This observation, which was written by Mr Punche-Bagge, was forwarded to us by Jim Makin – Ed.

What should we make of the current interregnum?

UKIP is fighting for its life – according to our interim leader we need to cough up £100K pronto or the party dies. Much the same message as we heard previously from HB last year then.

So what has changed? We know that some things have changed but we don’t know whether for the better; no doubt we will find out in due course. One thing seems for sure – the leadership really is drinking in the last chance saloon this time. Is it time to have faith or time to say enough is enough?

Those of us who are still UKIP members (of which impossibly obstinate group I am still) want UKIP to survive because we understand that the other parties are no longer democrats – they are turning into neo-fascists.

We know this because they are all dead set on staying in the European Soviet Union that they have been instructed to leave.

We know this because they say one thing and do another.

We know this because they have used the security situation to strip away our constitutional safeguards.

We know this because they are clearly not taking their direction from those who sent them to Parliament as their representatives.

They are simple frauds. It seems that like UKIP, democracy in our country is also in the last chance saloon.

So what hope is there? Brexit is on course to be in name only. The incumbent political parties seem unassailable in their cosy duopoly. Our one-time watchdog of democratic accountability the mainstream media (I won’t any longer say the free press) merely report as their political masters direct. The ESU grinds remorselessly on. The global debt mountain grows ever higher. World War Three beckons, when Trump blows his top, Putin decides that he’s has enough of the West’s posturing, or the eternal meddling in the Middle East ignites a conflagration that nobody can to contain.

So shall we just look the other way and get on with what is left of our lives?

And yet … the Referendum uncorked a bottle of ordure that has sprayed its foul-smelling content all over British voters. More than ever before they are unable to ignore the stench. Even if they don’t understand it they are waking up to the fact that their politicians are not their politicians but someone else’s. Whose exactly?

It is a remarkable fact that many of our British woes seem to be shared by other nations across the world: general disillusionment with our political classes, utterly nonsensical political correctness especially in education and academia, fantasy monetary policy, general subversion of democracy (now used as a cloak beneath which darker forces try to work unseen), even the naked attempt to destroy our nations by an unstoppable flood of immigrants. So this is not a uniquely British problem, it is certainly European and probably much wider than that, including much of the ‘Anglosphere’ and more. ‘New World Order’ anyone?

Are we all doomed?

Well … not quite yet anyway.

Until ‘they’ succeed in censoring it, we still have the internet – we must use it relentlessly to investigate and debunk ‘their’ false messages and to spread our own message of truth and integrity – we have a more receptive audience than for many years. Whilst ‘they’ still feel the need to maintain a democratic façade, we can use democratic methods to bring about change. We have already seen that the more we expose the truth, the more desperately measures are brought in to shout us down; the voters are not fooled.

We are not alone, and the more we do the more support will be forthcoming. We are a political party but we can and should look for other pockets of resistance that are are apolitical – for example independent news outlets like UKcolumn and independent researchers who dig down to uncover what truth they can about things that strike them as anomalous, such as truthagenda. There is ammunition there for the taking if we can trouble ourselves to use it, either directly or indirectly but always honestly and mindfully of our obligations never to misrepresent or plagiarise our sources.

Nobody has the full picture, but through joining forces in an informal grass-roots endeavour to peel away lies and expose truth we can play our part in reviving integrity and true democracy in British politics. Where Britain leads, others will follow. Perhaps even Armageddon may ultimately be averted …

It has been said that politics is the art of the possible and each of us can review what is possible for us personally and get stuck in. Leaving it all to others is no more an option than doing everything oneself. Let us recognise all the other people who in their own way share the same main concerns (even – OMG! – those in other parties). We should not be distracted by minor differences, but work together to advance the causes of truth, integrity, and genuine old-fashioned British freedom.

I still hope to do this under the UKIP banner, but continue we must under whatever available banner we feel comfortable with.