Here is why, put very simply. There are many other reasons why she should not be PM, but this is the most important.

Ms May said in 2012 that – as Home Secretary – she would be happy to invite lethally-armed, paramilitary units owing allegiance only to Brussels onto British soil.

Once here they would obviously obey any ECJ rulings and ram alien laws down our throats, by main force. It would amount to a military occupation.

I feel it is of paramount importance that the Conservative membership be informed of this before they vote for their and the country’s new leader.

I give below the Hansard reference, just in case people think that I made it all up. I quote from page 15-16 of my submission to the House of Lords ref the European Arrest Warrant and other Justice measures in 2013. The submission contains the Hansard reference. The full text of that submission can be seen here.

One measure of particular interest, which HMG has declared it intends to opt into, is Council Decision 2008/617/JHA on the improvement of cooperation between the special intervention units of the Member States of the European Union in crisis situations. “Special intervention units” are obviously going to be units of the French Gendarmerie, the Spanish Guardia Civil, the Italian Carabinieri, etc – ie the very components of the European Gendarmerie Force.

Whereas the previous [Labour] government refused to answer the Parliamentary questions, [put to it by Lord Pearson and by Bob Spink MP], as to whether it would give consent to the deployment of the Eurogendarmerie on British soil, the present government received a similar question as follows:

Criminal Proceedings: EU Law (Hansard, written answers for 11/06/2012)

Mr Raab: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department with reference to EU Council Framework Decision 2008/675/JHA, in what circumstances she envisages that the UK would request special intervention units from other EU member states to operate on UK soil. [110125] James Brokenshire [on behalf of the Home Sec. Theresa May]: The United Kingdom’s response to any incident will be individually tailored to the nature and scale of that incident. Should we identify the need to seek the support of our allies in managing a crisis situation, we would of course do so. [emphases added]

The government should be warned that with this attitude it is recklessly playing with fire. The “special intervention units from other EU member states” that “of course” they would ask to intervene on British soil would be the very self-same units that make up the European Gendarmerie Force. Unless we exercise the opt-outs now, and keep them, we will be “subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, and the enforcement powers of the Commission”. These powers could at some stage go beyond the power of fining non-compliant states, and could include command of the Eurogendarmerie, at present reporting to the Council of the Ministers of the participating states (CIMIN). The Commission could see an increase in the array of “enforcement powers” at its disposal, to include Europol and the Eurogendarmerie.

The point is that once the armed, paramilitary, Eurogendarmerie are inside the country, no British government can ever order them to leave, for they will only obey orders from their masters in Brussels.

For the people of Britain it will feel like being under military occupation by a foreign power, imposing alien laws on us. At that point British participation in the EU project will no longer be voluntary. Our sovereign right to withdraw, never denied by any British participants in the debate, will have gone.

This reply by the Home Office, given in 2013 when there was no question of Brexit, shows how dangerous Ms May is. Whether she be just unforgiveably ignorant of the consequences of her words, or be fully aware of the consequences (in which case the reflections on her character are even worse), she is utterly unfit for purpose.

She must be stopped at all costs from becoming PM. On yesterday’s voting record it looks as if the choice before the Tory membership will be her or Andrea Leadsom.

Whatever Ms Leadsom’s possible shortcomings (and I have to say she did put on a good performance at the Wembley debate), they surely pale into insignificance before the abject irresponsibility of someone who was prepared to ask lethally-armed, paramilitary units of a  foreign power, which claims supremacy over us and over our Parliament, to enter the country. This could take us back to the days of Charles I.

It constitutes a danger to our national security.