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When will we take action?

We British are a tolerant people and as such we may moan and groan but we don’t revolt. We stand in queues, respectfully and properly, and await our turn when it’s our turn. We turn a blind eye to practices we find abhorrent such as FGM and child-grooming, labelling them part of the culture of other countries and faiths to which we shouldn’t object.

We don’t hold up transport lorries on motorways just because we feel their cargo is unacceptable in some way; we don’t riot in the streets when our government makes a decision we don’t like; we give our neighbours, of whatever race, creed or colour, the chance to show they’re good, honest citizens before we make a decision on whether we like them or not.

We may ‘have a pop’ that our schools are being overtaken by students whose culture is different from ours, whose language is not English and who need additional help from our teachers, but despite our own children being somewhat neglected by those teachers, we have a grumble and carry on.

We have to put up with massive developments to house all those who have moved out of our towns and cities that have been turned into ghettos by mass immigration; we see our hospitals and doctors’ surgeries filling up with people who may not have paid a penny into our NHS; we have to wait weeks for an appointment to see our GP, months to see a consultant or even years for surgery, and our old people who need care are being starved of funding, but as British people we take it all in our stride.

And now that we have voted to leave the EU, we see our Prime Minister – that’s the person who is in charge of our government – procrastinating and failing to carry out the will of the people, and what do we do about it? We have a grouch about it and do nothing.

Mrs May is a consummate politician. Everything she says is what her listener wants to hear. “Brexit means Brexit” – what a superb soundbite!  But if she really meant it she would have gone for the ‘nuclear option’ of scrapping the 1972 Act immediately the result of last June’s referendum became clear, or at least as soon as she took over from David Cameron. Instead she allows the House of Lords to have it’s pro-EU say and the question of Article 50 will go back to the Upper Chamber again this week. Did she not know that the Lords will fight tooth and nail to stop Brexit? And if she didn’t know, why didn’t she? That place is packed with Europhiles, many of whom are actually paid by their Brussels masters to do their best to ensure the UK government keeps coughing up billions for the EU’s coffers. Shouldn’t that fact alone force them to declare an interest and withdraw from voting? Obviously not.

Perhaps Mrs May wants to be able to say: “I tried to get us out of the EU, but the Lords wouldn’t let me. It’s not my fault …”.

Just what is she going to do next to prove that her ‘Brexit means Brexit’ soundbite really means anything at all. Numerous possibilities have been expounded – flooding the Lords with anti-Europeans, using the Parliament Acts, even resorting to further court action, which has been threatened by the pro-Europeans. Mrs May has tried pleading with MPs and peers to abide by the constitutional will of the people as expressed in last year’s referendum, but it seems her pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

So how is she going to extricate the UK from the slavery of the EU? In a BBC interview on October 2 2016 she promised that her government would introduce the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ which would enshrine all current EU legislation into domestic law. This would be followed by months, possibly years, of further Parliamentary debate on which laws were good and therefore would be kept, and which were not good and would therefore be repealed. That was over five months ago, and that Bill still hasn’t made it into law.

Yes, I know that UKIP was originally set up to press for a referendum on whether or not the country should leave or remain as a member of the EU and in that it had a spectacular success, but it seems all the party should be doing now is keeping the government’s ‘feet to the fire’ and ensure that the will of the people, as expressed in the referendum, is actually carried out.

But how do we do this?

As Panmelia says elsewhere on UKIPDaily, enough is enough. She is not alone in those thoughts and I am another one who is getting a little fed up with all this procrastination.

As I have said above, I believe we British have to be pushed very hard before we stop simply moaning about the state of affairs and do something drastic, but I for one am verging upon that ‘something drastic’ at the moment. How do we show the Prime Minister that we are not prepared to allow peers – or anyone – to overthrow the referendum decision just to allow her to absolve herself of her responsibility of ‘Brexit means Brexit’?

Anyone any ideas?

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Debbie has been a journalist for longer than she cares to admit! She has been freelance for the last 15 years and is an associate editor on UKIP Daily, specialising in covering the morning press each day.

