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February 20, 2018 // 8 Comments

To All Members of UKIP in Wales and Friends Dear Colleague, The paramount consideration for us is to re-establish the Party in Wales within the classical liberal tradition of Freedom of Association, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Enterprise, Free Trade, Democracy, and the Rule of Law, which are the [...]

Letters to the Editor – Saturday 10th February 2018

February 10, 2018 // 14 Comments

Today’s letters are about Bolton, UKIP, and Free Speech. The first letter is from our contributor Roger Turner: Sir, Unfortunately I missed the first 10 minutes or so  of the Any Questions BBC 4 Radio programme. A pity really, because I missed the introduction of our leader Henry Bolton, who I [...]

Letters to the Editor – Thursday 1st February 2018

February 1, 2018 // 8 Comments

Two of today’s letters are Open Letters which speak for themselves and which we publish without further ado: Open Letter from the NEC to the Chairman of a Region, County or Branch by Steve Crowther for the NEC Dear Chairman (of a Region, County or Branch), I am writing to you on behalf of the [...]

The Grassroots – Taking Back Control. Part 2

January 21, 2018 // 7 Comments

[Ed: This blueprint for how the grassroots can take back control is based on the experience in Wales, but does not apply exclusively to the Principality. Again, colleagues from a cross the Nation in branches, counties and regions can easily adapt these proposals to their own local needs. [...]

The Grassroots – Taking Back Control. Part 1

January 20, 2018 // 12 Comments

[Ed: for reasons described below, UKIP Wales exemplifies what has gone so wrong in our Party. Colleagues in the National Party share this experience. This two-part proposal is however not parochial exercise concerning only Wales, but describes a way out which, in our opinion, is of great interest [...]

Leadership Elections – Campaign News

September 3, 2017 // 16 Comments

We received the following press release from Henry Bolton’s Campaign Office which we reproduce unabridged: A week can be a long time in politics and during this last week there were some significant developments in the Bolton Campaign. The last seven days have seen Nigel Farage being announced as [...]

“Grassroots Hustings” in Newport, Wales, 3rd August 2017

August 5, 2017 // 21 Comments

This meeting, organised by the Newport (South Wales) branch, was focused on uncensored grassroot questions. Four candidates only made the trip across the Severn, so it was not an ‘official’ hustings. The format though was the one we’ve become accustomed to: initial three-minute statements [...]

Letters to the Editor – Thursday 1st June 2017

June 1, 2017 // 2 Comments

Today’s letters deal with various issues in regard to the forthcoming General Election which interested our contributors. The first is by ‘Roving Reporter’ and addresses the question of tactical voting: Sir, In 2015, ten days before the election, the Ashcroft poll showed Labour on 31%, with [...]

The Surreal Events Surrounding Mark Reckless’ Defection

April 15, 2017 // 16 Comments

Ed: A week in politics is a long time. ‘Events, dear boy, events’ usually blanket out what happened during a week. However, the defection of Mark Reckless which closely followed that of Douglas Carswell deserves to be re-told because it resembles a farce rather than a political [...]
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