UKIP as a new political party experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, and an almost catastrophic collapse within two and a bit decades.


Why is this? From my perspective it stemmed from Nigel’s ability to see through the fog of ineptitude which was, and still is acting like a political Leukaemia within Britain. UKIP was like a blood transfusion to millions of Brits who had not lost the will to live.


These Brits knew exactly what Nigel meant when he said “you couldn’t get a fag paper between them” about the so-called mainstream parties. They continue to play a game which maintains the status quo, and will continue ruthlessly to do so.


Nigel and UKIP said NO! Using the EU and immigration as points of attack, arguments were used to show that people power could be returned to the man in the street, i.e. the voters. It worked! MEP elections in 2014 – UKIP won. 2015 General election – 3.9 million votes, more than the SNP – LIB/DEMS and Greens combined……….Reform the voting system Plus of course BREXIT in 2016. UKIP was on a roll, and should and could have become a major political force for good in Britain. Why has it not?


In my personal opinion. UKIP has been infiltrated by intellectual (they think they are) Grey Suits, (see my definition below) where their Gospel is moderation. Be all things to all men. Have no unique selling point. In other words, be just like the other lookalike parties. UKIP joined the RIZZLAS! Outcome, the population knew it, and thought why bother? Those who bother to vote, returned to their tribal heartlands, and we lost 3.4 million voters.


UKIP’s superstructure is bust! To stop it being holed below the waterline, it again needs a unique selling point which will resonate with the public at large. Which returns us to the vexed question of Leader.


Again, in my personal opinion there are only two candidates not in the RIZZLA pack. Anne Marie Waters and Aidan Powlesland. There is nothing said by the others  that cannot be found echoed by other politicians in other parties. APs views are very radical and far sighted, and will in the future become topical. But sadly AP lacks the ability to sell them!


AMW has hit upon a vote catcher. Deride her if you will, but ask yourself what has occupied press space, radio and TV time recently? Islamists and Islam. That politically corrupt ghetto Tower Hamlets, a place where, it is reported, a German doctor working for the NHS is amazed to discover that Muslim women resident in Britain for more than thirty years can’t speak a word of English. Or Lewisham, where AMW was barred from standing as a GE candidate, guess what? The Mosque there is where the imam who radicalised the killers of soldier Lee Rigby preached his poison. A Muslim preacher in Oxford Street refused to stand in a Magistrate Court!  Grooming gangs – guess who? BBC Panorama report which showed that 23% of all Muslims in Britain supported terrorist attacks in Europe and Britain. The Muslim Brotherhood of Britain – The Project – read it! Their aim; a Caliphate in Britain.


Any non Muslim country which gives them succour and embraces them soon lives to regret their largesse.  Any host country where the Muslim population rises to 20% or more is never at peace. Denmark, France, Holland, Sweden are now openly apprehensive, if not afraid. Germany also, but Merkel won’t admit it!  Austria and Hungary followed by the Slovaks have said enough is enough! Oh, and take a look at Japan’s attitude to Muslims.


The UK is now at a cross roads, and must decide if it is determined to commit to Western – Christian democracy, or lose its cultural identity, and eventually face civil war. AMW is the only public figure willing to confront the issue.


Just consider! Defeating Hitler and Nazism was paramount in 1940. All other considerations went to the back of the queue. Likewise Islam. Many voters sense AMW is correct.


If anyone thinks I’m scratching at a ‘scab’ I’m sorry, but I do fear, just like the EU, it is a genuine threat that has to be confronted.



  • ‘Grey Suits!’ A term first used by Alun Rhun Watkins. A Welsh columnist and observer of politics. My definition is this: Those, who in their quest to tick all PC boxes to win over all sectors of society lose sight of the original aim, and the message is lost in a ‘mish – mash’ of detail, anonymous, unidentifiable, and nondescript. No one has a clear idea of what is wanted.
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