21 Comments on When will we take action?

  1. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 6, 2017 at 3:43 pm // Reply
    Please everyone click the above link,and read my comments,and see for yourselves
    how hard it is,not only for not only us Hauliers,to make a living in Britain today,but the rest of British manufacturing,which the useless Governmemts Green energy policies
    have damaged so much that it can never ever recover.They indeed have committed
    Industrial Manufacturing Suicide.I liken our totally useless Governments policies,as a socially engineered Mental Illness.They are so determined to see the whole economy collapse,that having pressed the Self Destruct Button,they are now unable
    to stop.Every single person I know,regardless of Religion or Political Persuasion,is
    seriously worried about immigration.
    As the indigenous people of this land,we have been totally and utterly betrayed.
    The policy of planning to cope with the huge numbers that Sharia May is now letting into our already grossly overcrowded little Country,is doomed to fail,how about us
    promoting and planning to stop this absurd wave of mass immigration instead!
    I am sick to death about hearing from Sharia May that” Brexit means Brexit”,that is just a complete load of nonesense,and yet the majority of our Peasants hang onto
    every word she says,are they so devoid of grey cells,and common sense that they cannot see that Sharia May is a no good remainiac,who is still pro the EU,and pro open borders,and the free movement of people.She has in fact delayed us leaving for so long,that apart from us still paying £ Billions to those unelected numpties,who are bleeding us dry,we now have even more remainiacs in The House of Lords,trying to highjack the will of the people.When will we rise up?,if it doesn’t happen soon,it really will be too late!

  2. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 6, 2017 at 1:49 pm // Reply

    Saturday papers – 4 February 2017 UKIP DAILY.
    Posted on February 4, 2017 by Debbie LeMay in News // 4 Comments
    Please see my comments.i pull no punches.This is my country,my brave and courageous ancestors paid the ultimate sacrifice,when along with countless others they lost their lives fighting for our freedoms,in Two World Wars.
    In 1945,a year after I was born,the Second World War had ended,and only through
    initially the efforts of our Country Brtitain,and of course our American cousins,and all our allies,did we eventually manage to defeat the Nazis.Maddening for me today to
    look back,knowing that without Britain,Europe would not be free.But since then the
    the totally useless leaders of Europe,and Britain have given our hard earned victory away to the death cult Islamists.I find it sickening that these people have been allowed to do this.These are the enemies of the State,from War Criminal Blair,to
    David Halal is safe with me Cam-Moron,and to today,Sharia May,who is in fact a total and utter failure,everything she ever touched ends in disaster.She has failed in her
    promise to bring immigration down to tens of thousands,on her watch immigration is at an all time high.She has failed in her number one obligation,and that is to ensure
    that we the indigenous people of Britain are all kept safe.Sharia May even got rid of one our coastal protection vessels.May just one month before our Independence Day
    the 23 RD of June,2017,even went back on her promise to get rid of that vile
    Human Rights Act,which is nothing more than a charter for criminals,run by even more enemies of the State,The Britain Hating Human Rights Act Lawyers.
    Even though I am in my 73 RD year,and not in the best of health (my own fault I was a very heavy smoker),however I will not be cowed down,I refuse to be silent about our overpopulation,and the Islamisation of Britain,I remain committed to UKIP,my
    Beloved Party.Yet I have even been attacked by our own members for being too
    outspoken,and even been accused of being a racist,if being a racist means in protecting my and my families birthright,and way of life,then so be it,I’ve even had members of my own branch tell me they think Sharia May is doing a good job,and yet another who beloved that all Muslims work hard,when the truth is they don’t work.
    We should have been more Radical in our attacks on the failures who still govern us,more passionate and enthusiastic in fighting to get our Country back from the renainiacs and pro Islamists.

    • Geoffrey, if a racist is someone who loves their own people and country more than all the others put together; and puts the British people’s happiness and interests and survival far above that of anyone else’s in the world; and would always put our own kinfolk first and give them top priority in returning to their homeland from wherever they had migrated, then I’m a racist along with you.
      And if it’s racist to believe that these British Isles belong exclusively to the historic peoples who have lived, worked, built up and rebuilt, sweated, wept, bled, fought and died for these lands since time immemorial, and as their descendants we are the real British people whose birthright and heritage cannot and must not be denied or stolen, then I’m a racist alongside you.

