About the MSM’s deflection from the real scandal

It’s a week and a day since the arrest of Tommy Robinson (TR), and a handful of days since the reporting ban was lifted. This happened because of an appeal from lawyers of ‘Leeds Live’ and ‘The Independent’.

The representatives of the Metro-Elite went into overdrive immediately – not to question why the ban was given in the first place but to denigrate TR, to smear him and to smear all who protested his treatment at the hand of Judge Geoffrey Marson QC: the same judge whose photo standing at a window of the Court building watching TR filming with his smartphone, the same judge who was conducting the sentencing of the groomers and gang rapers of underage girls.

It bears repeating: these people – the second group in a three-part trial – had already been found guilty, they were being sentenced, their trail was over, they had already been found guilty. One might assume that a judge would not be influenced in his sentencing by a livestream from the street outside – not inside! – his courtroom. But no – he was concerned about the trial of the third group of this gang. His reasoning was quoted in this report in the Daily Mail – scroll down to read it.

One might of course ask why others who reported on this sentencing were not also hauled before this judge. Ezra Levant in his latest video makes that point (see here). One might also ask if the extraordinary silence in the establishment MSM about the grooming gangs up and down our country who have been plying their ‘trade’ unhindered for decades is simply because they do not want to influence prospective jurors should it come to a trial. Never mind that it may take decades, even a new generation, before there even are such trials …

But that, for the Metro-elites’ commentariat, is beside the point. One doesn’t need to be an old-fashioned ‘class warrior’ to notice that their comments, their opinion pieces, the photos they select of the demos, show the same contempt for the ordinary people and by extension for TR as they have been showing for the victims, the underage girls. No surprise there: this is the same contempt we’re used to ever since we dared vote for Brexit.

Just as the very first one out of the starting block after the reporting restriction was lifted, that “Secret Barrister” in her blog, so all the others honed in on two points. One was that the judge was perfectly within his right to sentence TR, the other that TR bought it on himself because he was stupid, thick, an egomaniac who only wanted the publicity.

The attributes were then applied to all who went on the protest last Saturday (‘Neonazis’, ‘knuckle-draggers’) and on the demo in Leeds yesterday.
Oh – you hadn’t heard about that? It was reported in Leeds Live, The Sun and the Daily Mail – but of course that was ‘local’, irrelevant for the likes of the BBC and The Times, so it didn’t happen …

It is interesting that this latest protest is now described as being an EDL march and that they now describe TR as ‘leader of the EDL’ even though he left them five years ago – no matter: mud sticks. And this bit of mud is now being used to smear by extension all who stand up for Tommy. This piece in the Daily Mail is exemplary for the opinion of the Metro-elite, as is this opinion piece in The Guardian where the author elevates TR to a personality of the global ‘Far Right’, insinuating that The Left’s bugbear of the ‘alt-right’ were orchestrating all of these events.

Obviously it is inconceivable for The Left to understand that people can share outrage and opinions and even go on demos without someone ‘masterminding’ them, such as the ‘intelligentsia’ who marshal the forces of HnH etc, telling them to do so. In their opinion, “The People”, just like TR, are too stupid to form opinions on their own. They must, apparently, be told that the grooming of girls of 11 years old, and handing them around for gang rape, is ‘a bad thing’ …

This sordid tale however is an exemplary lesson in deflection – and we’re falling for it. Our righteous anger about what TPTB did with and to Tommy has been deflected successfully. While we debate if this was Tommy’s own fault or not, and if therefore The Law was right or not, we are no longer talking about child grooming gangs, we are no longer asking what took the authorities so long – decades! – to arrest them. We are no longer asking why only one distinctive group are the perps nor, especially, why it is that the authorities, the MSM and our ‘professional feminists’ are still not screaming about the fate of those girls, underage girls.

Why is there still no outcry, no hashtag, that these perps get away with stuff like ‘they asked for it’? Why is there no outcry that the victims were and still are underage? Is it because it’s ‘racist’ to point out that they are, in the majority, white? That the Sikhs have set up protection groups and have been vocal about this – not even worthy of mentioning! 
That is the outrage – and we’ve been successfully deflected from talking about it – except when the one or other commentators tries to deflect it on TR by shedding the odd crocodile tear that his action could’ve meant a re-trial, and oh-the-poor-victims …

The outstanding journalist Douglas Murray has been pointing out this technique before, and he does so again in this brilliant article which was published in the US journal “National Review Online” on June 1st. While the first half or so of that article gives the necessary background for readers in the US, he finishes in his customary, trenchant best:

They [people happy with the status quo] have a vague hope, of course, which is that at some point soon in the coming generations this will all simmer down and the incoming communities will develop similar views about the status of women as the rest of society. And perhaps we will get there someday. But it is telling that the apparently tolerable roadkill en route includes one young man from Luton — and thousands of raped girls.”


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