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UKIP must face Islam, or die

My political priorities, post-Brexit, have become very simple. The party that’s most willing and able to stand up to Islam will get my vote.”

That was a tweet from @meganne121 last week and she is not alone. There is enormous and growing public concern about Islam, and our politicians seem to have no idea.

Last year, a ComRes poll said that 56% of Britons believe Islam is incompatible with the British way of life. They’re right, it is. Note that the public’s concern is with Islam, not fundamentalist or extremist or radical or any kind of ‘ism’, but Islam. The public gets it, the politicians don’t. More recently, 47% of Brits said they wanted immigration from Muslim countries banned. This goes even further than Donald Trump. The people get it, the politicians don’t.

If UKIP wants to stand out and offer a real alternative, it can offer what nobody else will – law and order.

To oppose the horrors that accompany Islam and return the sovereignty of the British electorate (isn’t that why we left the EU?), we must restore law and order. The British majority must be heard again. The ordinary Brit who doesn’t fit in to any ‘victim’ category, but often pays the bills for those who do, are now the least important demographic in Britain, and they want a party that will change that. There must be a party to represent that 56%.

People increasingly understand that Islam is not just another religion, it is a full and complete system of life; it governs everything from political leadership to eating habits.

Across Britain, imams control little sharia ghettoes, a situation replicated across Europe. They care nothing for the laws of the country in which they live, and insist on self-policing. We have for decades allowed them to do this, and the result is what can be expected – we are accommodating and facilitating barbarism and undermining the authority of British law. What was the point in fighting the EU for our sovereignty only to hand it over to imams instead?

Across the world, the crimes committed in the name of Islam are innumerable. Moderate Muslims have never been able to stop these crimes, and nor will they. Not only is Islam behind the world’s only medieval theocracies, but crimes against girls, homosexuals, women, Christians and atheists are countless. On top of this, Islamic terror groups, whose cruelty knows no limits, slaughter innocents in every corner of the world.

Female genital mutilation, the grotesque removal of a girl’s clitoris for reasons that epitomise misogyny, is widespread in the UK. It is practiced nigh-on exclusively by Muslim communities and remains completely unpunished despite being a criminal offence since 1985. Further crimes include honour violence, forced marriage and child marriage; all of which are widespread and carrying on with relative impunity.

There are solutions to these problems, all that is lacking is the courage to put these solutions to the electorate. The sharia councils in this country should be criminalized. There is nothing in law that allows for the setting up of religious tribunals to usurp and undermine the law. Sharia law has been declared incompatible with human rights by both the House of Lords (judicial) and the European Court of Human Rights. This is more than enough reason to close them down, by force if necessary. These places are run by jihadis whose ultimate aim is to expand the cruelty of sharia and increase Islamic control. Many openly state this, yet no politician will take them on.

If we are serious about FGM, and we should be, then a register of female children born to women who have been mutilated should be kept, and that child subject to mandatory health-checks until the age of 18. Any mutilation should be punished with the full force of the law, and punishment for non-British citizens must include deportation. Sending this powerful message is the only way we can stop this. Being deported is the only threat that will work.

Cases of inciting violence, a criminal offence, have been recorded by journalists on numerous occasions in mosques in Britain, yet nothing has been done. Preaching violence against women, Jews or homosexuals, is a crime, yet major British mosques teach congregants to “kill” gays without a murmur of protest. Why aren’t we going in to these mosques, enforcing the law, deporting non-British imams, or jailing British ones? Is the law dead? Is it now irrelevant?

Gangs of Muslim men (not Asian, Muslim) have been raping and torturing girls all over this country for decades, and still are. I have known girls and women report Muslim rape gangs to police with absolutely no response, not even an initial investigation. These rape victims are simply ignored. We cannot allow this to continue. As such, we must put in place a system of reporting and accountability that holds senior police officers to account; they must answer to the British people as to why are not upholding the law, and their jobs must be the price they pay for not doing so.

To ensure the long-term safety of the British people and their culture, we must stop immigration from Muslim societies. Even the most moderate of Muslim-majority countries are immersed in serious human rights abuses. Even the best Islam has to offer is a crime in the civilized world, and many Muslims have no intention of being “educated” by Westerners to change. Despite this, despite our complete inability to police the crimes that accompany Muslim immigration (including mass rape of non-Muslim women and girls) we continue to keep the borders open for more. This must stop.

We should end foreign aid (except in emergencies) and use those resources to restore the authority of the law in Britain. If those breaching immigration laws won’t return to their native lands, they should be held in detention until they do. We have got to get tough and we have to do it soon. We will take no orders from unelected international bodies but work with allies against the global threat of sharia.

None of this is controversial, it is merely the imposition of the law as determined by the British majority. It is merely treating Muslims like everyone else and holding them to the same standards.

All non-Britons convicted of a violent crime (or involved in terrorism) should be deported from this country, because the British people must come first. It is the most important moral and democratic duty of those who seek our vote. Its time for a political party to realize this, and I think that party should be UKIP.

A couple of years ago, I submitted an application to UKIP’s NEC to form an internal campaign group ‘UKIP Against Sharia’ with the aim of lobbying the top of the party, which rarely seems to hear, to speak out about sharia and have the courage to really confront it. This application was rejected with no explanation offered. Now I intend to submit it again, and I am writing this to ask people to join me. We must demand to be heard. Its not good enough to make reference to “Islamist radicalism”, we must call it what it is and tell the public exactly how we will deal with it. We must not suck up to the imams like all the rest, we must oppose them instead. We must not pussyfoot around FGM and child marriage but confront them and prevent them.

