Unless you have spent the last weeks on an island in the far North, with no internet, radio, TV and newspapers, you cannot help but be aware of what the EU politicians call the ‘refugee’ crisis, and what we normal people call ‘immigration crisis’ if we’re being polite, and invasion if we’re looking at the reports from the Southern and Eastern EU countries, never mind Germany.

While the hacks and politicians cannot decide if it’s better for their image to warble about ‘helping the poor’ or showing some faint glimmer of ‘realism’, and while the comments in the international online media, especially those in Germany, have found the person who really is to blame for this – Chancellor Merkel – there are some questions which simply are not being asked, not by the media, not by the politicians, and not yet by us, who will pay for all that in one form or another, make no mistake about that.

So here are the questions we really should ask, questions which we should demand our politicians answer:

Why is it that Big Business, that Big Manufacturers, who are clamouring for ‘more workers’, telling all and sundry that only mass immigration can help, are so keen on those masses of ‘Syrian’ and sub-saharan ‘refugees’, who according to the unbiased German Minister for Work are to 80% illiterate and unable to speak another language?

It would seem Big Business is anti-EU, because is there not mass unemployment and especially mass youth unemployment in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy? Are these EU citizens unworthy? Are they less capable of filling those places than the incoming ‘poor refugees’?

What is going on here?

Why is it that nobody, not in the media nor in politics asks even politely how come the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Countries) is so very reticent? And why is nobody asking how come the rich oil sheikdoms – as opposed to Lebanon, Jordan and even Iraq, are simply shining with their refusal to take in those ‘poor refugees’ who after all are their co-religionists and speak their language?

Oh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has generously offered to build 200 mosques in Germany, to ensure the spiritual welfare of those ‘refugees’. Meanwhile, they have a perpetual tent city, ready to house 1 million pilgrims on that annual pilgrimage to Mecca – but that, for some reason, cannot be used to house Syrians.

A Kuwaiti Minister allegedly said that the culture of those Syrians is too different from theirs, so they’d only bring unrest and thus cannot be welcomed. Of course, that their culture is even more different than ours is of no account!

Why are these countries apparently sacrosanct?

Meanwhile, “we” are deemed to be capable of taking in all and sundry, because Madame Merkel said so and Germany can no longer cope. Thus the EU must show ‘solidarity’ – or get their Brussels hand-outs cut.

But there’s a final question, one which I’ve already mentioned but which cannot be repeated often enough: why is it that our police and indeed the police in other EU countries, is unwilling to report crimes perpetrated by those ‘immigrants’?

Here’s a report from Germany.

Note well that there, just as here in the UK, the police does not report because it might stir up ‘resentments’, or rather: the natives might get cross and not behave in the lovey-dovey, non-racist manner all those living in their nice ivory towers so adore.

We must ask these questions and demand answers – and perhaps we might even ask why we suddenly have this perfect storm of alleged refugees who are allowed to break laws whenever they please, and who see nothing wrong with showing us a mini-intifada at the Hungarian border when they cannot get what they want. (You might not have been aware that these young men simply don’t want to be registered in the proper way, they just want to cross freely into the country they want to go to, where they think they get the most money for nothing.)

Perhaps we also should ask how come illegal deeds are ‘allowed’ to that group – yes, rape included – while we must even take off our shoes when we want to fly from Manchester to Frankfurt …