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Why the United Kingdom is Leaving the European Union – Part I

I am now fully convinced that the EU presidents, hangers on and the majority of MEPs do not understand why a majority of UK citizens wish to leave the European Union.

I cannot follow the distorted logic of the Irish prime minister, who stated that British, Canadian and United States military died to enable the EU to exist. The Anglo Saxon military was fighting against an early version of the EU that was run by the German National Socialist party. Prior to that, British lives were lost in the fight against the first attempted European Union that was run by France. In common with the present EU, the two earlier EUs used peace in Europe as one of the excuses for ruling over most of the continent.

The two earlier EU incarnations were quite happy to plunder the economies of the nations they controlled. This is also reflected in the third EU administration, as can be seen from the agreements that the UK is trying to reach with the EU. As soon as the UK offers money to the EU, a small agreement is reached; the purportedly high principled EU seems to accept that bribery (or rather accepting bribes) is a normal means of negotiation, where the UK for many decades has condemned bribery as an unethical means of negotiation.

But what factors actually lead to the British public making the Brexit decision?

The EU’s Donald Tusk helped to trigger the Cameron government into giving the UK a Leave/Remain referendum. The citizens of the EU (even unwilling ones) expected a measure of wisdom and sincerity from the “leaders” during David Cameron’s failed negotiation prior to the referendum. Cameron learnt the hard way that the EU leaders do not negotiate. Instead they make demands. Nothing has changed following the Brexit vote.

Problems in England have been caused by an ever increasing population, an increase that is not driven by the native Britons. This population increase had costs attached to it, and these costs were transferred to the native British taxpayer, many of whom had very little disposable income. The main tax rise was an increase in VAT, which hit the poorest more than the richest. Financial curbs were also placed on local authorities that the poorest British depended on.

What does the native British tax payer get from paying his taxes? “Government provided services” are offering less and less as each year passes. The increase in population has led to increased demand for housing, increased demand to see doctors and increased pressure on the NHS.  Some of these problems are caused by, as is well known, the generally incompetent British Parliament that has no respect for the native English.  Instead of fighting for the English, Parliament places the them at the bottom of any queue, where law breakers seem to be better treated than their victims. The inept UK parliament accepts EU law without any hesitation and is content to rub EU law into the native Briton’s face. In return the UK parliament is totally disregarded by the EU administration, except for an annual meeting with the British Prime Minister.

Once a new British government is elected, its pro-EU political dogma overrules the duties of Parliament to its citizens. Both Houses of Parliament took the UK into what is now the EU. The House of Lords requires culling; it should not be opposing the will of the people regarding the Leave/Remain referendum. Apart from the “Common Market” referendum, generally inept British governments accept new treaties form the predecessors of the EU without consulting the native Briton and the British taxpayer has been the loser through it all. Like the EU, the British Parliament has and still treats the native Briton, mainly the native English, taxpayer with contempt.

The tax benefits for non British EU citizens are often sent back to various homelands. What is the estimated value of these benefits? David Cameron asked the EU for permission to restrict these payments and the response was a dogmatic NO. Import duties are paid on most of the British imports from outside the EU, it would be interesting to know the value of these import duties and how much of that value is taken by the EU.

During the first referendum, trade between the UK and EU was sold to the British as a ‘Common Market’ and the future political aspect was played down: a deliberate piece of deception by the Mother of all Parliaments. The prospect of an actual common market suited the native Briton, but most British never wanted to lose sovereignty to an outside political organisation. On the other hand, the inept British Parliament was very willing to give away that sovereignty and to give its loyalty to a foreign political organisation.

The Remain side during the last referendum could only offer, apart from Project Fear, freedom of movement as a reason to remain in the EU. Nothing had been offered that would improve the lives of the less wealthy Briton. The arrogance of Remain supporters was shown when Cornish fishermen’s working boats in the River Thames were overshadowed by a larger pleasure boat: the poor Leave voters and the rich Remain voters. The less wealthy Briton could see the UK become an economic disaster whilst remaining in the EU. The UK poor did not want to follow Greece.

UKIP Daily will publish part 2 of this article in the coming days.

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14 Comments on Why the United Kingdom is Leaving the European Union – Part I

  1. Sonya Jay Porter // February 1, 2018 at 6:48 pm // Reply

    The EU is a Dictatorship — this is why I have always wanted Britain to Get Out. OK, it’s not YET a one-man or one-woman Dictatorship, but it is a Group Dictatorship, the Group being the unelected Commissioners. I do not want my children, grandchildren and the following generations to live under a Dictatorship.

    I assume you don’t, either?