      But as it’s a safe bet that most people in the world feel the same way about their own country, then we’re all ‘racists’ together, aren’t we? It’s just a pity that far too many from less advanced countries insist on coming to ours when they should stay home and work hard to improve their own.

      • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 7, 2017 at 12:21 am // Reply
        Panmelia I would like to thank you so very much for your kind words of support,it is greatly appreciated.You are indeed such a great inspiration on this our wonderful online platform,which supports everything UKIP, you always manage to comment and reply more than most,your commitment never ceases to amaze me,Your ability to speak so knowledgeably and
        intelligently on all matters,I cannot praise you highly enough.
        Panmelia how are you getting on with your letter to Sharia May?
        Above is the actual link from the Saturday papers,4 TH of February 2017.
        Of special interest is the piece about that poor white schoolboy,who spoke about Muslims taking over Britain,and he has been treated just like those
        murdering Muslim Trainee Terrorists,worse still he is going to be forced to visit a damn Mosque,if ever there was any more visable truth that our vile leaders are hell-bent on turning this once proud and great Nation of ours,
        into a murdering Muslim Embracing State,were there is only one law,and
        that is Sharia Law,which is so eagerly being promoted by that rotten remainiac Sharia May,and all her Dhimmi Muslim appeasing cronies,who are
        nothing more than toothless,spineless and impotent worthless individuals.
        If I had my way,they would all be arrested for crimes against us the true and indigenous people of Britain.Without exception they would all be dragged through the streets of London,kicking and screaming their innocence,on their way to The Tower.There would be no mercy for these vile verminous traiterous scum,they are all indeed beyond contempt.I can but dream,that against all the insurmountable odds,we in UKIP can bring about change.

        • Many thanks for your kind words, Geoffrey, they’re appreciated – and I could say the same for you, because you’re always battling away on this site, defiant of any attempt to accept a muslim future.
          I was in Stoke the weekend of 4/5th February, so I missed this story of the shameful brainwashing of a white schoolboy. If I’d seen it I would have commented on it and maybe included it in my letter to sharia May, which will appear soon I believe. I’m actually going to send my letter in full to the PM and put my name and address on, so if the outcome is an attempt to get me into a mosque and meet an imam, I think they’ll have bitten off more than they can chew. I wonder if they force 14 year old muslims suspected of becoming terrorists to go to a Christian church and meet a priest.
          This country’s authorities, including the police, remind me of the more obtuse characters in a Gilbert & Sullivan opera: dense, dim, dopey, dull-witted, and dumb. None of them possess an iota of foresight or an ounce of understanding of what islam is and what it’s capable of. And that’s despite the evidence of its evil staring them in the face every day all around the world.

    Do not despair dear people of England and lovely people of Wales. Do not throw in the towel ye bold Scots. Do not emigrate stout Ulsterfolk.
    Firstly the tide is turning as BREXIT and Donald Trump indicated..remember the elites worked night and day to stop both and they failed.
    The €uro is doomed and Italy will crash though it may take 3 years which is not an eternity. Geert Wilders will top the election in the Netherlands and his rhetoric will embolden fellow patriots everywhere. Marine le Pen is sending shivers down the shaky spines of eurocrats and traitors in France. I ask you to literally pray for her victory ..pray on your knees. She is destiny personified and is showing all the courage of Jeanne D’Arc. In Poland and Hungary and probs also Czech Republic we have leaders who are Christian and Nationalist and prepared to speak THE TRUTH.In Denmark the Danes are very slow to anger but even they are realising the horrendous evil that stems from open door 3rd world invasion by stealth. We may have to wait for quite some time yet but Germany is stirring from its guilt imposed narcolepsy. When Germany awakes the globalists will be (very) sorry. Perhaps we have to wait for invader crime levels that beggar belief and that the evil bbc cannot fob off..the casual murder and rape of pensioners, the open looting of stores, the open gang rape of children in schools. All these are beginning to unfold in Malmo Sweden as we go about our humdrum lives.
    Write to your MP and request an answer to your issues. Telephone the evil bbc to state your complaint of their fake news stories and the burying of real news. I contact them every single week.
    Write to Paul Nuttall c/o HQ and state your dissatisfactions. He is a weak blusterer and buckles easily.
    Adult alien men are claiming to be children and ergo are now at school in Britain where they have the opportunity to groom white British children for who knows what evil purpose. All crimes that stem from this in the coming years must be jointly and severally the legal responsibility of all who turned a blind eye to this colossal fraud and crime. This includes all peers and MPs who were proponents of open door “invasion” – if not legally due to immunity but at least morally and ethically – and they must be expected to pay the cost financially, as well as loss of reputation and loss of respect. Public condemnation should follow them all the days of their lives.
    Spread the word and engage people in political truthsaying. I know it is not easy and I have lost friends but who wants friends who are so contemptuous of the truth? And give your support to all like Tommy Robinson and AnneMarie Waters who are paying a high price for being patriots. Perhaps someone could organise a way to send them a donation to recompense them financially for the undoubted loss they have suffered.