(If you do not belong to a party, but want to see action taken about Islam, then join UKIP and help me fight this. I will not stop until we succeed).

No other party can do this but UKIP. The others have already sold their souls. Labour won’t do it because it relies on the Muslim vote. The Tories are no better; they’ve been in Government (albeit most of the time in a coalition) for some years now, and yet nothing whatsoever has changed.

If UKIP won’t step up and take this on, then someone truly nasty could. There are numerous (actual) racists, fascists, anti-Semites, misogynists out there just waiting to use Islam as the excuse to turn back the clock on all the progress the West has made. We must find the place between the ugliness of Islam and the ugliness of those who will rise if decent people are forced in to silence.

These problems are not going to go away, they will only get worse unless firm and unapologetic action is taken. If UKIP won’t do this, someone will, and UKIP could simply fade away; seen as out of touch and too afraid to challenge the orthodoxy of the Left-dominated media, it could become irrelevant. For the sake of the country we love, we shouldn’t allow this to happen.

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80 Comments on UKIP must face Islam, or die

  1. “Moderate Muslims have never been able to stop these
    crimes, ….”

    Problem…. the muslims taht want to be seen as moderate (basically all of them), prove they all practice WARFARE LYING, to disguise islams actual teachings and its downright evil agenda for us.

  2. Following the defeat of Anne Marie and the publication of Bolton’s views on islam and Farage’s refusal to discuss the problem with Robert Spencer, I have cut up my membership card and changed my annual standing order for £30 to Sharia Watch.

    UKIP has lost its way.

  3. The extent that Islam is compatible with modern western society is inversely related to the extent that Muslims follow the Koran and Haddith.

    It is possible to ignore many of the violent, separatist rules and thereby live as part of a modern western society, but a large minority do not wish to do that.

    They are protected because modern Western society is being attacked by another ideology which hates the success of Western society and which praises and protects foreign beliefs. This is taught in universities and increasingly in schools. Youngsters are being taught to hate their culture, hate their history, and hate their nations.

    This ideology forces us to be tolerant of the intolerant and to regard dislike of inferior beliefs as racist and xenophobic.

    We have to expose, ridicule and quarantine this absurd ideology of postmodernist-Marxism better known as political correctness, social justice and intersectional feminism.

  4. UK must face Islam, or die.

  5. there are several parties and movements in the UK that stand in opposition to Islamic takeover – like Britain First, BNP, EDL, and Liberty GB. Some of them tolerate genuine fascists in their ranks, which makes political success impossible.

    Optimal way would be to disband both UKIP, and these movements, simultaneously,and create single, joint pro-Western party, which would be
    – anti-Theocracy, anti-Archaic
    – non-racist, not anti-Semitic, not anti-LGBT, non-violent
    – healthy mix of Conservatives and Liberal/Progressives
    – healthy mix of Nationalists and Globalists
    – campaigning for the humane, democratic, transparent, secular meritocracy

    the meta-political basis for such movement and a party, exists long ago, it is named Amsterdam Declaration.
    in the core, it is the most pro-Western platform of all.

    the name of such party should be chosen wisely.
    for example, one can name it simply “The West”.
    everyone knows that Mozart and Einstein are in, whereas Mohammed and Stalin are out.

    • AY, I see what you are saying, but my contention is that this is the last chance for UKIP to actually be that Party that you want – all we have to do is find the determination to do it, and others who agree with us will join.

  6. SIZE 15CARBONFOOTPRINT // June 5, 2017 at 9:01 am // Reply

    Recent events will never give UKIP a better chance to throw off the fear of being accused of racism ,if only the party leadership can keep their nerve in the face of the orchestrated howls of socialist indignation that will follow any serious attempt combat this growing islamic parasite .

  7. Everyone should watch this video.

    Islam: What the west needs to know:

  8. One action that UKIP must do is to reverse its pro-Halal policy.

    There is absolutely no justification for slitting the throats of animals without pre-stunning.


  9. I make you right with everything you have said, however our media/government/establishment/parliament, have brained washed the British Public, that most are unaware of what is occurring and if you state what is going on, your racist. We have to find a way to replace our NEWS MEDIA, TO GET TO THE MAIN STREAM OF THE BRITISH PUBLIC WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING, TO GET THEM TO SEE AND START TO ACT UPON STOPPING THIS SILENT RADICALISATION OF THE MUSLIM INVASION. IT HAS GONE TOO FAR, AND IF WE DO NOT STOP IT NOW! IT WILL BE TOO LATE. CAN WE THE BRITISH PEOPLE USING OUR MAGNA CARTA DELCARATION RIGHTS, CALL FOR AN IMMEDIATE GENERAL ELECTION TO GET UKIP IN, AND CAN WE HAVE NIGEL FARAGE AND ADAMS BACK RUNNING PLEASE.

  10. I agree – I ahd the temerity to stand up for a friend who had his Facebook account suspended for a week. Now I can’t get vetted to stand in the May elections – maybe I shouldn’t bother. I wrote on Facebook
    “My friend and drinking buddy (name removed) has been banned from Facebook for 7 days – his offence-he posted a response agreeing with another Member who said that Muslims were the most boring and dreary people on the planet. He added that they believe in a load of religious nonsense and live in the 7th century. No bad language, nothing offensive other than what he considers to be perfectly valid and acceptable criticisms.

