He’s got a cheek, hasn’t he, that Barmy Barnier?  Standing up there in his perfectly tailored suit, the suave, silver-tongued exemple parfait of a Eurocrat, casually announcing that Britain’s so-called ‘Brexit Debt’ had just been doubled to £100 bn in his perfect Parisian French (although he’s actually from near Grenoble), dropping now and now into English because, you know, Les Anglais, Les Rosbifs, they’re just so… monolingual, n’est pas…?  

All around the UK, I imagined retired military types, walrus moustaches quivering with rage, setting aside their whisky and sodas and seizing a pen to send off what JK Rowling would call a Howler, to the Times.  And  then later, that nice Mrs May, outside Nr 10, Downing Street, calling the Brussels clique out and accusing them of timing their oily pronouncements to interfere in our, I repeat, our, Election process.  And she’s right.  And they have.  But not quite in the way they intended,  Because we’re British.  We don’t take kindly to Johnny Foreigner talking down to us and telling us what to do and I imagine thousands of Brits of whatever political persuasion, (well perhaps not the spineless, country-hating Lib-Dems or the more radical nutcases of the SNP) decided yesterday that they’d be getting behind our Prime Minister on June 8th.  And that they wouldn’t be taking any more of what the Welsh call ‘cachu’ from the likes of M’sieur Barnier.


I mean. Who do these people think they are?  We’re the country that under Alfred threw off the Danish yoke eleven hundred years ago.  We’re the country that fought a vicious civil war to establish our rights of Parliamentary democracy versus autocratic rule and in the same space of time reached an accord between our largely French-descended aristocracy and the hoi-polloi without La Terreur and the lopping off of hundreds if not thousands of heads.  We’re the one country in Europe that has not been invaded by another for nearly a thousand years.  The country whose flag once flew over three-quarters of the globe.  The country whose vastly outnumbered soldiery defeated the French at both Crecy and Agincourt.  Who stood alone against Hitler even when our capital city had all but but been blitzed to the ground by his Luftwaffe.  We’re the country that nearly ruined ourselves defending our then allies over the Channel, not once, but twice in the last hundred years.  And this is their thanks?  We havn’t allowed the Europeans to push us around for a very long time!  And we’re not going to start now!!!

Of course we have our detractors such as Squeaky Tim Farron (aged 13¾) and his Libtard rag-tag army of, well let me be blunt, patronising gits but this is nothing new  When another Frenchman, Napoleon Bonaparte had subjugated all of Europe from Moscow to the Portugese frontier, who do you think were busy rubbishing the achievements of a then not so well-known British General and calling for an entente cordiale with the Corsican Tyrant. Yes, it was our old friends, the Whigs, the ancestors of the Tim Farrons and Nick Cleggs of today, busy talking down their country even then,  The General, by the way was none other than Sir Arthur Wellesley – 1st Duke of Wellington.

Since Spivvy Dave’s laughable and embarrassing ‘great negotiation’ with the Europeans, things have not gone the way the Eurocrat Globalists, including the ones living here, have wanted or expected.  The gloves are coming off and we’re able to see clearly the faces behind the smug masks.  Sir Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, those shrewd observers of British and Brussels bureaucracy had it right thirty years ago in their famous sitcom,  Yes Minister.  Anyone wanting an astute summing up of our so-called European friends and their motives, and the way our Civil Service once thought, before they were got at by the EU, need only to watch the first part of ‘The Devil You Know’.  Paraphrasing quite a bit:

Sir Humphrey:  That is the penalty we have to pay for trying to pretend we are Europeans.  Believe me I fully understand your hostility to Europe.

James Hacker:  I’m pro Europe, just anti Brussels

Sir Humphrey:  It could be argued that given the absurdity of the whole European idea that Brussels is doing it’s best to defend the indefensible and to make the unworkable work.

James Hacker:  The European idea is our best hope of avoiding narrow national self-interest.  Europe is a community of nations directed towards one goal.

Sir Humphrey.  Minister – It is a game played for national interest and always has been. We went into it to screw the French by splitting them off from the Germans.  The French went into it to protect their inefficient farmers.  The Germans – to cleanse themselves of genocide and apply for re-admission to the human race.  Luxembourg – for the perks.  With the administration in Brussels and the Parliament in Strasbourg it’s like having the House of Commons in Swindon and the Civil Service in Kettering.

That episode  rings as true today as when it was first broadcast back in 1981.  To steal and amend a line from another great British sitcom – as Corporal Jones might have said – ‘Those Foreigners – They don’t like it up ’em!’

No, they don’t but if they continue to ‘negotiate’ in this high-handed and arrogant way then that’s exactly what they should get.  It Up ‘Em!  UKIP got the message right in the 2015 General Election, a message to which I will add just one word.  It’s time to stand up for our country.  It’s time to ignore the doom-mongering Liberals, the wavery Labouries and the Gina Miller type opportunists.  It’s time to realise that we, not Brussels, have the stronger hand in every way you can think of and that it’s time to play it.  It’s time to