The left has been having a field day for generations now.  The long march through the institutions using Gramsci’s Prison Diaries as their template has paid off.  Using the weaknesses inherent in the democratic system, the vanguard of the left spent its efforts on grabbing control of the universities and thus the young minds of the future opinion-formers.  

When you look at the damage they have wrought, you have to say they did a good job: the last time the Communist Party stood for an election in the UK was back in the 80s and they got less than 0.1% of the vote.  Now look at the safe spaces and trigger warning culture of the universities and tell me that 0.1% slid quietly off stage left and the rest of us skipped off into the sunlit uplands of Thatcherland.

If you look at the manifesto for the bomb-blasting Weathermen of the 60s and 70s, you will see it was centred on becoming experts in education.  The usual crew of white, well-educated extremists within the group got their PhDs and became heavily involved in setting the agenda for US curricula – at every level.  Oh yes, and Bill Ayers (who, self-admitted, was involved in three bombings but was not charged as the law enforcement investigation was found to benefit from illegal methods) was Barrack Obama’s neighbour and helped him on the path to the Presidency.  These people may be nasty and stupid but they are not uneducated – different things.

Thankfully Brexit shows that you can fool people a lot of the time, but not all the time.  Now that is great but this effective vanguard’s work has resulted in untold losses societally and economically, and future generations of indoctrinated students are going to continue to drag on the nation like a sea-anchor.  I would not say that we have passed a point of no return, as one can never say never but we have our work cut out.

However, to speed up the process of a return to a more pragmatic and effective politics we should look at how we can use the momentum from which Momentum has benefited and judo-throw the culture-warriors.

First, we can sense their weakness and our growing strength and as life is a confidence game we must take advantage and strike hard first, aiming for a swift sweep of their leading leg as we turn into them and hurl them over our shoulder onto the hard, unforgiving earth below.

The left has been ruthless in its development of language as a weapon, now we must turn it back on them.  People have cringed for generations in fear of being labelled racist. Even the Old Bill cower behind their vans and hi-vis vests rather than raid a house within which are a couple of 13-year old girls and 5 aging Asians.  Might be misconstrued. Better to leave well alone than arrest the girls for being underage drinkers – that might get some attention from Tommy and his oiks.

So, the language.  Do you think the Muslim apostates in this once rather nice nation get a trigger warning about their being executed for leaving the religion?  No, I think not too. But if you go and ask any local Sunni Imam (that’s 90% of the faithful right there) of the Hanafi, Malaki, Shafi or Hanbali schools of law they’ll tell you death is the sentence for leaving Islam.  You can also try the Jaafari school of the Shia (that’s most of the remaining faithful) and he’ll tell you the same thing (always a he of course).

So, Mr Old Bill, are you going to ask the Imams in this country to tell all those converting to Islam that they will be killed, or threatened with killing, if they later wish to leave the religion?  Don’t you think those converting to the religion of peace deserve a trigger warning, Cressida? You know, like those cooling off periods when you get a loan? And what about those already of the faith but heading for the exit?  Are you going to provide them with a safe space, Sajid? No, I thought not.

Did you know that in Northern Ireland if you are deemed under threat you can get a new house from the state?  The Scheme for the Purchase of Evacuated Dwellings (SPED) allocates millions to help re-house in a secure location those deemed under deadly threat.  What about expanding that scheme here for apostates? If you won’t give trigger warnings, will you offer a safe space, Theresa? No, I thought not. Might draw attention to the failure of the state to protect those many thousands of apostates now living in hiding well away from Muslim-majority areas.

So, next time you get a young Lefty in your face crying about the awful Mr Rhodes and the racist Winston, ask him if he will spare a thought for the likes of Nissar Hussain, beaten and forced out of two homes and in hiding for the past two years as an internally displaced person, a Brit living in Britain as a refugee.  You may recall Nissar was interviewed by the (irony warning…) racist, far-right, low-life, Tommy, whose next video is the “How to Lose Weight on My Magic Prison Diet!”

Yes, Theresa, Sajid, Cressida, you sad bumblers are not respected by the left, the right or the centre.  You are more frightened of words than you are of what is happening to this nation. Leaving Islam is the worst crime in their book and no school of Sharia has renounced capital punishment – especially for its worst crime.  Yet you continue to discuss the place of Sharia in our legal system. Let us be clear, there is no place for Sharia over here. Even with trigger warnings and safe spaces, the Sharia is not of this place. It never will be.

So, here’s the takeaway.  When the left whip out the racist and fascist cudgels, trump them with the trigger warnings for Muslim apostates, shine the safe space for apostates’ laser in their eyes and ask them when they started supporting capital punishment for leaving a religion.

When the French revolutionaries got busy slicing off the heads of their opponents they had risen to the heights of issuing “Certificates of correct thinking”.  Sound familiar?

Never apologise, never explain and never surrender.


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