Ed: We’d like to remind readers that the opinion of the authors are not necessarily those of the editors. The article below however represents the feelings of many people here in the UK and thus ought to be read, even though we do not encourage or support violent actions.

I recently bought a bulk load of ammunition on the cheap (we have a problem with deer where I live), good old .308. I like to buy my ammunition on the cheap, it all seems to work, so why pay more? This particular lot of ammo came in brightly coloured boxes and it was called: ‘Zombie Max,’ marketed by the manufacturer as the very thing for the coming Zombie Apocalypse. Brad Pitt even made a movie about the Zombie Apocalypse which I refused to watch, a craze that I always thought totally ridiculous: now I’m not so sure.

A couple of points I’d like to make about the Third World, from experience, so bear with me.

I sometimes live in Brazil as I have a Brazilian wife. One night while walking home late, I was violently and brutally mugged, a Japanese stranglehold (or similar) from behind. This is a lethal attack not many people would know how to respond to it, but I do, although it’s still a long shot. I was hurt, someone tried to cut my wallet straight from my pocket with a razor, my glasses were smashed, clothes torn, I was covered in blood and had a broken arm: one of my attackers was horribly maimed, his friend ran away. I didn’t mean to hurt my attacker so much (I did report myself to the Police), but there’s only one effective response I know to such an attack and it has to be done instantly and with much aggression: I had no choice. A couple of weeks later, outside my home, a sixteen-year-old girl was shot dead by a mugger. When he was caught by the Police, he just said: “that’s what happens when you resist being mugged, you get dead.” No remorse, as if he had every right in the world to kill this girl.

The first point I’d like to make is: ‘this is the Third World.’ Polarisation is the hallmark of the Third World. Some of the nicest people I know are Brazilian, but for every one of them there seems to be a hundred, violent, murderous, thugs, pimps and other assortments of ignorant and unpleasant people on the streets. This is one of the symptoms of having a population much bigger than an economy can support and educate. The UK is starting to show just such characteristics. This is something which the bleeding heart Liberal Lefties that espouse mass immigration,choose to ignore or are completely naïve about. When we’re invaded by literally millions of low IQ, unemployable denizens from  the Third World gutters, I think that constitutes a ‘Zombie Apocalypse.’

Secondly: after the attack, I told very few people about it, but did tell one or two in the UK as I felt the need to talk about such a traumatic experience. I couldn’t help but notice that people were much more worried about my attacker than me. People have become so brainwashed with Political Correctness that they feel it’s OK to brutally attack a white man, but it’s not OK to defend myself, thus feeling much more sympathy towards a brutal mugger.  I have an old friend, he’s a retired officer from the Parachute Regiment, he put this into perspective for me, saying: “what happened was very unfortunate and they’d have killed you, but you chose life.”

‘Chose life,’ the wisest words I ever heard!

I am very proud of my cultural history and of who I am. I am very sick of whining Marxist, Liberal, Lefty types trying to denigrate our race and our many achievements. If that makes me a racist, then I’m proud to be called a racist.  There are some powerful people in this world who, because it suits their political or personal objectives, would like to erase thousands of years of cultural development within a lifetime. It won’t work. When this whole lunatic experiment fails, as it already is starting to, it’ll be one of the most violent times in human history. Everything has its day and the European Union is also on borrowed time.

Angela Merkel’s invitation to millions of third world migrants is a very cynical and malicious attack on the people that she is supposed to represent. Merkel too will have her day, but by the time she goes, she’ll have done Europe more harm than Adolf Hitler if she hasn’t already. The mainstream media are horribly controlled, but I can dig out information from other sources. Sweden is at the point of collapse as a result of the migrant invasion, women are scared to go out at night for fear of being beaten and gang raped. There is a rape crisis in Germany and throughout much of Europe as well as other violent crime. We have a plague of child rape and exploitation in the UK, for example in Rotherham. That Europe is going to burn I have no doubt. That our women and children can be brutally raped and our governments try to hush it up is disgusting and shameful: it’s like saying that they don’t matter.

Hundreds have died in Paris and Brussels; ISIS are planning to spray radioactive waste on our cities: how many hints do we need before realising that we’re at war and being invaded?

We desperately need to vote to leave the European Union if we’re to have a hope of surviving!

In the UK, the Muslims want to introduce Sharia Law – how could we have allowed this madness to happen? Sharia Law should not be tolerated. We have enough problems of our own without being shackled to a dysfunctional European Union, eventually being forced to accept their Third World hordes.

We’re finished as a nation if we don’t reject this doctrine of Political Correctness and start to defend ourselves. I’d urge you to wake yourselves up from your trance and:

Choose life!