Hypocrisy – ‘The practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.’

Synonyms: sanctimoniousness, sanctimony, pietism, piousness, affected piety, affected superiority, false virtue, cant, humbug, pretence, posturing, speciousness, empty talk.

Just look at the list of synonyms. Doesn’t that sum up so well, many of the Trump demonstrators?   Not only are these people sanctimonious and superior, but as I said on BBC radio yesterday (see below),  these people seem to be wealthy enough to have a lot of spare time on their hands.  How do normal working people spend a Friday parading around London? Do they not have a job?

Catherine Blaiklock discusses controversial Donald Trump UK visit

Catherine Blaiklock discusses the controversial Donald Trump UK visit with Nick Conrad (BBC Radio).#donaldtrump #protrump #bbc

Posted by Catherine Blaiklock on Friday, 13 July 2018

How do normal working people afford to travel to London and take an entire day off to wave around banners? The answer, of course, is they do not.

People working on minimum wage in an Aldi in Hull, do not spend an entire, hot, Friday travelling down to London, making placards and demonstrating against a man who could not care less.

Indeed, Trump would probably argue, that more demonstrators,  just show that he is doing something right for ordinary Americans.

As the radio presenter in the above clip showed, we have recently welcomed heads of state from Saudi Arabia, China, Jordan and Mexico amongst others. Basically, we invite practically everyone and no one cares or even notices the date on which these people come.

How about a demonstration against the amputation punishment carried out by Saudi Arabia or the blinding punishment carried out by Iran? The list of countries which carry out stonings, beheadings, lashings, public beatings, blindings, amputations reads like a normal week for overseas visitors.

How about a demonstration against Obama who dropped 26,171 bombs in just 2017 and carried out special operations in 138 countries in 2016 which included bombing in some.

The idea that Obama was a man of peace is blatantly absurd.

Or what about Trump’s’ immigration policies?  Although I got the date wrong in the above live clip, (it was 1996, not 1994), it was Clinton who passed these immigration laws. The law says, if you enter the US illegally, you will be detained. American law also states that children cannot be detained in a prison or a detention centre, so to enforce Clinton’s immigration law, children have to be separated from their parents.

Like many areas of the law, in many Western countries, it is not the law that is the problem, it is that existing laws are not enforced. We have numerous examples of this in Britain. FGM is one of the best examples in the UK, where we have never managed to successfully prosecute anyone, despite there being a new case every hour.

Trump is rude.  He is blunt. He says the blindingly obvious.  He has funny hair. He is a bit corse compared to the smoothness of Obama and Clinton.   He’s a bit rough and ready like his hard-working voters. But who will actually do better for America?  Who will make the economy grow? Who is dramatically lowering taxes? Who will produce the lowest black unemployment rate for 20 years?  And who brought North Korea to the negotiating table? None of these things were done by either Obama or Clinton.

The proof is in the pudding as they say, and if the American economy keeps on booming, as it currently is, those hard-working, ordinary voters will vote for  Trump again and again.

Not only did we have the demonstrators but of course they were supremely aided and abetted by the mainstream media.  I have written about this here this week.

I was asked to go on a program for ITV with the Bruge group.  ITV decided to film in an empty restaurant with all the drinks behind us.  As I write here:

It was only later that I realised the significance of the empty restaurant:

It makes the Trump supporters look common, like drunks, and not very sophisticated people, which is exactly what the mainstream media and the liberal elite think of both Trump supporters and Brexit supporters.

I hope the demonstrators (as well as the ITV and BBC producer enjoyed basking in their superior morality, in a hot London. They wasted a superb, sunny weekend for their demonstrating that will not make a single, jot of difference to Trump or his voters.

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