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The transgender agenda

Every cell in a person’s body has either XY or XX chromosomes so we are either male or female. It’s clear. It’s not complicated. And exceptions are so rare as to be statistically irrelevant.

But scientific facts, like truth, are unimportant to the regressive liberal left who want to remake humanity according to their own Orwellian ideology. Deception is everything, so these cultural marxists – as well as their useful idiots in the wider political class – promote their dystopian society by following the Joseph Goebbels dictum that if you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

Transgenderism is part of leftists’ political strategy and it is a big lie.

It is a lie when they insist we can choose or change our biological sex. Our sex is fixed at birth and we can no more change our chromosomes than we can change our date of birth.

Just because, say, an 85-year-old suffers from acute thanatophobia (fear of death) and therefore insists he is actually 25 in order to postpone his approaching demise, this does not mean we must buy into his delusion. Nor do we let him fight for his country, drive his car without the triennial over-70 licence renewal or play football for the local under-30 team. Rather, if we are compassionate, we call for a psychiatric counsellor to help ease his distress.

And if a five-stone teenage girl suffers from pocrescophobia (fear of gaining weight), insists she is obese and refuses to eat, the sensible response is not to affirm her in her delusion and withhold food from her. She has a psychological disorder and the caring response is to arrange professional treatment.

It is a similar deception or disorder when people claim they are the opposite of their birth gender. And when they demand that we buy into their dishonesty or delusion we should not simply roll over. We cannot agree to call a man a woman or vice versa, as it is biologically and factually untrue.

No sane society would allow a convicted serial sex offender and rapist to serve his sentence in a women’s jail just because he has decided to self-identify as a woman. Neither would anyone with common sense allow an 18-year-old youth to join the Girl Guides and go camping – sharing tents, showers and toilets – just because he has insisted on coming out as a girl.

Except that, of course, leftists have marched so far through the institutions spreading their lunacy that in the UK we now do both (here and here ).

They have even marched into Downing Street. The Prime Minister has signed up and sanctioned their delusion by informing   us that “trans is not a (mental) illness”.

And, like bullies, the cultural marxists and their fellow travellers are targeting our kids, especially the younger ones.

As politically correct as her boss, the Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening is pushing and promoting her Children and Social Work Act that makes sex education, including the teaching of transgender issues, compulsory in primary schools. And earlier this year the largest teachers’ union in the UK, the National Union of Teachers, demanded that transgender issues should be taught in nursery schools to toddlers as young as two. Yes, really: two.

As one educationalist told a conference recently, the teacher’s role is becoming that of “sowing confusion about gender identity” and policing “the values, thoughts and language of children to bring them in line with one particular ideological position”.

So it’s no longer about education. It’s about messing with young minds and, it seems, the younger the better.

Historically the number of young children with genuine gender dysphoria issues is minuscule; in 2009/10 just 19 of the nation’s primary school age children were referred to the relevant NHS specialist units in London and Leeds.

But the educational establishment’s strategy is to push their transgender agenda onto schoolchildren of all ages including the very young; to confuse them about their sexual identity; to get Ofsted to commend  primary school staff that label four-year-olds ‘transgender’ because they want to dress up as the opposite sex; and then triumphantly to declare that – surprise, surprise – gender dysphoria is a rapidly growing issue.

The consequence of this indoctrination is that numbers of primary school children referred – though still miniscule – had quadrupled by 2014/5 and is rising.

The attack on children’s impressionable minds is relentless. Recently we have seen that drag queens are now being invited into nurseries to give transgender lessons to toddlers. And a government-funded LGBT organisation is avidly promoting colourful cartoon books for nurseries that provoke three-year-olds to question their gender.

This is tantamount to child abuse. Certainly it is massive state-authorised manipulation of young minds. Yet alarmed parents and horrified grandparents up and down the country feel they have no say and cannot protest or protect their children. To question the trans agenda is to risk being labelled ‘transphobic’, ‘bigoted’ or ‘hateful’ and cast into the politically incorrect darkness – as UKIP’s Welsh Assembly Member Gareth Bennett discovered this week .

So step up UKIP. This is exactly our territory. We have never been cowed by the politically correct. Rather, it is our calling and duty to represent the voiceless and powerless against the arrogant establishment.

We did it over mass immigration. We did it over Brexit.

We can do it too over the transgenderisation of our children – and we may even find ourselves moving up the opinion polls once again.

Kippers arise! The hour to defend our kids has come.


You may also wish to read Gagged and Defiance in the Welsh Assembly. – Ed.

