So today, we discover that the Deep State is engaging in more machinations over Tommy Robinson, and is effectively determined to see him dead.

I think most UKIP Daily readers will be familiar with the case. He was given a suspended sentence some time ago for reporting on a Muslim rape gang trial from outside the courthouse. This time round he was doing the same thing again, albeit he claims he was only reporting what was publicly available information (the names of those charged).

He was actually arrested on the grounds of a “breach of the peace”, although all he was doing was talking to a camera, with no for or against crowds round him.  There was then a rushed trial, within an hour, where the charge was changed to “contempt of court”. He was not given a chance to get his own lawyer to the court room, and the court defence lawyer advised him to plead guilty – which he did, in order to avoid an even longer sentence.  But the 13 month sentence he got was pretty draconian!

Initially, he was sent to Hull Prison on 25 May, which has one of the smallest Muslim prison populations. But then, at the direction of the Home Office, he was sent to Leicester prison . I have seen a figure that 70% of the prison population are Muslim, and if you look here, you can see the BBC crowing about how ethnically diverse Leicester is. The risk to his life became enormous, so he requested he be put in solitary confinement Thankfully the prison governor agreed, but that must be hell for the guy!

Meantime, a “Save Tommy” campaign started rolling. There were demonstrations, our own leader Gerard Batten spoke at them, and a website was created, the major aim to raise money for an appeal.  Among the best lawyers in the land were engaged, an appeal applied for, and a date given, the case was to be heard in the London’s Royal Courts of Justice next week, on July 10th, by Lord Justice Brian Leveson, the most senior criminal judge in the UK, famed for his role in the Leveson inquiry into the press, so he should know about free speech!

And today we learn his appeal has been cancelled …

Tommy has been languishing in prison since May 25th. The Crown Prosecution Service, effectively a law “firm”, has had a month and a half to prepare. They have every legal expert at their disposal. They have unlimited resources, and they say they are not ready!

Every day for Tommy in prison is like a week — because he’s in solitary confinement, for his own safety from Muslim prison gangs who would kill him if they could.

  • Tommy is ready for his appeal.
  • Tommy’s lawyers are ready — and his new team have only been working on the appeal for two weeks.
  • The judge is ready.

This is yet another travesty of justice over Free Speech.

So much for the land of the Magna Carta.

So much for the rule of law.

You may not agree with everything Tommy has done in the past, but he certainly is an advocate of free speech, whatever else you think about him.  I urge you all to do whatever you can to support Tommy, and let us hope that the UKIP seniors step into the arena again on it now.


[Ed: the news about the cancellation of the appeal hearing were making the rounds by email, late this morning in an email sent out by Ezra Levant of RebelMedia.]


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