I’m coming out! No, I haven’t decided after 66 years of life that I’m gay, but I haven’t so far stuck my head up over the parapet on the USA Election. Now I will: yes, all along I hoped Donald Trump would win the Presidential election and believed he could, despite the overwhelming odds. And what overwhelming odds he fought against – in itself a staggering achievement given that the whole of the American and international establishment, the MSM, the voting systems, George Soros (as a dark agent) and seemingly the rest of the world were against him!

Nigel has called it Brexit 2, Trump himself has called it Brexit plus plus, the parallels being obvious: the rejection of the received wisdom of the establishment, the media and left wing socialists worldwide who, as  we know, are always right in their virtue-signalling ivory towers. British voters rejected that same received wisdom, that same “right” view and voted as they saw it on June 23rd. In America it was same, if not more so – I will explain that later as you may say that the popular vote for Trump was lower by 190,000 recorded votes than for Hillary Clinton.

How did he do it? The first factor is the mainstream media (MSM). Americans are far less trusting of their media than we are – only 6% of them trust the MSM. CNN and ABC’s viewing figures are falling through the floor. The print papers are struggling financially. Vast numbers of Americans have turned to the alternative media for their news, and that is where I go for my news, at least to sample it. You cannot believe all of it, much of it one may dismiss as “conspiracy theory”, but when you look at the vast array of choices for news, the variety of sources and news items, it is staggering – they are not colluding on feeding you the same “conspiracies”, they are doing their own investigative journalism, albeit they may lack the way they present it, given their spin preferences. The difference with the MSM is that the MSM omit so much news it is just unbelievable: anything that does not suit their agenda, they won’t report, but the alternative media will report it.

An obvious example is Breitbart. A lot of Kippers view that site, and they bring us some horrific news items from Europe that both the European and British press wouldn’t touch with a bargepole… because it does not suit their agenda. On Breitbart you can see the tip of the iceberg of the American alternative media. The comments are sometimes as instructive, containing links to all sorts of alternative sources. I won’t give you hyperlinks, I’ll give you some names as you need to do your own “digging” on the internet to seek out American sources that provide a different angle on the news: Infowars, Drudge Report, Matt Bracken, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and many many more. Outside America you may wish to look at Russia Today and Al Jazeera – yes, they are biased, but you can then make up your own mind as to whose bias is most in tune with the way you see the world.

And that is what a massive number of Americans did. Through alternative media, they would have found:

  • Wikileaks releasing tens of thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails, a vast proportion utterly damning of her in terms of the corruption she perpetrated, and the dubious recreational activities she participates in such a “spirit cooking” – Google that one and if you haven’t seen it before, you will be sickened by it. All the indications are that Clinton does it.
  • The massive voting fraud that was already in progress prior to the election with the early voting. Where people tried to vote for Trump or “straight Republican” (i.e. vote for all Republican candidates for different offices in their State and county) the machines were refusing to accept their input, feeding them back “Clinton” or “straight Democrat”. Many, many districts converted to paper ballots before the main election. And why do you think the queues for voting were so long when turnout was so low (about 50% for the 2016 Presidential elections)? Because a large majority of voters were demanding paper ballots rather than use the machines! There were even reports on polling day (only in the alternative media) of near riots in polling stations when voters discovered their votes were being “flipped” or discounted, and demanding the machines be stopped.
  • That George Soros, well known provider of lots of lovely iPhones for Middle Eastern people, owns a voting machine company; their machines were installed in 16 states, and he has interests in other such companies. “Good” software hackers proved the existence of programs that could fiddle the results, on top of crooked machines, once counted.
  • In some States, the State Governors authorised prisoners and illegal immigrants to vote.
  • There is strong evidence that 1.8 million recently dead people voted… all Democrat of course.
  • Undercover cameras discovered a team of Democrat Party operatives bragging about the way they paid people to move around counties and States to vote multiple times.
  • That tens of thousands of people attended Trump rallies (the cameras wouldn’t show them) whereas Hillary was lucky to get over 1000. When she brought celebs in, yes, there were crowds for them (the warm-up act) and once they left the stage, people left in droves.
  • That their “Project Fear” of Donald Trump starting WW3 was in fact the other way around – a recent video showed Clinton saying if Russia conducted a cyber-attack on the USA, she would respond militarily, including the option of nuclear weapons! And as for her “no fly zone” over Syria, shooting down Russian planes…
  • And a lot, lot more…

So, if you had read all that, and even if you had discounted half of it, I would bet you wouldn’t even think of voting for Hillary, and may even have been motivated to vote for Trump. And that is what happened. Hordes of registered Democrat supporters (those who get to vote in the primaries) just did not vote (the low turnout factor). Some voted for Trump: estimates are around 20%. And, a lot of previous non-voters, people who felt so disenfranchised that they never bothered to vote before, came out to vote for Trump… and demanded paper ballots.

Barring massive legal challenges, unconstitutional acts by Obama and assassination attempts on Trump’s life, on 20 January 2017 he will become President of the United States of America. Will he deliver on his promises for his first 100 days? Having a Republican Senate and House will help, but the world is waiting to judge him – and be assured the MSM will maintain its massive onslaught against him, the slightest slip giving them every excuse to do so.

In my humble opinion:

Winners:  Donald Trump, The American Constitution, patriots and nationalists the world over.

Losers: Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, Hollywood luvvies fleeing the country – but the biggest losers are the MSM, their credibility worldwide being blown for good.