    These are his views and do not necessarly reflect mine. Obviously a case of an over zealous Facebook thought police. Nothing unusual there then!.

    Keep this up and people will find another social media outlet. Bet their shareholders won’t be too happy about that!”

    • Have you heard of ? It is a relatively new social site where the founders say they support free speech.
      It tends to have very few SJWs because they are happy at facebook and Twitter both of which routinely suspend or ban anyone critical of anything that the postmodernist-Marxists dislike.

  11. I believe UKIP is the only party fight for Britain, Britain is a Christian country and should always be, there should not be any doubt on that, but every day its in your face by 2050 the Muslims will be majority and so the Christian will have been out breed out of their Country and its people become slaves to Islam. A religion that is forced on its people, join or die, this is not what I want to leave the future off Britain for, to many British hero’s have died for British religion,culture and freedom for it to die this way. UKIP is the only party that’s giving the British the light of hope, SHAME ON OUR PRESENT GOVERNMENT THAT’S GIVING OUR COUNTRY AWAY ON A PLATE.In the last war the Germans were quoted as saying the British are decadent,they lost there will to fight,how wrong they were,let us hope our Country’s and its people have not lost the will to fight for what’s right which mean so much to its freedom, that we are prepared to stand up and fight before its to late?

  12. At some point Brexit will no longer be electorally significant, in that supporting it (or opposing it) will not attract further votes. The Lib Dems have made it a major reason for existence and are likely to drop back in the polls once Article 50 is triggered. UKIP probably will too, unless there is some new purpose.

    Labour is becoming increasingly reliant on the Muslim vote. They are welcome to it. It makes them less tolerant, more anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynist. UKIP needs to be ready to pick up the pieces of the shattered dreams of large numbers of former Labour voters who cannot stomach this medieval mindset.

    At this point UKIP needs to differentiate itself from LibLabCon. Opposing the non-stun religious slaughter method would be a start. The U turn a few months prior to the general election was a serious error. I wrote to the NEC as I heard that the U turn was going to be made. All the members in my branch who I contacted want humane treatment of animals. The NEC should listen to members.

  13. Islam is incompatible with 21st century socially liberal democratic society, it is as simple as that. If this matter is not addressed, over a thousand years of social, scientific and humanistic progress will be lost, and the West will regress to a Dark Age of pre-medieval barbarism.

    The longer the cancer of Islam is tolerated, the more traumatic will be the actions necessary to excise it.

  14. After his performances, and, results at Stoke Central recently, Paul Nuttall ceases to be UKIP leadership material because he is damaged goods, and, effectively succeeding Nigel Farage is a more than challenging act for him to follow – he lacks the charisma etc., and, after succeeding Nigel, he mistakenly retained too many sycophants in his political entourage.
    UKIP needs to re-appraise and optimise its strategies, policies, practices and design pertinent CPA(Critical Paths Analyses) with allied Gantt/Bar Charts for implementations whilst improving UKIP’s corporate image to convince voters that in our national interests, it is a better option in both the short and long term than The Conservative Party under Mrs Theresa May – Paul Nuttall fails to impress me. He’s had his chance and blew it HIMSELF.

  15. Schrödinger's cat // March 9, 2017 at 6:28 pm // Reply

    Please, everyone!

    Labour are just like the Raving Loonies (who were actually more sensible.)

    The Tories are Red Labour, with yesterday’s demonisation of the self-employed and promise breaking.

    The Liberals are… (oh forget it!)

    Can we please start to think like TRUMP?

    We need to start winning! Again!

  16. Well said Ann Marie Waters.
    If UKIP don’t grasp the nettle they will continue to fade post-Brexit.
    The politically-correct climate in the UK, of which I’m sure you’re all too well aware, makes even voicing a critical opinion of Islam, difficult to say the least- that’s before we get to the de-facto Sharia blasphemy laws in effect over much of Europe.
    One wonders from where any resistance in the UK will come?
    Almost 50 years ago, the British establishment set out to make any nationalism, in particular English nationalism appear ‘unsound’ (see declassified papers FCO 30/1048)in order, among much else, to cede sovereignty and legal supremacy to the EU.
    Some of the consequences of all this in 2017 means any resistance to Islamic demographic and cultural imperialism, is vilified as racist and phobic.

    Political correctness and an indocrinate belief in diversity at all costs is the norm in Westminster and Whitehall.
    Polygamous marriages is ‘best practice’ accroding to a Whitehall review, the Tories said they would change this, only for an offcial to sheepishly admit a few months after their reforms, it could even more money for some of the estimated 100,000 marriages some with up to 20 children.
    Demographic jihad and the British taxpayer foots the bill!
    The most senior serving soldier, tells the BBC elements of Whitehall see jihadists as ‘freedom fighters’ but its own army as villains.
    The Foreign Office, despite the HoC report stating that the Muslim Brotherhood ideology is a danger to the security of the UK, issues advice that not only supports political Islam but says active MB members should be presumed to be eligible for asylum.
    It all adds up to a betrayal among by a significant element of the British establishment, that almost defies description.
    Probably the only hope for Brits, while projections have them becoming a minority in their own country (estimated by 2040 in schools, 2070 in the country as a whole), is events in Europe start a chain reaction and even this will require some very uncomfortable bedfellows to get over themselves, to have any chance of succeeding and to succeed in the long-term will require secular Muslims on board also.

