Exciting times are unfolding in Wythenshawe and Sale East, known as the ‘Eastleigh of the North’. The party have put massive resources behind the campaign of John Bickley as we strive to get him elected as the first UKIP Member of Parliament.

John is the ideal UKIP story, the local lad made good. Having grown up in Wythenshawe and attended school there John when on to work for EMI and Paramount before launching his own companies in hi-tech industries. John still lives nearby and feels he can really make a difference for the people who now live in his home town.

The campaign we have launched is the biggest in our history and draws on all the experience learnt at places such as Eastleigh and Rotherham. This is the first time we have gone into a by-election from such a strong base, the opinion polls have us in a good starting position and we are feeling confident of a reasonable result. However these are early days and we can take nothing for granted.

We are already finding that issues such as Immigration and the NHS are foremost in people’s minds along with tax and Europe. The biggest task we face is explaining who UKIP are to a new audience who have up until now tended to vote tribally, but who now want a new alternative.

We are already facing an onslaught from the Labour Party and from the Labour Party supporting press. They are worried about us and our campaign and rightly so. We have them in our sights and we are in this to win.

The work required to carry forward this campaign is immense. Our office, situated at 84 School Road, Sale, M33 7XB is a hive of activity with high profile visits already made by our party Leader Nigel Farage, our Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall, and by Stuart Agnew MEP to name a few. But in truth the work we have completed so far is just the tip of the iceberg. There is masses of leafleting and canvassing to do every day from now until the polls close.

We must have the manpower to compete in this election. We have such a good chance of doing well it would be a real shame to be let down by a simple lack of numbers. I know that you are busy but we need you help in order to take the fight to Labour and Conservatives. And this is a fight that the people of Wythenshawe and Sale East need us to win, because they deserve a UKIP MP.

Contact the campaign office on 07565 280 380 or just turn up at the shop between 8am and 6pm.

If you need accommodation or have travel problems contact me directly on 07511 045 145.