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The light skirmishing in the exploratory phase of this latest conflict to defend our fantastic country is now over.  The fool in power has shown her intent to impose her schoolmarmish will through force, and in doing so has called to join the fray those who appreciate the sacrifices of our forebears.  Did she not just re-ignite the sputtering candle that shall never be put out, the one that Tommy kept kindled when times were darkest and oblivion loomed?

We must once again firmly grasp the pillars that shore up the freedoms we enjoy – before they are torn away.  What has happened to freedom of conscience, speech and assembly in this tarnished isle? Do you think having the temerity to cover trials of mass-rapists should be punished by the very authorities who for decades allowed the bestiality to take place – all the while ignoring the pleas of many of its tortured victims?  

Seeing Tommy being lifted begs the question, how many trials of these animals have there been that we are not aware of?  What is the national interest, the security requirement justifying this clamp-down? Or is it just self-interest, a veil for the cover-up of the abject failure of the multi-culti cult and the dumb cults that enabled it?  Is Tommy in the same category of threat as the last lot I can recall requiring such heavy-handed censorship, the IRA, sorry, the Sinn Fein creeps, Adams and the Mcguinness? If they consider that he is, that indicates that this government has much to fear.  Was his brave stand and energetic reporting getting too close to identifying the scale and the responsibility for the problem, and shining a light on an epic failure of the state? Can your MP find out? Ask. Demand.

After the Rotherham scandal one of the Lords’ stated that there were over 50 investigations underway, was he right?  The Rotherham MP, Sarah Champion, said there may be a million child victims, was she right too? Is the religious and ethnic nature of the rapedemic so obvious that concealment is the only course open to the authorities to camouflage this fact and maintain “cohesion”?  Has a single Muslim rapist been “done” for a hate crime in this litany of attacks on only non-Muslim girls? Have they? If not, why not, m’lud? Equality under the law, willful blindness and all that…

We know May is an abysmal leader – cold, colourless and vindictive, qualities hardly likely to inspire or send blood coursing through your veins – “We lots, we miserable many, we band of multi-culti-something-or-others”.  Our failed Home Secretary is now our catastrophically failing Prime Minister, leading us to perdition while scolding and castigating when all the while she oversaw much of the apparatus that should have dealt with the greatest “corporate” crime in our history.  And her heart is not in Brexit either – really, can it get any worse?

After we have had report piled on report detailing the failures of the multicultural ideal and the almost complete lack of integration of the Muslim community, it is time to call to account the “community leaders”, the Ulema, with their undoubted hold over Muslims through the use of the weapon called the Sharia.  The legal code they oversee and quietly enforce is the issue that may not be named. Its requirement to kill apostates holds them in thrall and enforces the discipline of the sword over their flock, and all the while the quiet conquest of the West moves ahead whilst the politicians fiddle and the rapists rape.

It is time to make very clear to the political class, the Ummah and Antifa that the Sharia, with its justification for abusing women – and non-believing ones over 9 years of age in particular – will never be accorded legal status in this nation.  If they wish to practice it, go somewhere more congenial to their activities. We must set out our stall and make quite clear to the authorities that they are our servants and if they signal that the seventh century mores of Arabia will become accepted in this realm, then the conflagration that follows will be on their heads.  Be in no doubt.

The candle is again aflame and the sight of it warms, inspires and makes clear our path – and our foes.


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