    I feel the situation in the UK is this bleak, we are dependent on the forlorn hope of ‘events’, precipitating change in the direction of the EU’s Great Leap Backwards and the Islamification of Europe and the UK.
    Meanwhile Londonstan mayor Sadiq Khan tells us terrorism is just ‘part and parcel ‘of big city living, French PM at the time, Manual Valls tells the French to just get used to it.
    Yet jihadist terrorism keeps increasing, the welfare bills keep increasing (we are being told mass immigration is the solution to an ageing demographic- the so-called pension problem, one wonders how that will happen when far more is taken out than put back in?) 13 major Islamic jihad terrorist plots have been stopped since 2013 alone, while such plots are said to have tripled in number in the last few years and there is ‘500 live counter-terror investigations at any time.’
    Does anyone seriously see the jihadist threat lessening? the security services don’t, which is why they are getting budget and staff increases while others get theirs cut.
    UKIP seem to want to join the establishment and play pc politics, we need someone to speak truth to power- and if UKIP don’t they will fade into irrelevance.

  17. While Anne Marie’s article is undoubtedly the big issue in and for UKIP, and for the country, may I just alert everyone that today’s articles, by Christoher Gill and Michael Shrimpton are well worth a read. Both authors merit our attention. The end of Mr Shrimpton’s article is `counter intuitive’ as they say but may be the best solution! As to Mr Gill’s the EAW needs to be one of our big issues too.

  18. Philip Smeeton // March 9, 2017 at 3:49 pm // Reply
    “Britain among first countries to use new definition that includes over-sweeping condemnation of Israel”.
    Most Muslim countries over-sweepingly condemn Israel.
    “The guidance says it could be considered antisemitic to accuse Jews of being more loyal to Israel or their religion than to their own nations, or to say the existence of Israel is intrinsically racist”.
    I accuse rightfully Muslims of being more loyal to Islam and other Muslims than to the nation that they reside in or have citizenship status in, must I go to prison for this belief?
    If I was a Jew and push comes to shove, I would choose loyalty to my fellow Jews and to Israel, but as long as I and other Jews and Israel are not condemned or attacked I would remain loyal to and follow the laws of the country I reside in.
    I do not hate Jews and I support Israel, but I would be prosecuted under this law for conducting a reasoned analysis of Jewishness and the State of Israel.
    As Jew is both a racial and religious description, it is only reasonable to suggest that there is an element of racism involved in the State of Israel.
    They are making speaking the truth illegal.
    I think that England should be predominantly populated by people of English decent and that Japan should remain predominantly populated by people of Japanese descent. Should I be punished and imprisoned for my opinion, when I have not committed a crime of violence as a result of my views? And even then I should be prosecuted for my violent crime and not for being a nationalist.
    They keep inventing new terms and re-defining words to persecute people with – “over-sweeping”- what is that?
    It is not illegal to hate Jews or to hate Israel, it is a Human Right to hate things or people, as long as you do not break common law and employ violence in doing so. The act of hating something or someone cannot be illegal.
    You cannot make racism illegal, only racist violence can be illegal.
    “It means there will be one definition of antisemitism – in essence, language or behaviour that displays hatred towards Jews because they are Jews – and anyone guilty of that will be called out on it.” May said.
    Which also means that to hate Muslims will be a punishable offense. I hate Islam, is that a punishable offense?

    • Presumably you’re the last full-blooded Celt if you’d like to stay in Britain under your new regime? Might be lonely…

    • I am a Jewish member of UKIP. Let us clear some misunderstanding first of all.
      In Jeweish tradition there is only one race, the human race and Jews are only one aspect of this. We have members of the Jewish religion, or nation, who are white, black and brown and, before mao and Chou began their murder of Jews because they would not accept the society, yellow Jews were murdered. You can look up Kaifeng Jews. Even now, we have Jews in Northern India, Sicily, Burma etc who wish to return to the Jewish people.
      Every Saturday (original and Jewish Sabbath) morning in the synagogues throughout the UK, prayers are said for the Queen, the royal family and her councellors to uphold the peace of the realm, advance the welfare of the nation and deal kindly and truly with all Israel (Jews). Jews must show and practice loyalty to the country they live. This includes fighting for the country, whther British, American, Argentinian whatever.
      Like all countries, one will find “racism” in Israel, particularly after the latest Arab outrage, such as murder of Jews by stabbing, throwing rocks at cars etc. However, it is incomparible with other countries that is for sure.
      It is not against the Law in Israel to speak the truth or even lies. Arab members of the Knesset (parliament) are known for their hatred towards the land they live in and openly support the murder of Jews. I wonder if this would be allowed here?
      We do not have a problem living here in the UK. Unlike Muslims who are unable to live under another regime, or religion, we, throughout history have become used to it.
      Muslims demand everything of others which they in turn deny to others. They can and do tell lies, they learned very well the propaganda of their mentor Goebbels in telling the big lie. They consider telling a lie in defence of Islam as being acceptable.
      I have one question to ask and that is what one considers as being of English descent? How far back can most people consider themselves as English descent. Is that Celtic, Viking, Saxons, Normans etc My patenal family arrived here by invitation from Oliver Cromell in his alliance with Protestant The Netherlands. Does this go far back enough for you? I consider myself English, having watched on black and white TV my great uncle being wheeled to the Cenotaph, a veteran of the Boer War and WW1. My father,uncles and second cousins all fought against the Nazis including Mosley in the UK.

  19. Spot on article. UKIP should champion the growing anti-Islam vote before someone else catches on.
    I, for one, am so sickened by the professed Islamophilia going on by the other parties. But truth be told, almost everyone is so fearful of being labeled a bigot that they won’t “wake up and smell the coffee.” Time is running out, and fast.

