With only one month to go until Britain makes an historic decision on whether to leave the EU or not, new research unveils an overwhelming majority of Twitter users are swaying towards the ‘leave’ campaign.

Digital marketing agency Jellyfish analysed over 350,000 tweets sent between March and May that used the four official hashtags for the EU referendum campaign: #StrongerIn; #UKinEU; #VoteLeave; and #LeaveEU.

The analysis showed that twice as many Twitter users were using the ‘Leave’ hashtags, suggesting greater support for the ‘Leave’ campaign amongst users of the platform.
However, there are parts of the UK that are more in the ‘Leave’ camp and other parts which are likely to vote ‘Remain’.

When visualised into a map of the UK, the majority of Wales appears to be pro staying in the EU but Twitter users along the east coast including North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Essex and Kent are backing the leave campaign.

MPs and well-known faces throughout the UK have not shied away from sharing their opinion on the referendum with UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall and Baroness Martha Lane-Fox having each pledged their allegiance on the social media platform.

When broken down by council area and tweet volume, the areas that are most vocal about leaving the EU are:
1. Bournemouth
2. Lincolnshire
3. City of Southampton

Meanwhile, the areas that are most vocal about staying in the EU are:
1. Shropshire
2. Reading
3. Angus

This data analyses the sentiments of Twitter users from all over the country, providing an insight into how they might vote in the EU referendum on 23rd June.

Jellyfish used social listening tool, Brandwatch, to collate UK tweets, which were then segmented by city and county council areas. The findings were calculated by subtracting ‘out’ mentions per 100,000 people from the ‘in’ providing an overall indication of sentiment.