Since last June, when we voted for Brexit, many have speculated that the work of UKIP is over, it is obsolete and it will fade into obscurity. Theresa May amongst others, seems to love the idea that UKIP is now irrelevant and to be consigned to the history books and I wish it were true, I wish we could pat ourselves on the back and put our feet up. The reality is, that after the Brexit referendum, absolutely nothing has happened, just hot air and platitudes by Theresa May, while endless court cases try to derail Brexit. Can’t you just sense an enormous upcoming stitch up? A recent article by James Delingpole in Breitbart is a good read, it really highlights the extent of the battle against globalisation that we still face if we want our country back.

I am confident that eventually we will leave the European Union, even if it does get very messy along the way, but let’s assume we’ve already left: would UKIPs work be over? Unfortunately, I still think that UKIP would have many battles ahead of it, there is little point in leaving the European Union unless we can control the influence of the United Nations upon our country, difficult as were a permanent member. The United Nations was founded in 1945 with the stated objective of ending wars (where have we heard that one before?), an objective in which it has been entirely unsuccessful. It’s always the case isn’t it, that the totalitarian nightmare that is being built around us, so we’re told, is always for our own good.

In 1959, the John Birch society started a ‘get out of the United Nations’ campaign on the basis that its real purpose was to establish a one world government: something that I have heard suggested many times. I’ve always considered it entirely possible that as the European Union implodes, this was away part of the globalist agenda, it was a prototype designed to be superseded by the United Nations. Even Charles de Gaulle criticised the United Nations (he called it: Le Machin) as he didn’t think it would help maintain world peace, he’s since been proved right. Whatever the truth the UN certainly seems to have become a useful tool of the globalists as proved by Obama recently as he used it against Israel. Author Jonah Goldberg in article in the National Review, accuses the United Nations of behaving like a ‘Globalist God State.’

The voting system at the United Nations, allows one country one vote. It has been argued that given there are a larger number of countries in the developing world, it has given them the ability to gang up on the west, favour their own interests and even be openly hostile towards us. According to an old article from 1999 by David Littman in the Middle East Forum “Islamism Grows Stronger at the United Nations,” the Islamic world for some time now has grown very adept at using the United Nations Court of Human Rights to pursue Islamic agendas.  Since that article was published, I would say it has been proved to be correct, there is currently mounting evidence that Saudi money has been supporting our globalist politicians and their endeavours. Between the European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations Court of Human Rights, their influence has made it virtually impossible for Britain and Europe to stop or even moderate the flow of illegal immigrants into our countries.

The United Nations it would be seen is being used as a bridgehead for the invasion of our country, as is the European Union. Our country is becoming dangerously overcrowded, racial tensions are rising rapidly and we have to worry about being blown up, stabbed or shot in our public places, the real effect of globalisation upon us and it will get worse. As I wrote in a previous article, ‘Surviving the human tsunami,’ our relations with the Third World need to be carefully managed, populations there are out of control and expected to increase by another three billion in just over thirty years. We cannot carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, reality will have to set in eventually. My thoughts on this were confirmed in a recent article on Zerohedge: ‘As We Enter 2017, Keep The Big Picture In Mind.’  According to this article, much of this coming explosive third world population growth will come at a time when the world’s oil resources are starting to dwindle dramatically. That the world is heading for serious trouble, strife and famine there can be no doubt.

The future of the human race will certainly be one of winners and losers and we need to decide now whether we wish to be winners or losers, whether we wish to face the coming times of trouble cohesively as a nation or as stateless outcasts wandering aimlessly as did the Jews. If you look at the strongest proponents of globalisation, you’ll notice that they are all extremely wealthy people, people that we’ve come to call The Elite, people that look after themselves very well. This leads me to believe, that the real reason for globalisation and organisations like the United Nations and the European Union are to protect The Elite, having nothing to do with the altruism that they espouse. I don’t blame these people for doing what they do, we all have the right to fight to survive and that includes us.

To give our country away as the world faces some extremely difficult times would be to condemn our children to a life of something resembling the Third World but by then probably a lot worse. Our children will live in a very polarised society, poorly paid with little job security, in an overcrowded, overpopulated country and becoming increasingly violent as scarcity and hunger spark of race wars. The bleeding heart liberal lefties, that have been brainwashed or naively choose to believe that we’re all going to live as one big happy family in this world, with their God looking over them, are in for a rude awakening.

If we want our country back and we would be wise to, then we must support UKIP. As James Delingpole says in the article that I mention above:

“we’ve won some important battles against the globalists, but that doesn’t mean we will win the war. The globalists, being the ruthless people they are will now redouble their efforts.”

The work of UKIP, far from being over is only just beginning and must make its voice heard and its presence felt again in the new year.