After another bomber got through, we learn that the security services are in fact facing 23,000 Jihadis, many no doubt prepping the next atrocity.  However, our wonderful mayors suggest we should just suck it up and accept such events as part of urban life.

After two decades of living in Muslim-majority nations, immersed in their history and law, and with 40 years of studying and applying strategy and tactics in the military and commercial fields, the author begs to differ with bumbling Burnham and kick-the-tyres Khan.  I have many close Muslim friends but am unencumbered by a corporate master or government overseer, so my understanding can be stated clearly whilst remaining supportive of Muslims generally, themselves the victims of Islamic ideology.

In this conflict our governing class has been unable to develop an effective strategy because their PC-blinkers are manufactured to go into soft focus when anything reflecting poorly on Islam hoves into view, particularly anything implying that attacks are linked to the religion’s ideology.  The Big Lie must be maintained and evidence counter to it simply demands more fiddling with, and adjustment to, the said goggles – the actual facts can go hang. However, for those of a discerning nature, Google the excellent Sharia manual, The Reliance of the Traveller – available as a free pdf.

Paradoxically, there is a strategic way to achieve a better peace by freeing 1.6 billion Muslims from Islam’s death grip on its apostates – those leaving Islam.  Understanding the Sharia and honestly addressing the Islamic supremacist motive for the attacks on our civilisation – they submit only to God, and we to them – is just the start point.  Without reform of this ideology there will be ever worsening conflict until the non-believing locals either revolt or are subjugated.  I’d bet on the former long before the latter.

Islamic jurists of all 5 of the Sunni and Shia law schools agree that apostasy is the worst crime in Islam: the leading Islamic universities concur, Al Azhar in Egypt and Deoband in India (followers of the latter running over 40% of the UK’s mosques).  They do so because apostasy is one of the 7 Hudud crimes which have punishments detailed by Allah – in this case, execution: further evidenced by 8 nations actually having statutes treating apostasy as a capital offence, and 15 others treating it as a crime – all Muslim states.

It is ironic that this year is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation which led to Christians’ eventually accepting apostasy, previously a capital crime across Christendom.  We must now demand, belatedly, the same of the Islamic world.  It is this demonstrable intolerance and supremacist attitude that fuels the Jihadis and their enablers.  Only when the Sharia’s justification for murder is rescinded can reform truly begin and the long-term threat diminish.  Islam has to provide positive reasons to retain its adherents – not simply terrify them into remaining.  If it does not, we can judge accordingly.

The Hateful 8 (Afghanistan, Brunei, Mauretania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, The UAE and Yemen) must be called out for their open rulings’ terrorising apostates.  This genocidal threat is being confronted by the Allow Apostasy Now campaign which supports protests at their Embassies and demands that our representatives at the UN and international events confront these states – as they did to de-legitimise apartheid South Africa.

At home, the campaign aims to pressurise politicians into addressing the threat represented by those Islamic lawyers, ulema, imams, teachers, community leaders and believers who espouse the Sharia’s call to kill their apostates.  They must be treated as the criminals they are.

Declarations must be signed showing opposition to such laws – on citizenship applications, visa requests, employment contracts, benefits applications and other relevant administrative paraphernalia, all as a way to start clearing house.  Charges, expulsion, loss of passports and residency must be applied rigorously to offenders, including those who fraudulently claim support for the reformed apostasy protections.

The elites’ firm grip has weakened as peoples’ revolt and use their “vote weapon” to demand change.  Dear reader, I ask you to once again flex your Brexit muscles and guide your public servants towards eradication of the permanent threat inherent in the apostasy-killing Sharia law codes.  Further to this, get unequivocal declarations of support for apostates from public figures – be they Muslim or not.

Demand this one change and take part in “Allow Apostasy Now” protests to emancipate the apostate, inciting non-violence everywhere.  Let’s begin the eradication of this otherwise eternal threat: the future is more than ever not for politicians to make, but ours.