So, Theresa May would like to keep us shackled to the European Union in all but name, I think we’re going to live to regret that and here’s why.

By the end of this year (2017) China will have launched the Petroyuan . Already Russia, Iran and Venezuela among others are preparing to trade oil in Petroyuan and it’s highly likely that other countries will follow.

De-dollarisation is picking up speed, some say that the Petrodollar is already dead and the US dollar’s status as a reserve currency is coming to an end.

Given that it is only the US dollar’s status as a reserve currency and the Petrodollar that enabled the US to maintain its ridiculously large debt pile measured in trillions, this spells trouble and probably trouble for most of the indebted West.

Historically these types of currency realignments have led to wars and there has been enough talk of that lately. Possibly Donald Trump may have prevented this from happening so far; let’s hope this doesn’t happen. We may have a lot to thank Donald for one day.

The US still has the envious ability to feed itself. It can produce enough food and has enough other resources to survive. Donald Trump is doing exactly the right thing putting America first, it will have to prepare for significant change in the near future: if only we had a leader like Donald instead of the evil Mrs May.

We in Britain, it seems, need to have trade deals now, particularly as we can’t feed our population with our own resources. But with who?

According to Reuters , at the end of 2016 China’s gold reserves were around 12100 tons. China has been accumulating gold for years and now it seems likely that the Petroyuan will be a gold-backed currency with the option to be paid in gold rather than Yuan.

This makes the new Petroyuan formidable, a different story to the worthless fiat currencies of the West.

According to the World Economic Forum, China has already invested almost  a trillion dollars in its New Silk Road project. Already via this route, it’s possible to deliver goods to Britain and Europe 20 days quicker than by the 21st century maritime route.

China is a country that is making patient and thorough strategic plans for the future. It may possibly have the world’s next reserve currency and dominate world trade. Russia and Iran are forming ever closer economic ties with China and I’m sure many other countries around the world will follow suit.

Now compare the above scenario with the countries of the European Union. There are massive trade imbalances. The Euro was always a political rather than sound economic construct and there are no signs yet that it will ever work. Countries like Italy and Spain have major economic problems, many European banks are on the edge.

There are many articles on the financial state of Europe and I don’t have the space to discuss this more fully here, but I’m sure most of you are aware of the problems.

I myself am very pessimistic about the future of Europe under the European Union. If there’s a global currency reset the effect on Europe will be catastrophic. Germany won’t be able to keep bailing out Europe forever and is developing its own economic problems, welfare costs are spiralling out of control, particularly with millions of new guests to feed. It seems that now North Africa starts at Calais.

There could very well be global economic chaos in the event of a currency crisis, but it seems that China along with Russia and others are already positioning themselves to ride out the storm and we had a golden opportunity to move along with them.

After June 2016, countries all over the world, Asia, Oceania, the US were ready to welcome Britain with open arms. Instead Theresa May and her government seem determined to shackle us to a sinking ship.

I can’t predict exactly how things will play out but we live in an increasingly volatile economic environment. We’re about to lose the ability to quickly adapt to changes and grasp emerging opportunities, vital in the modern world. Without a clean break from the European Union, it will always hamper us in our ability to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, it will always seek to control us and I feel it will lead us down a very dark road indeed.

It’s hard to know quite why May and the remainiacs wish to shackle us to an odious entity like the European Union; whoever they represent I’m certain it isn’t the British people. Theresa May, from the first day of her premiership, opened her mouth and lies poured out of it.

We were assured that “leave means leave”, yet now we see that she’s been planning to stitch us up all along. Behind closed doors, May has been plotting and scheming behind our backs, seemingly without any regard for the people she wasn’t quite elected to represent.

We were never given a chance to openly debate decisions that will likely have a dramatic impact not just upon us, but particularly upon our children.

Whatever makes Theresa May think she has the right to try and present us with a fait accompli I can’t imagine. We really need to be making a lot of noise before it’s too late. We have the right to decide upon our own future, our own strategic direction.