Recently I paid a visit to a lovely old university where I used to work. My academic days are over but I felt like having a few beers with some old friends.

I sat for a while outside my old office, near a bend in a river, on the opposite bank there was a beautiful Weeping Willow tree and just beneath the surface of the water, a pile of rocks. I waited for a while for something I was sure was going to happen and surely enough it did.

A trout popped up from within the rocks to gobble up an insect as it fell from the branches of the tree. Obviously a different trout from my days at that university but I was delighted to see it nevertheless.

You see – the original trout had been the inspiration for many lectures and in honour of this I’d always resisted the temptation to cast a fly out to him.

Trout, as many wild creatures, tread a very fine line between life and death in their battle for survival. These creatures hunt for food: not enough and they starve, if they expend too much energy in the pursuit of this food, they waste away and die.

This trout had found an ideal spot, sheltered from the current by the rocks, the tree provided a food source as insects fell from its overhanging branches.

Other trout avoid the current by staying close to the river bank but far enough out to still catch food as it is swept past by the current. Too far from the bank and the effort to swim against the current will burn more energy than the food available, too close and not enough food will be available to sustain the trout.

This is a very fine line between life and death, a situation shared by all wild creatures and although we humans have found ways to insulate ourselves from this reality, ultimately it applies to us too. Not all trout or any other wild creature will survive, life has always been a case of winners and losers: another of life’s harsh realities.

For instance, any business, whether a small family concern of large corporate enterprise, must tread an equally fine line as it balances its internal strengths and weaknesses against external opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis, to be horribly academic).

Like the trout, if this business gets too ambitious too quickly, the cost of achieving greater market share may outstrip its financial resources and it will probably go bankrupt – too little market share and its competitors will overtake it and it will eventually fade away.

We are all bound by this same fine balance, this law of survival. The only people that don’t seem to understand this are the left leaning, Socialist, Liberal (call them what you will) governments that we’ve had in recent decades. Governments that have been determined to keep us bound to the Socialist, Marxist, Communist in the making and globalist European Union. Or do they in reality understand this?

Many of the European Union’s most ardent supporters are very wealthy businessmen, politicians and celebrities that are surviving very well, or they are just the plain gullible fools that support, hero worship and are taken in by them.

Let’s face it – the Euro as a currency was always a political construct rather than sound economic construct, it’s already cased trade imbalances and untold misery in Southern Europe, it’s is an ongoing disaster.

Britain and Europe, as a result of mass immigration and lately invasion, have millions of more mouths to feed at a time when they have lost much of their industry to overseas competitors.

Remaining resources are increasingly thin on the ground for our indigenous population. The national health service is in terminal decline, despite the lying reassurances of our politicians. Housing is becoming scarce due to immigration and increasingly unaffordable, a situation exacerbated by the prevalence of low paying jobs and zero hours contracts.

Multiculturalism has never worked at any time in history as ongoing conflicts in places like Israel, Northern Ireland and many other places in the world are testament to. The violence caused by this has already started in Britain in the form of bombings, shootings, stabbings, gang rape and child grooming. I could go on but I don’t have space.

We are being expected to put up with all of this and ultimately lose our country – all in support of a Liberal, Marxist and globalist dream for which we are being sacrificed. Our country was our shelter from what is in reality a very harsh and hostile world and it is being taken away from us with lies and deceit.

Nothing about globalism, the European Union, Liberal Left, Marxism works for the great majority of us in our country. It is simply our politicians throwing us to the wolves while they look after themselves as we the people descend into the Third World.

In a world of winners and losers, our politicians and Eurocrats are making damned sure that they win while we lose. They are denying us our right to play the game of life and fight for our own survival. If we don’t make a stand now, well, try going to the shanty towns of the Third World and look at the poverty: there, you will see your children’s future and perhaps your own.

Where do we start? Well, all this talk of old trout, for some reason reminds me of our Prime-Minister, Theresa May, she needs to be hooked and taken out of the river.


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