Another attack and more evasion from the thought police apologists’ on the motivation, the ideology of the death-cultists.  However, for the revelers no such opportunity to evade the rampant butchers.  They had to act – to hurl chairs, block doors and fight.  Now is not the time for sloping shoulders but for pushing back against the “Sad” Khan’s, the evaders and the atrocity-worshipping ideologues so enraged by modernity and moderation that they must feed and gorge on blood and terror.

When we were menaced by totalitarians in the past we sent our airmen aloft, our vessels to range across oceans and our warriors to storm beaches.  In this new conflict, this infernal and internal confrontation, we are all intimately involved and events demand that each of us play a part.  You may ask, but what can I do?  What can be done?  What is to be done?  First we defend and contain, then we take the initiative and overcome.

After centuries of battling to be heard and to have some say in the laws and mores that constrain us, our forebears earned us rights which are now threatened.  These rights may seem scant return for so much blood and toil but they are fearsome when intelligently directed.  Doing so now we can use them to cleave though the Gordian knot that the PC-compliance brigade has been enforcing in this seemingly endless conflict.  As Brexit and Trump have demonstrated, our power can be deployed to peaceful but almost revolutionary effect.  You can feel the winds are now blowing in favour of those who demand change; no longer do empty words and condescension wash.

We can use our rights as tools to pull us together and to focus our energies to make the supreme effort to peacefully, from our side at least, transform and reform the dark forces ranged against us.  Ultimately our aim is to directly confront and defeat the ideology powering the attacks against our young girls and diners.  This conflict, this Jihad against our community is motivated by a supremacist ideology inspired and energized by adherence to the Sharia, the Quranic law, the foundation of Islamic faith.  It should be borne in mind that the European Court of Human Rights stated in 2003 that Sharia was incompatible with democracy.  Islam means submission – they submit only to Allah, and the rest of us to them – and that needs to be honestly understood and addressed.

Yes we can demand restrictions on those with demonstrable evil intent, the watch-list Jihadis, their supporters, the hate-preachers, the prison-propagandists and snide “community leaders” who mis-represent Islamic law, history and the long-term goal of a global Islam, but we actually need to do more as this only contains the problem, it does not take out the base from which the attacks emanate.

We do not win back our streets and our “normal” life by accepting the restrictions that are being suggested.  We must ensure blowback to the opposition by calling for reform of the ideology that powers the Jihadis, and that is Islamic law.  500 years ago this year the West began to deconstruct the society that unmercifully executed those who protested against the single official understanding of the Christian faith.  It is time the Muslims did the same, and a good start would be their reforming the law supported by all 5 law schools of the Sharia and by all their major universities and institutes, that is the law that prescribes death for apostates, those leaving Islam.

By allowing apostasy they start to demonstrate they will accept human rights’ laws and norms that are actively supported in all other nations and cultures, and they begin a true reformation to allow Muslims to choose their belief rather than being cowed into remaining.  This will immediately take away the energy of the supremacist Jihadis and their supporters, and demonstrate to those of other faiths that they are genuine in their desire to confront the terror that emanates from the faith.

There are 8 Muslim nations at the UN in which apostasy is still a capital crime.  Unceasing pressure can be mounted on our politicians to get our diplomats at the UN to call for these killer-states to rescind their laws.  Such pressure helped significantly to undermine and remove the apartheid regime of South Africa, so such efforts can be rewarded when applied consistently enough.

In addition, marches on the Embassies of the apostate-killing states – particularly the Wahhabi hub, Saudi Arabia – would give a focus for action and apply pressure in support of Muslim reformers and those demanding change.  Afghanistan, Brunei, Mauretania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE and the Yemen, all need to be called out, the Hateful 8 demonstrate their adherence to the Sharia and why we must reject it completely.  Only then will the threat be confronted and dealt with.

Without reform there will be no diminution of the animosity, it will remain and will simply take on another form.  By reforming, allowing apostates to live without fear and for Islam to compete with other beliefs and non-belief is the only true measure of peaceful intent on their part.  Without this, it is simply more words and the time now is for action, not words.  If there is no reform then the inevitable counter-force will arise.  For centuries when Britons were called, they rose.  Once more, the call is echoing across our once pleasant land.  Will you rise?  Will you do something?