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8 Comments on Watch: Paul Nuttall and Gerard Batten UKIP Stoke Press Conference

  1. Paul seems to lack both confidence and the necessary “fire in his belly”. More preparation is needed including some coaching.

  2. I know it’s still early in UKIP’s re-configuration into a domestic politic force, but Nuttall looks out of sorts with himself to me in this by-election. He has no association with Stoke OT being a Mersey man (maybe it would have been better to have let Harold run, who did well on his home turf in 2015?), & I’m not sure putting out the message “Brexit, Brexit … & did I mention Brexit??”, is in itself enough to drive the dying political entity that Labour is out of power. He should be talking far more about what Stoke needs as a place with policies tailored specifically for the constituency’s needs, & advocating the destruction the Liblabcon Westminster political order in England’s politics than this. I hear talk also that UKIP’s by-election team in SOT isn’t particularly well organized & about its business.

    The advantage is that the Labour candidate is a pretty bloody awful one by the look of him, & should be ruthlessly personally targeted using his social media activity trail against him to turn the voters off him.

    Good luck to Nuttall on 23, but he needs to pick up the pace here, it feels off in a lot of ways at the mo.

    • Also, I distrust beards, & it makes Nuttall look old & shifty, he should lose it.

      • Funny this should come up again.
        It should be recalled I made the unfunny joke the other week that I didn`t trust men who hide behind “yashmaks”
        Quite why, I don`t know, but this present epidemic has been growing like a plague

  3. Gerard Batten was very informative. Paul Nuttall just reiterated what we already know so it was not captivating in any way. Gerard answered the questions well leaving Paul with nothing to say.

    Paul’s point about the Single Market and that the majority of those voting leave knew what they were voting for was good.

    Someone needs to make the point that a huge number of people probably voted to remain because they believed the project fear claims. I know that two of the 5 women in the group I go to Sunday lunch with voted to remain because they believed George Osborne’s claim their pension would be reduced.

    The photographers were taking numerous pictures of Paul off-stage left during Gerard’s speech which suggested they weren’t really interested in him.
    Paul batted off the thing about being residential in the constituency very well by pointing out in Stoke West & Stoke South the Labour MP’s lived in Birmingham and Edinburgh respectively.

    The video left me thinking that Gerard is definitely more accomplished in policy than Paul and why isn’t he standing for election as MP.

    Overall I don’t think that was very good because the supporting act outshone the principal player.

    • Antony,
      You wield a deadlier pen than me,
      Yes Batten was the star – smooth operator!
      PN was virtually incomprehensible, I fancy he is having trouble reconciling National with Local election policies. We haven`t got any local ones have we? except “Labour watch out we are coming after you!” – UKIP`s version of the FEAR factor – it won`t do – nobody is trembling.

  4. Fascinating.
    Gerard Batten should be vice-leader.
    He actually knows what he is talking about and put it over – he`s also London based and my opinion more truly represents “authentic” UKIP.
    PN did alright – he`s obviously the one to put the spark into the UKIP voice and lead the crusade.
    He`s perhaps the one to keep this people`s army united and therefore effective.
    He will have to more clearly define our “purpose” as a National and International player and how our plans for Local Government and elections form the foundation for national effort.
    I for one, haven`t a clue how this clear distinction is going to be made.

  5. Gerard very impressive – cool, collected, convincing.

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