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Alan is UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Witney, UKIP London Regional vice-chairman and UKIP Havering Branch secretary

27 Comments on The transgender agenda

  1. This is just a horrendous denial of free speech by the liberal left in the Welsh Assembly. We need to speak out on this and I call upon our leader, Henry Bolton OBE to do so without further delay.
    I and others will be doing so and I have already had favourable response
    from theb leader of the Welsh Conservatives – Mr RT Davies AM

  2. Superb article Alan. Great comment: ‘So step up UKIP. This is exactly our territory’…sadly ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of the UKIP leadership or MEPs doing anything though, they’ve all given up even trying. The effort and output of UKIP has been atrocious since the referendum. The last competent campaigner, Roger Helmer, left a while ago. The MEPs don’t want the gravy train to end, few had proper jobs before becoming MEPs, fewer still would get jobs or run businesses if/when the party ends for them. And what ‘leadership’ has Bolton shown? Absolutely none. Not a single video that we can forward to friends or enemies to convince them on ANY issues. In the time that Bolton has been ‘leader’ how many incredible videos have we all seen from Paul Joseph Watson, Pat ‘not very PC’ Condell or Mark Steyn, to name but three.

    Sorry to say what we all know but Bolton hasn’t got what it takes, if he had a plan we would have seen it by now.

    • I fear his problem isn’t lack of plans, he probably has multitudes of them,filling up shelves and making him feel very pleased with his achievement.
      His problem is lack of purpose and personality.

  3. As someone who on December 8, 2017 lost much of my remaining faith in the British criminal legal system (I was but a bystander to the developments), may I say that all this transgender (43 hues multi) stuff has a silver lining?

    A leading wooden member of the “Conservative” (sic) cabinet is bringing forward legislation that will permit everyone to change their specified gender at any time, and any number of times with any frequency, without rhyme, reason, cause let alone evidence, back and forth and to and fro as they wish, with immediate effect, and that there’s no other formalities involved, or the need for surgery or pills, nor can any authority challenge the decision.

    No kidding. UK 2018. Wonder what the jihadis will make of that!

    Now, what could possibly go wrong, leaving aside the matter of lads who’ve had a great idea slipping into girls’ changing rooms and dorms, and people getting off rape charges (sorry! wrong gender!).

    Let’s even say that this PC flexibility is restricted to the 2 main genders and not the luscious spectrum of flavours (allegedly) therebetween.

    Now, for the sake of argument, say a lady is “””rightly””” convicted of something (like in the heat of the moment calling a foreigner a foreigner, which is now held to be racially aggravated hate speech or harassment or something or other, even if by a learned judge who somehow managed to pass a wholly unlawful sentence we had then to get cancelled, which it has) and is sentenced to three months in prison.

    It is against one’s yuman rites to be put in a prison inappropriate to one’s gender, right?

    So when Mary Contrary is on the way by public transport with bars on the glass to Holloway (if it’s already been converted to a block of flats, which is likely then to another female prison), as the van approaches the gates I predict an epiphany –

    “I’ve changed into a man!”

    Now after a confab with the the van heads to Pentonville instead.

    As its gates beckon, quoth Simple Simon,

    “Sorry! Changed back into a lady.”

    And so on and on. How long do you reckon before they give up?

    This is what happens when we’re ruled by duffers and scoundrels who view 1984 and Animal Farm as prescriptive rather than proscriptive.

    Carry on. Regardless.

    – Your friendly UKIP Regional Chairman

  4. The Greening doctrine of educational lying and indoctrination is what you will get with a nationalised education system with a nationalised curriculum.
    UKIP should be deluging inner cities demanding the introduction of education vouchers for any school of parents’ choice. All parents should have the same choices of school as those with pots of money. It is simply too important to allow any political party to control education. It will become indoctrination as we see now. They are even closing in on home schooling now as well.

  5. To think this once great nation should be reduced to denying the freedoms our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for. Now we are not even allowed to think straight, never mind talk straight, by the PC advocates.

    It has been a long time coming but one of the central ideas put forward by Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Marxist ideologue, was to force people to change the way they think about themselves, and his disciples have come up with a real corker here in “transgenderism”. But the underlying issue here is not about sexual biology but political and individual freedom. We have been slowly pulverised into becoming PC zombies and now anyone who does not do the bidding of the PC elite will have their lives made a misery if not worse.

    We need the ” mighty to be brought down from their seat” and their place to be taken by the “humble and meek” if we are going to have anything like a free democratic future.

  6. With reference to the first comment: Alan Craig wrote ‘Exceptions are so rare as to be irrelevant.’ And he is right, certainly with respect to the main points he is making, which is about the deceit and indoctrination associated with the Transgender lobby.
    Yes, there are very rare genetic anomalies of sex chromosome disorders. Some figures:
    Female with only one X chromosomes (Turner’s Syndrome) 1 per 2500-5000
    Female with XXX chromosomes 1 per 1200
    Male with XXY chromosomes (Klinefelter’s Syndrome) 1 per 500- 1000
    Male with XYY chromosomes 1 per 1100
    Male with XXXY chromosomes 1 per 18,000-50,000.