  20. I think we should all write to our MP’s asking if they support sharia law ? The answers can then be collated and then we can force a vote in parliament to ask for the abolition of FMG, honour killings and all the other abhorrent beliefs of the muslims.

  21. We can’t be soft on black crime either. Good article, every muslim wants to kill us that is a FACT.

    • “every muslim wants to kill us that is a FACT.”
      Oh don’t be ridiculous, the unvarnished truth is hard enough to get out there at the moment, without making sweeping and unfounded generalisations.
      In the Muslim community there is a significant enough percentage of supremacist Islamists and jihadis prepared to use violence, to set the tone.
      Moderate or secular-minded Muslims are often the first victims of intimidation and the pressure to never criticise Islam can be intense.
      But ‘all’ Muslims, not even close, nowhere near a ‘fact’ and it’s that kind of talk that attracts accusations of bigotry and makes honest debate even harder.
      All that is required about the Islamification of Europe and the UK, is the truth- no hyperbole, exaggeration or falsehood required, just the plain old truth.

  22. My local MP said there are “no sharia law courts in Britain” Huh ! What do you think ?

    • In your MPs case M P is abbreviation for MUP PET.

    • I think he only sees what he wants to see, and if you have time, you could provide him with evidence – there are over 80 to choose from. Added to which Parliament set up an enquiry into them I believe, not to find out if they existed, but if they were helping the communities they are in. Obviously, they haven’t been banned!

    • Norman,

      Who is your MP then?

    • Sharia COURTS? Probably not in the sense of the criminal or civil courts, but Sharia law is offered in private arbitration.

      We all have the right to take our civil disputes to an agreed arbitration service.

      Some of these offer Sharia Law arbitration.

      There are two possible problems, first is whether both parties are freely choosing this route or being pressured into it; second is whether the results are seen as an affront against human rights or natural justice.

      (I am not an expert on this.)

  23. ‘What was the point in fighting the EU for our sovereignty only to hand it over to imams instead?’ In a nutshell. Excellent article. Brexit is a sticking plaster placed over a gaping wound. All you need to do is look at the census figures and project forward a few decades. More Islam means less freedom for non-Muslims.
    I voted UKIP in 2010 and 2015 but I am not a party member.

    • I think Brexit is more than a sticking plaster. However if we allow the British establishment to hijack it they’ll go back to business as usual and nothing will change.

      • SK, We did allow the tories to hi jack it, it seemed obvious to me that when Farage and UKIP were isolated things were definitely amiss.
        But in my mind the whole tory run referendum was an orchestrated farce what with candidate PMs / assassins, victims, and the leadsome part poorly portrayed, a too hasty departure, as I say the referendum ball never left the tories hands,no one else to have an input.

        • The can only hijack it for as long as they can avoid actually delivering anything. Right now they can be talk the UKIP talk. Different story once they have to walk the walk.

          They will disappoint within the next year. They’ve already talked about an “independent” department setting immigration levels rather than having it under democratic control. UKIP just needs to get ready for its comeback.

          • SK,the only action taken by open border policy parties is that of having nothing hindering the brussels funding outbound and the replacement electorate inbound on a daily basis, the 8/9 month delay were the only type of action we will witness , cameron tactics continued.

      • ‘I think Brexit is more than a sticking plaster.’
        One in four people living in Bradford according to the 2011 census was muslim. One in four in Luton. Other cities are not far behind.
        From the Muslim Council of Britain’s website…’33% of the Muslim population was aged 15 years or under in 2011, compared to 19% of the population as a whole.’
        How long before a British city or town has a majority muslim population?

        • I think the majority muslim already happened in Leicester.

          • Well, the 2011 Census reports Leicester’s population is 18.6% Muslim. While, for a variety of reasons, that is going to be a lowball estimate, and it was 7 years ago, it won’t be over 30% yet.

            I predict the first town in the UK to have a Muslim majority will be Blackburn.

            The first local authorities in the UK which will have a Muslim majority population will be the London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Newham.

            The next two London Boroughs will be Redbridge and Waltham Forest; I own a house on the border between them.

            Immigration comes a poor second in terms of the driver of this demographic revolution – it’s almost all to do with relative total fertility rates.

        • You may have misunderstood the importance of Brexit.

          Until Brexit occurs, we’re bound by disastrous EU rules which will wholly prevent us even beginning to solve the problems that beset us.

          Hence Brexit is a lot more than a mere sticking plaster.

          As to “how long?”, here’s a simple check. Speaking several years ago to a pair of local government officers in London on the subject of facilities for R.E. teaching, I innocuously asked them for a breakdown, by religion, of registered schoolkids in the borough.

          The helpful junior began to answer, and gave the game away, before the smarter one snapped at him saying he shouldn’t give me this information because of the use to which I might put it.

          Already, more than half the schoolkids there were Muslim.

          Because of the exponential way in which populations grow, I would estimate that, unless something radical changed, by the time those kids reached about 40 – in less than 30 years time – the majority of the borough would be Muslim, entirely through birth rate differentials.

  24. Paul Nuttall had a chance and he blew it! Once a person has been proven to lie to the very people he should be representing, his credibility is shattered and he then becomes involved in damage limitation, which serves no-one. My take on this, is that he should be immediately removed as leader of the party, because one has to lead from the top, a difficult thing to do, if you have no respect from the populous. Setting off on the wrong foot cannot be overcome, you cannot simply say “Give him another chance”. A party needs to be seen to be strong, not desperately struggling to convince itself they didn’t cock-up on who they elected leader.

