There is an old gag which goes something like this:

Question: How do you know when politicians are lying? Answer: When you see their lips move!

On 23rd June 17,410,742 people voted to “Leave the European Union”. The other question on the ballot paper was “Remain a member of the European Union”.

Nowhere on the ballot paper was there an option of voting to “Negotiate to leave the European Union” – but that is what our duplicitous politicians are doing!

Leaving the EU implicitly means the complete restoration of national sovereignty; the right to be governed solely by the laws made in our own Parliaments and Assemblies; the absolute right to control our own borders; the freedom to negotiate our own trading arrangements with whichever other countries we choose; for our armed forces to be deployed solely at the behest of the Westminster Parliament (and in concert with our NATO allies) and for the administration of Justice to be in accordance with the law of Habeas Corpus and all the other traditional defences and protections against state-inspired coercion which are the genius of the British criminal justice system.

As far as we ‘leavers’ are concerned these particular features are absolutely non-negotiable – so what is there left to negotiate?

To this question there will be a chorus of voices saying ‘our future trading arrangements, of course’!

What these people are saying is that we must be able to continue to trade with the EU on the supposedly favourable terms that we currently enjoy – tariff free ‘access to the world’s biggest market’ and all that jazz.

That being the case, and if our Government was seriously intent upon honouring the unambiguous result of the Referendum it would simply tell Brussels that “We’re out, but if you guys want to continue trading with us on the current basis the choice is yours”.

Does anyone seriously believe that the EU would turn down such an offer given that, as is well-known, they sell far more to us than we sell to them, and mindful of the fact that their economies are becoming increasingly sclerotic, whilst ours, contrary to all the doom-laden predictions, continues to grow, making it an increasingly attractive destination for EU exports?

During the Referendum campaign the ‘remainians’ made much of the fact that it had taken the EU over 7 years to make an incomplete trade deal with Canada. By the same logic a trade deal with the UK is not going to be settled any time soon, simply because getting the agreement of 27 other countries to every dot and comma is verging on the impossible. On the other hand the present trading arrangements are apparently acceptable to all concerned so why would both parties not settle for what they have already got instead of opening a veritable Pandora’s box?

Those who wish to play the negotiation card have nothing to lose. The ‘remainians’ will be content to see us perpetually ensnared by the EU. Similarly, the hundreds of civil servants drafted into the new Brexit department and the Ministers themselves have no incentive to make themselves redundant and, perish the thought, even our pro-EU Prime Minister may be secretly harbouring the thought that if the charade of negotiation can be kept going long enough we may never actually escape the Brussels straightjacket!

With so many non-EU countries apparently now clamouring for trade deals with the UK we must call the EU’s bluff and see, when push comes to shove, how many German car-makers, Italian wine-makers, French cheese-makers etc. etc. wouldn’t, on a reciprocal basis, want to perpetuate the current terms of trade with their best customer.

Wake up, Great Britain – you’re being conned!

Playing Brexit long by agreeing to negotiate our way out of the EU is not what we voted for!

Playing it long may well suit the nefarious purposes of the ‘remainians’, but for us ‘leavers’ it threatens to be the kiss of death.

Photo by FeistyTortilla