    These conditions are extremely rare, far more rare than Down’s Syndrome, also a genetic condition but of ‘autosomal’ not sex chromosomes, which occurs in 1 per 700 live births. (There are 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes and two ‘sex’ chromosomes in the normal human cell.)

    The other point is that as far as I am aware such sex hormone abnormalities do not determine a homosexual orientation, and neither I believe do Intersex conditions, utilised by the LGBT hijackers in the LGBTI abbreviation. But this is for a separate discussion.

    • XYY is Jacob’s syndrome. I’ve either forgotten or never knew the names for the others – or there aren’t names for them.

      As the options you listed are mutually exclusive, it is fair to say that over 99.8% of the population is either XX or XY. Perhaps the residual 0.1% to 0.2% is not statistically “irrelevant”, but certainly is not significant enough to justify the overturning long-standing societal structures.

      Freddy (boringly XY)

  7. Purple Potty Mouth // December 18, 2017 at 2:09 pm // Reply

    Alan makes one basic error when he states that every cell in a persons body has either XX (female) or XY (male) chromosomes without qualifying it with recognition that in rare cases nature screws up. The lack of an actual, or functioning second X chromosome or males with more than one X results in symptoms which led to both being given ‘syndrome’ names – Turners and Kleinfelters respectively. It is also possible to have what’s known as ‘mosaic’, where some cells have only X chromosomes, others X and Y. Unsurprisingly in some of these cases individuals do have a level of gender dysphoria but it’s not a given. In a rare mutation of the enzyme responsible for normal male genitalia in pre-pubertal boys affected individuals, raised as girls due to their appearance at birth, seemed to have no problem transitioning to boys at puberty when testosterone kicked in and their testicles descended and penis developed. This fits with letters in the Telegraph where correspondents talk of wanting to be something else as a child – usually a girl wanting to be a boy because they didn’t do chores, were allowed to climb trees etc. (well why wouldn’t you in those circumstances?)yet happily settling to being what their chromosomes directed at puberty. Maybe young children are meant to be ‘neutral’, they’ve so much else to learn, so the very very last thing we should do is put this rubbish into their heads at a tender age. We shouldn’t promote stereotypes either but that is something so far removed from Greening’s agenda it is barely relevant here except to note that the two must not be conflated, they are fundamentally different.
    What do primary age children need to know? Teach them to respect differences in others, that fellow pupils who are ‘not like them’ in some way should not be picked on. That is all really, it covers all other manner of disability or mental health issues too.Secondary school is different – but then puberty is kicking in so it’s a different – and appropriate- scenario.
    What is truly frightening is the pincer movement going on, attacking home schooling whilst attempting to ban parents from objecting to ascientific curricula. Frightening because if I had school age children now I’d be withdrawing them and home schooling, or if I could afford it sending them to board somewhere in the world where common sense still prevails

    • Hi PPM, I don’t think I made a ‘basic error’ by ignoring the fact that ‘nature screws up’. I acknowledged in my first para that there are exceptions – but they are so rare to be statistically irrelevant and certainly not significant enough to build a full-blown transgender ideology on!

      (The exceptions are of course very relevant and significant to the person involved, who should receive respect, care and help where needed – but not denial of reality.)

      Apart from your opening statement however, it seems we are in full and welcome agreement.


  8. I’ve got an idea, I could save some money during the winter. Turn off the heating and declare my temperature identity to be “warm”.

    • Why not just turn it off and tell everybody you can`t afford it or you are not prepared to pay the artificially inflated fuel costs that we suffer from this stupid GW conformity.

      It doesn`t hurt to wear “extra layers”, if you look at it what has been the added advantage to mankind since the advent of central heating that cannot be afforded and has led to the deteriation of human condition and hardiness. Our race is far too “nesh” both in character and physicality.

      As the Calor Gas salesman told me when I complained about what I saw as the exorbitant and absurd cost of their fuel.”Put another Jersey on”
      I took out the gas boiler and now use anthracite solid fuel and rarely switch it on to central heating.

  9. For the record, I’d like to state that I have no problem with people who are gay, lesbian or who might be transgender; I’m fine with that as long as its their choice and they’re happy with it.
    What I do object to is this minority trying to impose their beliefs on others, in other words, trying to coerce or otherwise force people into believing they are gay or gender-confused.
    And trying to NORMALISE this. That’s the big problem here.
    At the age of 4 I’d prefer our children to be educated in reading and writing, and letting them discover themselves, rather than having their gender questioned.
    Oh and by ‘they’ I was obviously referring to the hidden agenda pushers, rather than the teachers, who are simply doing as they have been instructed to do so.

  10. You mention Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Education being as ‘politically correct as her boss’.

    Were you aware that Justine Greening is, herself, a lesbian. That, in itself is not a problem but she is pushing LGBT for all she’s worth.


