Our country today is in a situation where our estimated current population is almost 67 million, and that does not include illegal migrants who the government estimate to be just under 1 million, but in reality the true figure is almost 3 million, according to other reliable surveys.

Across the country, and especially in our cities, the level of violent crimes leading to deaths are rising at an horrendous rate. We also have massive organised crime across the UK, mainly in drugs, that are run by large Eastern European gangs, mainly Romanians but also Albanians who themselves are here illegally.

We also have major and unaddressed issues of child grooming and pedophilia and organised rape  across the UK as well as the disgraceful physical violent attacks on young girls in the form of FGM for which there has only ever been one arrest but no conviction in the UK.

These crimes are taking place to 99% in Muslim Majority Areas. Some grooming gangs have been identified and convicted of these offences but these Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities across the country endorse these attacks as part of their social and religious beliefs, and these attacks still continue on a daily basis

Speaking recently to West Indian men in London with whom I grew up in the East End, we discussed the level of violent crime in London. They were honest and up front and freely admitted that gangs have existed for many years, mainly due to their women having 2-3 boys but no father to bring them up. As they got older the mother was unable to keep an eye on them, and this is when the boys became involved in local gangs.

The gangs on the street now apparently have no fear of and total disrespect for the police due to the lack of stop and search. Their total lack of fear of our judicial system is encouraged by the fact that there are no real police on the streets.

But I was also told that the level in severe violent knife and acid attacks was introduced into these gangs by teenage illegal Somalian migrants. They have brought this level of violence into our cities which has long been established as normal in Somalia, causing countless deaths and severe injuries.

Most of the knife and acid attackers are involved in drug dealing. I was shocked when I was told that young, 12- 16 boys and girls who are acting as drug dealers, travelling all over the country in pursuit of deals, are each making at least £1000 a day selling drugs. The drugs are supplied by ever increasing large Eastern European gangs who are importing drugs by the lorry load into the UK on a daily basis.

Local communities in cities across the UK are now living in a state of fear for their own personal and their families security, due to the rampant level of crime of all sorts across all areas.

Why has this happened?

I firmly believe that the government have not only reduced dramatically the numbers of police officers across the UK, but also all of our armed forces who are now almost in a state of being unoperational, and that these reductions were carried out due to the government’s wish to stay in the EU, to have our police and military fully integrate into the EU system. This will never be admitted by our political elite!

What should happen now?

Having been an ex Metropolitan Police Officer I constantly speak to police officers across the country about the situation they are in and what their views are on what is happening. They are all at the end of the road when it comes to their future. A very large number have told me they are resigning due to the lack of numbers, their lack of pay and conditions and what they are expected to do on a daily basis. This, they all readily admit, is not just down to the government and the Home Office but also to their senior officers who seem to be only concerned about achieving their next rank, regardless of the stress placed on their officers on the ground.

The government needs to wake up to the realities of what is happening across the UK, led by London with the ever increasing level of crime that is not being addressed.

I strongly believe that we have a massive, unused asset across the UK: our Military Veterans. Remember: a veteran is someone who has left the armed forces, be it last week, or 30 years ago, and the number of these highly trained and operationally experienced people available is over 250k.

Speaking to John Radley, an ex-Irish Guardsman who was blown up by an IRA bomb in London in 1981 in Chelsea Barracks, now the CEO of a security company called Brigade Guarding who are now specifically employing ex-veterans and ex police officers across the UK, he advised me that they are now providing security for many communities in towns and cities across the UK. This role arose because of communities’ fears of not having bobbies on the streets in their areas. Now, these areas are patrolled by uniformed veterans who are working closely with the local police. These local patrols are financed by residents. They have now seen a huge drop in crime levels in the areas that Brigade Guarding are covering.

In view of the constant level of requests for coverage from communities across the country, John is now increasing his operation staffing level from 600 to 6000  veterans. They are highly trained and experienced and would be able to carry out a huge number of roles that are currently being ignored by the government, for instance, enforcing our Border Control: only 7% of all transport coming into this country on a daily basis is checked either physically or electronically. How many illegal migrants, drugs or even guns, ammunition, and explosives are getting in on the 93% of unchecked vehicles?

This is just another issue that is being ignored: identifying and removing illegal migrants from our country: these people are in the main causing our communities real problems. Work closely with the police to identify and remove gangs across the country, as the current police numbers make it totally impossible for the majority of these ever increasing serious problems in our society to be dealt with.

I could go on forever, expressing the huge unused Veterans Asset, but it is a fact: they are there and waiting, and more than willing to help protect the British People again. Many have said to me, and I am one of them, “I swore allegiance to my Queen and Country when I joined the Armed Forces”. That was then, and now we must pressure the government to use this huge asset at whatever the financial cost. The general opinion is this should be funded by scrapping Foreign Aid. The public and police need desperate help, and these veterans are sitting and waiting.

My proposed policy for UKIP:

  1. Increase the number of police officers by 120,000 across the UK.
  2. Re-open local police stations or build new ones.
  3. Ensure uniformed foot patrol officers will in future cover known crime areas.
  4. Reduce the restrictions on Stop and Search.
  5. Increase the police officers pay by 5%.
  6. Fully integrate the professional skills and experience of our highly professional and experienced military veterans urgently into policing areas of serious crime.
  7. Re-employ retired ex-CID officers and use their huge, currently wasted knowledge and investigative skills to deal with terrorism, organised and major crime.
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