  4. We need a mass expression of dissatisfaction and warning aimed at the PM. I’m not talking about a protest march, waving banners etc. These are so common now that little notice is taken.
    if you google ’10 Downing Street’ you will find a site on which to leave a message for the PM. I have just finished composing one to her and am about to check it for word limit so as not to over-run. I will email the full version to ukip daily in case Viv wants to publish it.

    Say a LARGE number of people send messages of frustration about the unacceptable interference of the House of Lords et al, and the slow motion/non-existent progress toward Brexit, making it clear that it will influence their vote at the next General Election, this collective complaint is likely to be reported to the PM by those who monitor the site.

    Of course, one message won’t be enough and the pressure needs to be kept up with variations on the same theme. No doubt, May is still cockahoop about the Copeland victory, but it’s up to us to take the complacent smile off her face.
    Hundreds of people are readers on this site, even if they don’t comment. If we all did it and tried to persuade at least one other person to join in, who would get another, and so on, it would snowball.

  5. This site is as far as I know the only place that people who generally support UKIP – members and none members – can voice their opinions and share ideas, the old members forum shut down by the elite due to posters saying what they thought, even though it was moderated. Paul Nuttall, other MEPs and the leadership officials are aware UKIP Daily exists. How many of them have bothered to respond to the concerns voiced here? How many of them have sought to communicate their thoughts to members and supporters?

    They are all keeping shut and waiting for someone else to put their head above the parapet. Nuttall, from his words on the Marr show is going to get round to say something eventually, but what?

    To speak up against the Establishment who are backed up by laws which were made to curtail free speech and also backed up by the threat of violence from leftist thugs, takes one hell of a lot of courage especially when you know that the self serving UKIP top table will give you no support. Nuttall will keep muttering about feet and fires, UKIP MEPs will say little and wait for the next pay check, as will James and Woolfe, when if they had a shred of decency they would have resigned, they were chosen by Kippers to represent UKIP in the EU parliament if UKIP (not they) received enough votes. The people who were willing to use their extraordinary courage to say what they thought: Kassam and JRE have effectively been sidelined and Farage, although he still says what many Kippers agree with, is pursuing a career elsewhere, and I for one can’t blame him, he’s taken a lot of flak while others have stayed in the background and left him to it. I’m sure that there are many of us that would be willing to risk opening our mouths and supporting a strong leader if one should surface, but at present knowing that a lot of power hungry carpet baggers at the top will turn the other way and leave you to sink under the water on your own means that we will keep quiet and accept our fate, or more correctly see our children and grandchildren accept the fate that LibLabCon politicians have prepared for them.

    So to answer your question Debbie, the only thing we are going to show May is that as long as she keeps stringing us along we are going to do nothing but keep posting or in my case ranting on here and hope.

    By the way I believe UKIP still has 20+ MEPs, who earn approx £5000? per month plus other payments. Just wondered if anyone knows how much these invisible MEPs are donating to the party that put them in this position in the first place.

    • Paul Nuttall, other MEPs and the leadership officials are, to put it mildly, totally useless except at collecting their salaries.