  11. Thirty five years ago, a gay bar-tender told me that one day, Europe would permit gay marriages. He was laughed at, but obviously knew something was brewing way back then because he stuck to his guns. What is shocking is the sheer speed in which society has been engulfed by all things gay/trans/xyz, and the sheer stupidity of many people in their acceptance of it. It’s all such a huge lie, but it seems only the pure of heart can discern it.

  12. Pets? I seem to recall the Blue Peter tortoise, Fred, turned out to be Freda ?

  13. “By filling our childrens’ heads with this rubbish from an early age, it will just lead to more mental health issues in future. But then again, that’s probably what ‘they’ want.”

    Its not fair on right minded public sector and teaching staff either, who are forced to carry out these policies or risk their jobs & careers.

    With May 2018 (3rd ?) approaching fast, UKIP will need a strong campaign. Biting the bullet and attacking this chronic PC assault & encroachment on UK culture, could be a theme – the politics of transgenderism, toilets and teaching.

    Public freedom of speech without fear of prosecution and custody should become a UKIP campaign policy. ie lobby to repeal all the laws which counter free speech;

    “Uphold freedom of speech within the law as a fundamental British value. We believe all ideas and beliefs should be open to discussion and scrutiny and we will challenge the ‘culture of offence’ as it risks shutting down free speech” 2015 manifesto

    Is the “within the law” bit a fudge ?
    At the current rate of law making, restrictions on free speech are on the increase.

    Probably to repeal laws falls outside local campaigns, however it is a major problem that sections of society are threatened if they discuss contentious issues.

    Perhaps this is already high on UKIP’s agenda, but if so, it doesn’t seem to be. Conservative, Labour, and Lib-Dem-Green policies all support restrictions on hate and extremist speech. At least there would be open water between UKIP and the triopoly.

  14. In the good old days they used to hang around the school-yard in raincoats. Now they’re allowed in and presumably paid to mess with our children’s minds. Is this done with parental consent?

    I see it as yet another step taking us towards the old USSR where children were encouraged to speak against their parents who were then identified as ‘dissidents’ so they could be carted off and ‘re-educated’. It’s a long slippery slope we find ourselves on.

    And May’s all for it. No surprise there. A funny lot those Conservatives. To think I once voted for them!

    • Bernard from Bucks. // December 17, 2017 at 5:25 pm // Reply

      Is this done with parental consent you ask? It’s worse than that.
      ” Primary and secondary schools should ‘celebrate’ transsexualism in their curriculum and prohibit anyone from complaining, head teachers have been told.
      Guidance from the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) for schools with trans staff recommends that transsexual people, their issues and experiences are celebrated in school.
      Written in conjunction with LGBT lobby group Stonewall, it adds that school leaders should forbid parents, governors and staff from complaining about the policies that promote transsexualism.”
      FORBID PARENTS… from complaining.

      • C’mon, provide a citation, please. You simply must be pulling our legs!

        If this is real, then it is a forerunner to mandatory test periods of enforced alternative sexuality on young and maybe not-so-young people.

  15. I simply don’t care about people’s gender or sexual orientation, so long as they remain within the law.
    I do question the need to teach primary school children about sex. It’s clearly necessary to inform them of how to keep safe and avoid predators but that is enough.
    Secondary students are different, they obviously need to know the biological stuff and the dangers. By all means inform them of the existance of other sexual orientations and the need not to bully people who don’t think as they do but that’s all.
    I woud also like schools to teach the basics of Christian morality, it’s only necessary to do more than inform them about other religions if parents so ask. In which case instruction should only be given by impartial teachers, not by outside religious leaders, who will not be capable of avoiding “evangelising”.

  16. Perfect for a leaflet.

  17. We already have ‘vegan pet food’, presumably so vegans can also force their lifestyle choice on their pets.
    So I wonder how long it will be before this madness gets extended to pets?
    -“Oh, what a cute little puppy! I see he’s a little boy dog.”
    -“How dare you assume the gender of my puppy!”
    By filling our childrens’ heads with this rubbish from an early age, it will just lead to more mental health issues in future. But then again, that’s probably what ‘they’ want.

    • As a teenager I spent some time successfully convincing a kindly vegetarian family that imposing their dietary regime on their beloved pet cat was animal cruelty.
      There’s no cure for stupid.

      • ‘There’s no cure for the stupid’ – superb.

        And there’s proof, we sent vast numbers of low achievers to ‘university’, most came out with certificates but…they were still stupid, some even more so. But it made middle class parents happy.

        • And what did the Wizard of Oz give the Scarecrow?

          Oops, not a good analogy. Scarecrow was actually bright to begin with, just inexperienced.

          But the smartest in Baum’s classic was Toto.

          Was there a Cowardly Lion too? I can’t remember – maybe he got changed (back into a “£” sign?)


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