    • So Martin by the same token what is your take on the lab/lib/con coalition party? you must surely have enough proof currently of their combined
      miss management of these Isles, yet P Nuttall a new leader for a number of weeks gets from you a guilty verdict prior to trial.
      As for leadership material we have currently three who are well versed in lying, deceit, treachery,plus endangering peoples lives due to these parties joint open border policies.

    • GEOFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 9, 2017 at 11:57 am // Reply
      Martin I am in total agreement,I too belive that Paul Nutall changed UKIP POLICY and he did it in the most underhand and sly and sneaky way,he is therefore nothing more than a downright liar,who is indeed damaged goods,and the longer he stays more and more if our loyal members will leave my beloved party
      I don’t do this lightly,I have been a huge supporter of his,however his actions in Stoke
      prove that he is indeed damaged goods,he has betrayed us in a most underhand and even dishonest way.I have put my neck on the line,as yet hardly any of our hard
      working and vocal activists have joined me,I now ask why not? The longer you sit on the fence,the less support we can gather for our only hope of salvation and even our
      continued existence,to whole heartedly support,the brave ANNE MARIE WATERS. Thank you,Geoff.Elliott,UKIP.Pontypridd.

  25. Wow. And you accuse muslims of hate speech.

    • Ah – the well-known riposte: naming incontrovertible facts is ‘hate speech’ whenever islam is involved.

      • Mr Nutall of course being the absolute paragon of virtue in the direction of ‘incontrovertible facts’, or was that disaster in Stoke all fuelled by a fake news agenda. Face it. UKIP are finished. This article is as depressing as it is despicable. A repellent piece by any standards.

        • Nothing is as repellent as islam. There are 1.3bn or 1.6bn (depends on your source) muslims in this world, every one of them brainwashed frrom birth to believe in the worst pseudo-religious poitical ideology in human history. This kind of makes the Stoke election and what Nuttall said or didn’t say pale into insignificance. If he had said what Anne Marie Waters has the guts to say, UKIP would have won.

    • That’s not all I accuse them of. Ask Lee Rigby or the children of Rotherham.

    • This is known as the “tu quoque” fallacy.

      Muslims ARE guilty of hate speech. Their religion tells them that they CANNOT be friends with non-muslims, that we are going to hell.

      Whatever anyone else says, that remains true.

  26. SK, As I tried to point out to expect Paul Nuttall to have all the answers straight off is asking a great deal of anybody, being Nigel was always going to be a hard act to follow but the glaringly obvious impatience of many members with many outside UKIP pretenders thrown in is a lot to overcome in such a short period of time,we know the usual suspects and for the good of the party the issue must be addrest with great urgency.
    We seemingly want in a blink of an eye the answers to our problems many of which are from outside forces bent on the destruction of UKIP when by the same token the lab/lib/con coalition has been supported and voted for over a great many year period and currently we are suffering the odious end result of that.
    IMHO I would like to see the membership built upon, to have a strong force in place solving domestic problems as we progress ( weight of numbers count) being more beneficial that what we have at the present time.

    • Ogga, the membership will never grow under Nuttall, because it is being steered in the wrong direction by those that control him. We are losing members, and on no social media sites do I read a single comment that is enthusiastic about UKIP any more.

      • Them what you are saying is in point of fact that it would be of no benefit to have a major membership surge whilst all the time the usual suspects are in place that we spend time in getting rid of those in question,that the establishment will stick to the rules of cricket and play fair and wait whilst we instead of building the party up try to unseat the alleged treachery merchants while the party dissolves.
        Surely a large party of like minded proven pro English / GB people in situ as a deterrent regardless of the party hierarchy would prove an asset.

        • No, Ogga, a strong leader would control them – that’s the whole point and difference we would see. A strong leader would put in place the people who would do the job – it’s called leading a party. But this is a weak leader, who is being controlled. Just tell me why Suzanne Evans has 2 jobs, when John R-E, who got very few less votes, has no job. Just look at the placements by the current leader. I don’t want to purge anyone, I don’t see the point, though others do. The trouble is, the Leader, for all his unity talk, can’t either lead or control the people who represent the party. The public can see it, ex-Kippers can see it, so why the HE11 can’t the people who are still loyal to UKIP because they want it to survive?
          That’s what I just don’t understand.
          I only want a Leader who can LEAD.

          • And then, Ogga, people would both rejoin, and join, the party. They will never join until this is sorted, and all the time we agonize, nothing gets done, we leave the Tories with an open goal, and, post Brexit, our country open to any malign influence that wants to change us.

          • The plaintive cry went out come back Nigel,on par with Shane
            He did more than his bit with his family being threatened also,the party come to depend to much on one man and he is a very hard act to follow.
            If you think Paul Nuttall has had a fair crack of the whip I do beg to differ 14 weeks appox.
            Still does not alter the fact that I strongly believe as I put in a previous post and I am sure there are many that will agree we need a force in place now then sort out leadership and other problems as we progress forward.
            You want a leader that can lead, understandable,
            I want a strong party insitu awaiting a new leader if needs be to lead, NOT a new leader to turn up in time and ask “where is the party”

          • I don’t want Nigel back, Ogga, except as a sort of Grandee. I never have. I know we basically have the same aims, I just don’t believe that we will grow the Party while it is being taken in the direction that it is. And that, unfortunately, is down to the Leader.
            We may want to be forgiving, but the public aren’t.

