[Ed: Parts one and two of this four-part essay were published on UKIP Daily]


So the experts who predicted economic disaster for not succeeding in the ERM, not joining the Euro must surely have changed their minds?

Not a bit of it. Despite everything that has happened including the financial crash, they are still fighting yesterday’s war on so many fronts.

From 2000 to 2017, the UK has outgrown every other European country of note and is predicted increased growth next year, “ despite Brexit”( BBC favourite opening line). However, the future is not fact, so ignore any forecasts.

So we turn to Mr Blair,  listening to him of late, you would be in no doubt as to his line of thinking.

Mr Blair wanted to be President of Europe. This was continually trailed in the press. So what actions could he take to achieve this? Let’s go back to Monsieur Monnet   “ …..nation states not to be told ….irreversible federalism….”

Having devolved powers to Wales and Scotland, his next task was to set up Regional Assemblies across England. One may ask why. The obvious answer is that when the US of E trap is sprung, regions would allow certain difficult countries including England to be obliterated. Having achieved the nirvana of totalitarianism the last thing the governing elites would want is a patriotic uprising! The proof of this comes later.

So Mr Blair wanted a pilot project in 2004. This at the time when asked how many people he expected to come each here from recent accession countries (without the need to trigger early movement) he replied “about 10,000 a year according to our surveys” As history bears out he was wrong by a factor of about ….er ….25 times. So nothing serious there then.

The North East of England was selected to be the first region to vote for a self-contained assembly, with Mr Prescott bringing home the victory. Unfortunately, the voters of the North East, not for the last time, refused to do the right thing. The vote was resoundingly lost by 695,000 to 197,000.

Needless to say the Regional Assembly project, apart from the London Assembly was kicked into the long grass and finally laid to rest in 2008.

However, this setback was not going to stop Mr Blair and his presidential ambitions.

You may recall the era of De Gaulle described earlier. The upshot of the CAP was an enormous bill for the UK subsidizing continental farmers.

Well, Mrs Thatcher secured a rebate for the UK on an annual basis to try and mitigate this drag on the state’s purse.

Mr Blair decided to give half of that hard-won rebate back in 2006 (why you may ask?) on the promise from the EU that the CAP would be revised …..2018 and not surprisingly nothing has come to pass, costing the UK billions in the meantime , and no big job in Brussels for Mr Blair.

Please note, these are easily verifiable facts.


By this time Mr Cameron was under increasing pressure (with an election looming) from the people of the UK; many fed up with congestion, stretched public services, and the inability to do anything about it as EU laws were passed down and gold plated by Whitehall, hemming us in with primacy over UK law and common sense.

A reminder is necessary here of how the EU elite get their way . The European Commission, the five presidents and acolytes, meet behind closed doors and pass down decisions to the European Parliament. One can ask for amendments, but MEPs are asked to rubber-stamp legislation, and there is always the EC’s legal wing in Luxembourg, the European Court of Justice, to make sure virtually everything gets passed as desired.

There are those in the diplomatic gilded circle of high salaried, generously pensioned UK personnel who always insist on “never underestimating British clout in Brussels, oh no “.

Well, try this. Between 2010 and 2015 the British put forward 80 amendments to potential legislation.

A number of less than one succeeded. A poor joke by the Sir Humphreys.

Do we recall Mr Cameron going cap in hand to Merkel and Co asking for an emergency brake on immigration? Being publicly humiliated by the French, Germans, and tiny Eastern European nations when turned down emphatically …

2016 The Referendum and Project Fear

We remember of course that 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU.

As previously stated, those voting to leave knew exactly what they wanted.

Can anyone remember any positive claims for staying in the EU because of successes?

It is no surprise that apart from a great job creation scheme for politicians, lobbyists, journalists and spin doctors there are none that we could not have achieved as an independent nation. And a catalogue of restrictions and failures.

This is why more people did not vote “out” in a disgraceful exercise launched by Project Fear, with the usual bunch of, mostly public money fed, experts. The Treasury, the IMF, OECD, Bank of England, and the compliant media led by the BBC. The Editor of the FT, formerly the international paper of record, was awarded the Legion D’honneur by the French for his contribution !

No bias there then. And the BBC “  Despite Brexit…” ad nauseum …

Let’s just remind ourselves of some of the claims to be taken as fact but were lies pedalled to the British people. From those who are at it again today, to whom we must not be beastly…

  • 500,000 jobs to go immediately
  • The collapse of GDP and ensuing recession
  • Pensions ravaged
  • House prices to collapse

And that was without Cameron’s claim it could lead to war with our friends on the continent!

We created nearly 300,000 jobs, GDP has increased, no recession, stock market and thus pension values up, and a steady rise in house prices. Sadly accompanied by double-digit rises at the bottom as we try to fit 5 million new people into our country.