What makes UKIP a party for everyone? Well, as a young UKIP supporter, I always get asked why I support a party that is supposedly comprised of a bunch of retired old men. But this is far from the truth about the only Eurosceptic party.

I began my allegiance with UKIP about a year ago, at the age of sixteen. Since then, I have noticed more and more young people becoming interested in the party. As an A-level politics student, I have studied the reasons behind voter disenchantment, especially in younger voters. The general perception of UKIP is that it is is a party for the older generation and that their policies suit this age group more than they do the younger generation.

However immigration is an issue which disproportionately affects the young. Britain’s immigration policy is completely bonkers considering the current housing shortage, long waiting times in the NHS and school places becoming scarcer than ever. UKIP’s stance on the EU and immigration appeals to the younger generation as their job opportunities have been cut short by a nonsensical immigration policy. They feel as though they are at the back of the queue for job opportunities, as unsustainable immigration has led to wage compression and employers are often favouring immigrants over them.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore foreign cultures and the people who follow them. It’s not about race, it’s about space. Britain is a small island and our infrastructure cannot cope with the current levels of immigration. A common sense immigration policy similar to that of Australia’s, which is UKIP policy, would suffice.

The youth of Britain have turned to UKIP as a way of expressing their political leanings as well as it being a way to vent their frustrations to the past and present governments who have so badly betrayed them. UKIP is truly a party for everyone, especially the young. All UKIP needs to do now is to develop compelling educational and economic policies in their 2015 general election manifesto. This will ensure that UKIP holds a good grasp of the young voters, something where the Liberal Democrats have failed.

Young Ind

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