  27. Courtney-prof in RE // March 9, 2017 at 8:48 am // Reply

    This should be hashtag-ed.

    Let me help
    I suggest you actually read the karan. its compareable to the bible
    in fact the book is so similar i would call the bible or the karan the parody of the other

    • The Quran is nothing like the New Testament. Muhammed was a bandit who became a brutal warlord, and his teachings reflect that.

    • Yeah, prof in RE, that’s because psycho mo pinched most of his ideas from Jewish and Christian texts, then pretended he’d heard them from allah via the angel Gabriel (also Jewish).
      Perhaps you haven’t noticed that people in the West with more than one neural synapse don’t believe that God wrote the bible anymore or carry out its cruelties; whereas brainwashed-from-birth muslims still believe the koran is ‘allah’s’ word and most certainly carry out the cruelties recommended therein.
      Wake up.

    • It would help if you could spell it. Then maybe you could read it and find out what a load of rubbish you just said.

    • “Courtney-prof in RE” – stuff and nonsense.

      I write as an agnostic very familiar with the Bible and familiar with the Q’ran.

      If “prof in RE” is a claim you are a professor “in” Religious Education – also absurd.

  28. It’s too late.

    The roots of the 2040s civil war are already growing well.

  29. Ken Rutherford // March 9, 2017 at 8:00 am // Reply

    Our present government have no intention of taking on the dangers that Islam present !

    They are more concerned with killing off the disabled using Atos, and totally unacceptable methods of assessment.

    What we “Really” need is UKIP in a position of power.

    Unfortunately the so called grass roots members, have taken it into their thick skulls that Carswell is the main reason we are failing.

    They are so dense that they think that getting rid of him, our Only MP,is the way to go!

    Totally ignoring the fact that he has been elected twice, by the good People of Clacton.

    Paul preaches Party Unity, unfortunately not many people understand the meaning of the word.

    Or the resulting damage to UKIP,if they were to succeed (they won’t)

    I back Paul Nuttall 100%

    Give him a chance !

    • I want to give Paul Nuttall a chance, but I also want Carswell gone.

      Carswell is an admitted saboteur who dislikes and disrespects the UKIP grassroots. He’s poison.

      • SK, In a perfect world, we could afford to give Paul ‘another chance’ but he is not a child, and this is not a game. UKIP simply has to be a strong party for Britain, soon it will be too late. Politics is not a place to restore and massage bruised egos, it is all about perception. The perception of the public is that Nuttall is hopeless, and lacking judgement. Every single disaster in Stoke was self inflicted by either the Leader himself or those he listened to.
        Paul Nuttall had his chance to showcase both himself and the new improved UKIP – and it wasn’t as if he didn’t have help from foot-soldiers, as well as a very weak opponent who was against Brexit. He blew it big time, and showed that he is simply not going to ever be anyone the public could view as a future Prime Minister. Loyalty for loyaltys sake does a disservice to the party we all love.
        If Nuttall cared about the future of UKIP he would stand down, but he is persuaded by the siren voices that want to be in control of both the direction and future of UKIP that it’s all fine and he must stay.
        Personally I care neither here nor there about Carswell, he would not be doing harm to UKIP if the Leader was a person able to rise above him – all parties have their Carswells, he should, if the party was healthy, be inconsequential. Do not blame Carswell for UKIP misfortunes, blame the whole cabal that has a weak leader in their clutches, and will not let him go.
        Blame the Leader who is not, and never will be, strong enough to resist them.
        UKIP is finished unless Nuttall steps down, the damage is done, only the most loyal members remain. UKIP will never grow under Nuttall, it’s a tragedy for our country.

    • How ironic, given the subject matter of the article above, that you consider Carswell as suitable to carry forward THAT battle. You do know he wanted Turkey in the EU, don’t you?

    • Nuttall has had his chance and failed.If his Stoke leaflet is to be believed then he is supportive of Muslims who, by their record over the past 50 years or more, have demonstrated that they will never integrate. Of course there might be exceptions but they have to speak up and convince us of their sincerity.

      It would be good to consider that wherever Muslims move to a non-Muslim country there is trouble and they are the instigators.

      He is simply not fit for purpose and his remaining will result in the loss of more members and few, if any, new ones.

  30. Let’s give Paul Nuttall a chance!

    I agree with the points made in the article and many of the comments, but UKIP won’t survive another leadership contest. Islamic colonisation cannot be countered in the UK without a party brave enough to address it. If UKIP fails who will do that?

    Nuttall was overwhelmingly elected in a desperate contest to lead a disintegrating party. As I see it he tried a unity at any price strategy and allowed himself to be advised by the O’Flynn/Casrwell/Evans/Hamilton tendency. He did what they said he had to do. They were proved wrong.

    The result was Stoke, where virtually no new votes were gained. Clearly the new approach failed. UKIP now look like a pointless shambles and the grassroots have lost faith in the direction & leadership of the party.

    Paul Nuttall vanished for a while after Stoke. No doubt he has reflected on the state of play, seen the response of the grassroots and will make changes.

    It’s more difficult to make those changes that I’d appreciated. For example, getting rid of Carswell would apparently open UKIP up to a lawsuit.

    So let’s give Paul a few months and see what he can do.

    • GEOFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 9, 2017 at 11:37 am // Reply
      For crying out loud click the link,Paul Nutall is finished.I have fought long and hard for UKIP over many years,read on here my comments how I and my vehicles have been attacked.Also read how I have supported Paul Nutall,also see how I campaigned for him to stand as our new leader.All my support he has dashed on the Rocks,I as do many other activists feel totally betrayed.He reversed a decision which
      I love all animals,and feel it is our duty to protect them from suffering and harm.
      “THE GREATNESS OF A NATION CAN BE JUDGED BY THE WAY ITS ANIMALS ARE TREATED”.The above is a quote from the great Mahatma Gandhi.
      Paul Nutall and his cronies altered UKIP policy,and he did it in the most most sly why
      possible,and that is he did not make it public,at his most Public of Speeches,and that was at our UKIP Conference at Bolton on the 17 TH of February 2017.
      It was only brought to our attention by our colleague and fellow member DEE.
      Paul Nutall by pandering to Muslim voters in Stoke,who didn’t and don’t vote for us anyway as they always vote Labour,has lost all credibility,for doing what he did I
      can no longer support him,and today I am want him to stand down,what he did has set us back years,we never ever recover from,and he did it all for nothing,absolutely
      nothing.He I has lost not only many of our activists support,but wide support from the General Public.I have put my neck on the line,why aren’t I being supported by my
      fellow activists,come on DEE,DONALD DUCK,PANMELIA,and everyone else where are you.Are we going to let the present hierarchy drag us into obscurity,and failure,
      or are we going to rise from the ashes and come out fighting by supporting the only
      hope that we have left,our excellent and brave ANNE MARIE WATERS. Thank you,Geoff.Elliott,UKIP,Pontypridd.

      • Geoffrey, what can we do? I am spending a huge amount of time on here and twitter saying what you are saying (only perhaps a tad less trenchantly, although your comments are right on the nail!).
        I think that some members who voted for Nuttall must like the direction the party is going in, and some others seem to be in denial that they could possibly have believed in and voted for such a complete no hoper.
        I also tried before the election to point out that I didn’t believe that Nuttall had what it took – if there’s anything else I can do, please tell me, I am as desperate as the rest of us watching UKIP being killed off, any ideas gratefully received, and you are doing your bit. What else can we do? I hope you have written to all NEC members in support of Anne Marie – three of them has to be via Head Office.
        I have no idea what we can do to loosen the grip of those currently in control of UKIP, and revive it.

        • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 9, 2017 at 8:20 pm // Reply

          Dee many thanks for your reply.FFS why the hell haven’t we heard
          anything form the stupid dullards who changed the whole direction of our party with that vile leflet from Stoke,shows how toothles spineless and totally impotent they have all now become.The longer these totally useless and hopeles individuals remain,with their heads buried in the sand,the more and more irreversible damage will be done to our party,as more and more of our members will leave.
          The damage done could in fact now be irreversible.
          We don’t have a Donald Trump,we don’t have a Marine Le Pen or the great and brave Geert Wilders,who keeps fighting against the
          Mislification of Holland,he has to have round the clock Police Protection.And what leader have we got,the vile verminous traitor,
          Sharia May who has allowed now over 100 Sharia Courts to operate in Britain today.Also what leader has UKIP got,none other than a liar
          and a Dhimmi Muslim Appeaser,who bowed down to his Muslim masters,and what did Paul Nutall actually achieve,totally and utterly
          nothing,absolutely nothing.What he has achieved is to throw my
          beloved, party into a spiralling death dive,of which at this present
          time looks like ,we may never ever recover from,he definitely does not deserve to be leader of UKIP,if he cared about the party and had a pair,he would stand down,and more importantly stand down now!

        • What seems to be happening is, as with everything else, cultural Marxist infiltration. Let’s hope Aaron Banks sorts them out, even if it means a new party.

    • UKIP just might survive a leadership contest, it won’t survive this Leader.
      Paul Nuttall should step down and hand over to Peter Whittle, while Arron is allowed to finance a reorganization of the party that can achieve a new Leadership contest that is not a shambles, as the last one was.
      The only thing I agree about is that UKIP wouldn’t survive another Leadership contest run by Paul Oakley – but that need not happen. UKIP has the chance to rectify itself – but do you honestly think those that are currently pulling the strings will allow it to happen, because I very much doubt it.

      • Dee,

        The only way I see out of this terrible malaise is for JR-E to make a leadership challenge particularly to challenge Paul on that leaflet, he should be forced to stand down if he backs what that leaflet said. If JR-E succeeds which he may well do if he goes on this sort of attack about this issue and highlights Paul’s weakness which we all now know is there, it will then really highlight what UKIP does believe in thus showing it’s integrity to us members and our supporters which must be falling away fast at the moment.

        • I absolutely agree, DD, but the trouble is that J R-E seems to be too loyal at the moment. However, I understand that Arron Banks is meeting the NEC later in the month and I don’t know this for sure, but from reading bits and pieces I think they are going to pitch a ‘phase 2’ of UKIP. Quite what that means I don’t know, but I expect some people do, so I haven’t lost hope quite yet.
          I have been extremely relieved to see from Twitter that J R-E understands the threat we face and had Anne Marie’s article up on his site. All we need now is his input. So we have to wait for this NEC meeting, where presumably they will also consider Anne Marie’s proposal for her group against Sharia within UKIP. I’m sure you have written separately to all NEC members saying membership renewal is conditional! The three, Oakden, Wauchope and Crowther can only be contacted through UKIP Head Office as far as I can discover. Their Twitter accounts are lapsed.

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