  2. I`m looking forward to the second half.
    I am hoping for more passion.
    Yes it`s erudite, plenty of detail and many good points, but I remember by the time of the referendum, I along with my audience were spitting tacks at the sheer awfulness and chicanery of both the EU who were dishing out the deceit and our traitorous politicians who were hand in glove with this totalitarian empire who were deliberately duping, ignoring and in fact depriving the people who put them into the sinecure positions they occupied; of their rights, we were being sold into modern slavery.
    The final denoument for me was the intervention of Obama in the affairs of our nation invited and goaded on by turncoat Camoron who had deliberately “negotiated” a duff non-deal – that was the last straw.
    The only hope of getting a reasonable deal now is to re-ignite that passion – I agree people have to remember why they wanted Brexit.
    So please somebody put us a “learned” passionate narrative together that we can sell to the grass roots public and re-ignite their passion.
    UKIP or anybody else cannot succeed without such a tool. If we were united once, we can be united again.
    Brexit it is our primary task, but it can be welded to all sorts of other policy initiatives/

  3. We are still in Europe.

    They will not let us leave

    • t g spokes

      The EU cannot stop the UK leaving the EU. Notice under Article 50 has been to the EU. Only the UK can withdraw the notice to leave. The UK stood up to the earlier unelected “masters of Europe” and the UK parliament should stand up to the present unelected dogmatists of the EU. The UK Parliament is run by MPs who are dogmatists and many other MPs who are not loyal to the native British

      • David,

        They are making it extremely difficult and expensive in case you have not noticed, but only to be expected I suppose.

        • Donald,

          I passionately believe that the UK should leave the UK. Of course I am aware that the EU is trying to make it difficult because it an organisation dominated by its own dogma. The EU dogmatists want British money and the dogmatists are showing an absolute disregard regarding the the quality of life of the native Briton.

          You might intimate that you wish to see the native Briton remain subservient to EU dogma which you know is not UKIP policy nor is it mine. The long term cost of a Hard Brexit is term cheaper than being under the left wing EU and its dogma.

          David T

          • David,

            I have not intimated that at all, I want us to leave like yesterday, I don’t know where you got that from? I agree with you that our quality of life is seriously undermined by being in the EU, just look no further than the NHS, swamped by too many people who are not all native Brits.

            Some say that a lot of our health workers are foreign and that is true, but there is a waiting list to train our own nurses I am told, and we are told there are 34,000 unfilled nurse places, and that the trained ones are leaving in droves. So that must be why there are all these vacancies which we are trying to fill with foreigners who are cheaper, as they are already trained but some cannot speak English, same goes for the Doctors.

            Does not make sense to me.

          • DD

            According to figures given out in news programmes yesterday the Royal College of Nursing say there are now 80,000 nursing vacancies.

            It was also stated that we are not training people in Britain to fill those vacancies.


        • Hello Donald

          I had modified my reply thinking that you were a leaver. I will agree with you about the training of new nurses and and doctors. The problem goes back at least o Tony Blair who thought that 50% of British students should go to university the result was the loss of technical colleges. An inept government. The requirement of an inept government to require nurses to have a nursing degree and the loss of fiscal support during training. A young man lives near me is training to become a paramedic as he cannot afford the cost of training to be a doctor.

          Roll on leaving the EU so that the UK can decide and afford its own policies.

          • David,

            I would have thought our government could change all this if they really wanted to, they should never have changed it to where student nurses have to pay for their training.

            Doctors also pay huge amounts to train for seven years as a doctor, but at least they can earn a lot more than nurses to pay it back.

            Not sure if the above is all to do with the EU though, perhaps you know more.

          • Brenda,

            No wonder the health service is falling apart.

      • Sonya Jay Porter // February 1, 2018 at 6:45 pm // Reply

        —don’t forget the EUROGENDFOR. Or would Brussels dare to use their Militia, bearing in mind that several other EU countries are not so keen, now on EU membership?

  4. Totally agree with everything you have said. Every voter should also be made to understand that to achieve the aims of the EU the LibLabCon trick has lied to and deceived the British people consistently and deliberately for OVER 45 YEARS as to their true intentions for being in the EU.

    • The LibDems, Tories and Labour are all the same; supposedly different political parties, but all working together for the same end-game. Despite having supposedly different ‘policies’, regardless of whether Tories or Labour are in government, nothing really ever changes. The manifest promises may differ, but the status quo always stays constant.
      This is the fake democracy we live under, different puppets being controlled by the same masters, all the time lying to the people that they supposedly represent. The Establishment represents itself and its Elites own interests, the people are just its playthings to do with as it pleases.
      And to think the EU is just a first step towards this global tyranny, being marketed to the people as a socialist utopia…

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