconvenient. I suspect that in most cases people may agonise about the choices they have available but as the statistics show all too clearly, despite this difficult emotional dichotomy it is amazing how often self interest wins the day. The staggeringly insensitive comment she makes that ‘having a child would have led to wretched lives for all of us’, attempts to justify the ludicrous sentiment that you (the foetus) will be better off dead! Not all of us, perhaps, just us.

    She attempts some rationalisation of her decisions by citing ‘accidental conception’ but then again no harm done as one can always kill off the mistakes. She also refers to her son, (about 12 now) as part reason for the need to repeatedly kill her unborn children so all in all he must regard himself as exceptionally fortunate that his conception didn’t catch her in a less than benevolent mood. I wonder how close he came to being a tangle of dismembered limbs in a bucket on the operating room floor.

    Alibhai-Brown is one of life’s reprehensible purveyors of multiple moral and social standards.

  9. English John // April 5, 2014 at 10:59 am //

    Obnoxious BBC ‘Luvvie’ She comes out with comments about the indigenous British, which if said by me, a WASP, would be reported to the thought police and I would be arrested and charged with reacial hatred.

  10. Yes indeed1 I thought that I was the only one that spotted what appeares to be the LibDem approach to defending their various weird fabrications of reality….accuse the opposing viewpoint of being a fabrication from another Planet. eg only Cleg could imagine that Elvis is alive (living on the far side of the Moon?)and that Obama is really a whiteman (a bit of racist slip of the tounge, or what)?

    By the way, if the Americans really did go to the Moon, why is it taking so long to get Moon-cheese into the shops?

  11. She is not the only one from the Lib/Lab followers to have expressed such extreme views (e.g this week’s Question Time). This is good and rather than making her dangerous it shows that these people are anti democratic and rattled. What I find galling is that often UKIP/Farage is discussed on political TV shows often by pundits who give negative views and there is no UKIP representative to give an opposite opinion. UKIP is discussed in absentia. So, I don’t know what Alibhai-Brown is complaining about. Let her rant!

  12. Keith Simpson UKIP // April 5, 2014 at 9:54 am //

    This woman dares to claim authority as a journalist and advocate of EU membership, yet she doesn’t know thw names or job titles of ANY of the ‘Leadership’ of the EU – waving her hands airily and saying something about them being ‘in charge’ or something. It is SHE would should have her activities curtailed.

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