The ‘new Left’ are like the fascists of Oswald Mosley’s Black shirts


On Tuesday evening I attempted to attend the Lewisham East Hustings for the by-election. I say attempted because I couldn’t get in. Was it rammed to the hilt? I don’t know, but that wasn’t the reason.

The place where I was expecting to find the hustings was instead surrounded by a crowd of screaming people, pushing against a mass of police. What on earth had happened? I pushed through and tried to get in but was blocked by a policeman. ‘Why do you want to go in’ he asked? ‘I’m invited!’ – ‘What party are you?’ I looked round at the shouters – Racist! Racist! Racist! – I’m not a racist but I suggested to the policeman I probably shouldn’t mention my party – he took the hint and agreed, telling me to ask a senior policeman at the front.

So, I dutifully tried to push through the shouting mob, but got stuck. I asked the aforementioned policeman but he said ‘no one is going in, only out. We’ve had to shut it down’.

The aggressive woman in front of me then spat at a policeman. He quite rightly put up his hand, so she went for him and in the melee I got pushed to the side. I’m no scrapper and my heart was pounding: was I going to be trampled just for trying to attend a political debate? Had I been transported to a country where there is no democracy? No, I was in London, but I’m beginning to wonder…

‘Please let me on to the other side’ I asked a policewoman. We were indeed on sides – the peaceful candidates, supporters and audience leaving and standing on one side, the police in the middle, and the belligerent chanting mob – screaming Racist! at everyone – that I was caught in. ‘No’ came the answer ‘I don’t know who you are or why you want to go over there’… But then out of the blue came a strong voice ‘She’s alright – she’s with us’ – her arm grabbed me and pulled me forward. The policewoman believed her and let me through. I never was so glad to see anyone!

So, of course once on the safe side, I had questions for everyone… I had read Labour weren’t going to turn up – apparently ‘no platforming with the far right’ (it seems to me that the left considers anyone who isn’t Labour to be far right…. ). But many felt Labour didn’t turn up to the only hustings because they were so sure of winning. Our candidate David Kurten had to walk through to shouts of ‘UKIP scum’ and ‘Shame on You’.

The early arrivers of the audience had got in though.

The Speakers were allowed to go ahead and all made good speeches.

The local people wanted to know what each candidate was offering them – but the far Left will not allow this and once the speeches were over the police had to shut it down early for everyone’s safety as the chanting mob were not giving up. Democracy for them does not exist, they are not content to just place their vote, we should simply have no choice but to vote their way.

As people left the mob became as aggressive as they were when people arrived. It was like mass hysteria. I have done 3 hustings myself and it is nerve wracking enough without that. The candidates were brave, all of them. They stood up for democracy in the face of pure, extreme, fascist hatred.

Anyway, the ranting mob refused to disperse so after filming it all we retreated to the pub to discuss and watch the videos. Even the Lib Dem candidate had been screamed at.

We were shocked but in a way, it wasn’t that surprising. Things are getting worse everywhere. The Left and the so-called Antifa are in fact the new Fascists. They are extreme and will not tolerate any disagreement. We must all agree and virtue signal accordingly for fear of reprisals. Anyone who disagrees is a Racist. It is an extreme fundamentalism of politics. And it got me to thinking about the Blackshirts of the 1930’s….

The Black Shirts were a fascist group in the UK who tried to bring about a Hitler style movement in our country. They wore back shirts and would march through poor areas of London like the East End, assuming that those who were poor, oppressed and vulnerable were also stupid and would follow them. Fascism has never had any place in our country and they didn’t do very well. They soon faded out once war was declared against Nazi Germany.

My mother’s family lived in the East End at that time and were indeed very poor. There was the Great Depression and not many had work or money. People were desperate. Most were born into poverty and in those days there really was no way out. The masses were poor in general, whole boroughs were housed in workhouses. But poor doesn’t mean stupid and the Black Shirts got nowhere with the people of the East End.

My grandfather was born into a family of 6 children and his father died young, so at 13 he went to work to support his siblings and mother (who also worked). They often all lived in one room, as money was so tight. But they educated themselves, were avid readers, went to church, and one brother who was paralysed even taught himself Latin and got a job. But even though living in grinding poverty the poor people of London had no time for the Blackshirts or any form of fascism…. the only people who ran after them were tiny children looking for fun… and indeed the Blackshirts were viewed with humour, nowhere more so than in the areas of deepest poverty. As a Londoner born and bred, I heard these stories 1st hand.

But we now see the Fascists – the far Left – targeting the poor and the vulnerable, promising them everything to get them to follow them, and anyone who doesn’t agree must be named and shamed and attacked. The Far left thinks they can entice the vulnerable to follow them by posing as their saviours, but it is an insult to the vulnerable to assume they will follow anyone who promises impossible changes.

On the way home, a London chairman kindly drove us back to Central London. There was talk of how our country was being ruined – we all had ideas of how it would go: ‘Civil War!’ – we looked at the video of the self-styled anti racist woman interrupting David Kurten – ‘Comedy Gold’ for sure!

Then suddenly I looked out of the window and saw London Bridge and the Chelsea Embankment – the sun had set and the Thames was navy blue, lights were shining and the buildings were coloured gold – a beautiful sight – and I thought of how much I loved our country and especially my City. I thought of how much my ancestors had been through and yet remained honest and moderate, never resorting to fascism of any kind. We all stopped chatting and looked… yes it was indeed a beautiful sight, breathtaking, we are blessed to live in such a place. But what could we do? Where was all this going? How can we save our country, starting with London? Is it already lost? But to give up would be even more depressing….

When we all got out of the van the chairman who had driven us said we must all stand for election… we were smilingly pensive, but we knew we would, we weren’t ready to give up.

The Blackshirts will come in many guises. They are here now, stronger than ever in the form of the Far Left, Labour and Momentum. We got rid of the Blackshirt Fascists once before – we can and must do it again!


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