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A Case Study in Corresponding with our ‘Leaders’

February 10, 2018 // 13 Comments

In the following we publish a remarkable correspondence between one of our most venerable members, Christopher Gill who was Hon. President of  the Freedom Association, Paul Oakden and Richard Bingley. It is about an item published on the Party’s main website on January 20th 2018. Torquil [...]


February 3, 2018 // 58 Comments

[Ed: You can read Part One here and Part Two here] Have you noticed the build-‘em-up-knock-‘em down pattern when it comes to our recent succession of short-lived leaders? It looks like those who could take the party in a dynamic new direction are determinedly thwarted by the party machine [...]

November 28, 2016 // 8 Comments

I am not a well bunny at the moment! Apart from having a fall in July which tore the ligament in my left shoulder and which was repaired about 6 weeks ago and is healing well but not there yet, the political situation is most upsetting. The party I worked for and became approved as a Parliamentary [...]