  6. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 5, 2017 at 7:21 pm // Reply
    There is no one stronger,or more enthusiastic and passionate than me in attacking
    the useless Politicians,past and present who have just about brought our once great country to its knees.I share nothing with the craven liberal elite,or the loony left wing,
    both are hell bent on destroying this country.
    The career Politicians on all sides of The House,have failed us the UK public for over
    thirty years,they have no conception of the real World,never ever done a proper job in their lives,only ever done poncy jobs,never served in our Armed Forces,never ran
    a business,never done anything really,just straight from education,into Politics,they
    are nothing more than overgrown schoolchildren.
    Remember the vast majority of all MPs all voted to remain in the sinking ship that the EU has become.They are all remainiacs,they all belive in open borders,and the free movement of people.Most are pro Islam,pro Sharia Law,under Sharia May,we now have over one hundred Sharia Courts hence her nickname.
    Just click on the above link and you will see just how the Radical Islamists have been
    allowed to take over.I totally disagree with the population figures,it is way past that official figure.I instead prefer the truth,about all the new Nationsl Insurance numbers
    which have been given out,as well as all the extra food that is being consumed,and of course the huge amounts of waste that is being generated as well as the amounts of gas,electricity and water that is now being used,no one knows our true population.
    Just beneath the surface everything is near total collapse,from Hospitals,Schools,
    Houses,Doctors surgeries,mine there is a five week waiting time,loss of our green spaces,most of our roads and Motorways are completely gridlocked,now even in the
    night.Since Brexit,we have huge numbers arriving everyday,apart from those from the EU,the rest of the World doesn’t have a problem breaking into Britain.
    Even though we have no work got them,still they come,no attempt is made to stem the flow.We havethe highest energy costs in the whole World,as well as the highest
    Diesel prices,we all pay

  7. I fear Brexit will never actually happen, unless there is massive push from all who voted leave. The powers that be are so determined that the result be ignored that they will try every delaying tactic they can to stall it and then pretend it never happened. We are dealing with very powerful forces. Does anyone else think that what we are seeing is the start of what would be the political betrayal of our lifetimes?

    • Absolutely; I fear that the ballot box might have failed us and the only other option for our survival will be to take up arms. The next few months will determine what is necessary to save our country.

      If only the military were sufficient in numbers to mount a coup; maybe that was the reason for Cameron’s cuts.

  8. Paul on the MARR show today > still dogged by
    Hillsborough-Gate (unwilling even to state the name/s of the person/s he ‘knew’ that died – I feel sure this will be dredged up again and again );
    PhD -Gate
    And now a new one : Holiday~Gate ( unwilling for some reason to say where he spent last week’s post Stoke hols————– WHY ? for heaven’s sake would that be a secret ? )

    Instead there is support for the loathsome Carswell ( anyone NOT signed the petition yet ?? )

    and a request for more time to formulate policy.
    I regret I am starting to despair.

  9. Debbie, a very good article, giving voice to the frustration of many both here and elsewhere.
    Never was it more important for UKIP to be a strong and vibrant presence! I don’t know if you watched J R-E’s video, begging people to pull together and work their socks off in Stoke and Copeland – because, as he rightly surmised, only a win in Stoke and a fright in Copeland would actually scare Mrs.May.
    Now, since Stoke, I believe people are more demoralized than ever. Gone are the Daily Mail comments about voting UKIP if Mrs.May doesn’t do the business, instead, there is now just resigned anger. I believe people everywhere were willing UKIP on in Stoke, because they too, understood it was crucial.
    People don’t know what to do, without a Leader, up there shouting the odds and concentrating Tory minds. Nigel is doing his best, but people know he isn’t UKIP Leader, so he can get hundreds of ‘likes’ but that’s all he can achieve.
    It may be harsh to say it, but I believe that in the public mind Paul has been tested and found wanting, and I doubt UKIP under his leadership will frighten Mrs May.
    The trouble is, all the seperate Leave movements are uncoordinated, so we are not a large presence. We are being walked over, and taken for fools, and, as far as I can see, we are powerless.

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