On June 9th, the ORB poll of voters for the Referendum reported in the Independent, found that there was a 10 point lead for the Leave side, and in the past few days, this has risen again. So the Remainers are panicking, especially those in the Government.

When the Referendum Campaign began, those heading the ‘Stay in’ side must have felt this was a done deal, they’d cruise home in the vote to prevent Britain leaving the EU.  No problems, everyone loved the European Union, didn’t they?   But no, not everyone.   And as the campaign has continued, more and more British voters have realised that life within the EU was not as rosy as it had been made out to be in 1975 and that the Prime Minister’s efforts back in the Spring to get a better deal for Britain weren’t worth an English penny.

So, David Cameron, who is desperate to keep Britain within the EU, started a Project Fear of continuing scaremongering.

Britain was too small and too poor to exist alone outside the EU, David Cameron said.

Outside, we should no longer be able to trade with the EU.  Trade agreements with other countries would be difficult to impossible to effect. He even got President Obama to say that regarding trade deals with the US, Britain would go to the back of the queue!

Brexit would cause a recession in Britain  —  and maybe throughout the world!

House prices would drop and mortgages go up!

Recently, he has blackmailed the people most likely to vote and to vote for Brexit, the pensioners, with threats that their pensions would fall!

The Calais ‘Jungle’ of would-be immigrants would move to Kent!

To cap it all, Brexit could even lead to World War III, declared Mr Cameron.

Now, the only thing left in Mr Cameron’s Project Fear box of tricks to threaten us with would be Armageddon.

But with the Referendum only about a week away and the poll of Brexiteers rising, he is desperate and will have to do something.   We already know that there has been and will be rigging of the actual vote but this may not now be enough.   So, what will he do?

It could be a repeat of what happened in the last few days before the Scottish Independence Referendum when the polls were showing a possible lead for those who wanted an independent Scotland.  Then, too, there was sheer panic throughout Westminster at the thought of the ‘yes’ momentum and at the last moment the three main parties came together to think up anything which would prevent Scotland breaking free.

This turned out to be the famous ‘Vow’ which appeared on the front page of the Daily Record and committed the signatories to the introduction of a bill which would devolve substantial new powers to the Scottish Government, described as ‘Home Rule’ by Gordon Brown.

Whether this Vow has been fully implemented or not  —  and there is some dispute about this in the Scottish Government  —  it could not be offered to the British people by the current political parties on behalf of the European Union because there is no way they could guarantee any of it.

Following the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty in 2009, there was a shift from unanimity to majority voting in many areas. Under the new system which came into effect in 2014, a vote can be passed if it is backed by 55% of member states, and secondly, if these countries represent 65% of the EU’s population. But  —  and this is the important point  —  it can also be passed if fewer than four countries oppose it.   This means that any change to Britain’s situation within the EU that Mr Cameron might wish to make would be disallowed if fewer than four member states voted against Britain.

Now, we don’t know just what the Westminster parties are cooking up to make sure that the British public to vote Remain In rather than to Leave the European Union.  But now they are terrified and they will do anything.   Say anything.

Whatever it is, it will be a bombshell, a humdinger, an H-Bomb of an idea.

But we must make sure we don’t believe a word of it!


Photo by karlnorling