Here is a quick overview of Ukip’s fight for the People; apologies for omitting so much.

Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat Vision (aka The Road to Ruin) UKIP Vision: Liberty, Democracy, Prosperity (aka the Road to Recovery)
Further the aims of the EU A free, peaceful, prosperous inclusive nation with our own identity and culture, and a beacon of hope to everyone
Rule by the EU, political class, crony corporatism for the political class and ruling establishment Government of the people, by the people, for the people, regain independence from the EU
At worst – politics of greed or envy and spite, divisive ideologies leading to social engineering, dependency and loss of dignity At best – politics of compassion, aspiration and opportunity, personal and social responsibility, inclusiveness, and social mobility
Politicians appear mainly as duck-speaking* party apparatchiks (*see 1984 by George Orwell) Parliamentary candidates work for The People, responding to our wishes, hopes and fears
Spin, ‘creative’ statistics, deceit, manipulation and abuse/exploitation of the People Honesty and truthfulness, openness, integrity, transparency, democratic accountability
Destroy our separate identity, culture, heritage, countryside, values and, traditional freedoms and rights Protect our separate identity, culture, heritage, countryside etc. Promote British values Defend traditional freedoms and rights, including of speech and press, protect life and property
Continuing mis-management of national decline. Big, wasteful, in-efficient government. Worsening public finances, increasing debt. Send more money to pay for EU. New dispensation – prudent, responsible, competent government and people working together to achieve much more.   Fiscal prudence. Cut waste and EU spending.
Red Tape and bureaucracy, Nanny state. Poor improvement of productivity and wages.

Freeing everyone from oppressive rule. Better  wage, innovation and productivity improvement

Increasing existing high stealth and other taxes Progressively lower taxes for everyone
Uncontrolled immigration and open borders, wage compression, pressures on facilities Selective immigration to boost economy. Provision of adequate infrastructure.
Run down our defences and armed forces Respect our armed forces, help them defend us
Rule of European law and EU directives. Criminals, miscreants have ‘laughing stock’ rights Rule of British, just, equitable law for everyone. New Bill of Rights for the People
High energy costs through green charges Lower energy and travel costs
More of the same, with problems getting worse. Covering up mistakes and denial A better future based on compassion, justice, democracy, British values, integrity and hope

Photo by R~P~M