“Without freedom of speech, we have nothing.”  Somebody else must have got there first – if not, I claim it. The lefties were so astoundingly stupid as to oppose, and try to silence, an event calling for FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

In attendance were several dozen from UKIP London and a few from further afield. Leading the march from Speakers’ Corner was Ben Buckland, London Havering branch, complete with kilt and pipes.

I’d asked a few who I’d scattered within the Whitehall crowd to keep an eye out for fascistic HateNotHope/Momentum/ANTIFA infiltrators on “our” side of the police line, and to photograph them. The lefties would reveal themselves by making Nazi salutes or similar, to be picked up by hostile cameras waiting for just that. I wouldn’t put it past Aunty Beeb & Co. to even prearrange such sabotage, in order to portray the march/rally as fascist.  Any such attempt must have failed, and as a result we got no MSM coverage at all apart from Breitbart and a misleading Grauniad article (is there any other sort?) replete with contrived photos –  a low, rear viewpoint arguably chosen so as to downplay the number of attendees.

I’d estimate 2000 participants most of the time, or allowing for short-stayers, 3000, but from what the lefties showed, you’d think it was 20.  The police said 1000+.  If they’d let us have their noisy ‘copter footage, we could be more accurate.


To the several who’ve asked “WhereTF I was”, I was lurking, on the march just behind Gerard Batten, and then in the Cenotaph crowd. David Kurten AM and other UKIP London friends were there too – somewhere! I was looking out for DK, but such were the crowds I was unsuccessful. Having enjoyed enough sunlight in my youth to last a lifetime, and as ever shy and retiring, I kept in the shade.

Later, I went into street-speaking/recruitment mode opposite Downing St, taking on all-comers, the more sceptical the better, and then when too dehydrated to continue, retiring with several converts to a quiet McDonald’s in Whitehall, while most of the other kippers enjoyed themselves across the road at the noisier ‘spoons. Gerard built bridges, dining with the organisers and other speakers (who were a diverse bunch).

While at the rally, I’d given my busy pal Raheem a few waves, Ann Marie Waters a hug (she is brave; also, I reminded her that the leader who mischaracterised her supporters as fascists is himself no longer a member) and T.R. and D&VP people some friendly nudges… splitting the FPTP vote on the centre-right (Cons now are centre, if not centre-left, IMO) is folly.

We were outside Theresa May’s home from 3pm till 7pm.  She didn’t ask us in for tea and crumpets, but instead… hid.  What a leader. A real Prime Minister (e.g., Thatcher, Churchill) would have come out and reassuringly engaged with us, showing support for Freedom of Speech. But we don’t have a PM. That’s she’s much less worse than the unstable lunatic from Labour is faint praise.

And a real Mayor, not the mountebank if not traitor we have installed, would have attended to explain how he has the audacity to blame the knife and gun crime, gang culture and “khanage” that is Sadiq’s London upon a lack of funding – while it is he himself who’s directly responsible for squandering millions and endangering millions, by diverting over a hundred thousand police-hours per year to trawling through the internet for words that just might upset some snowflake, lefty or other full-time professional offence-taker.

Guidance issued to cops and prosecutors is that even if the words themselves aren’t criminal, if anyone – ANYONE – feels these were motivated by religious or racial hatred, a “hate speech” incident will be recorded and that alleged motive may well constitute a crime by itself (repeat – even if the words were not criminal).  This is classic thoughtcrime.  Ingsoc is alive and well; thanks May-Khan.


Vibast Community Centre, Ground Floor, Bartholomew Court, 163 Old St, EC1V 9NH 7:15 pm, Thursday May 10th.  Free parking right outside from 7:01 pm. Three minutes walk from Old St station (Overground + Northern line); if you get to the church with the spire, you’ve overshot.

If you are interested in standing for any of the three statutory positions, please NOW email the Sec’y on [email protected] – last call (this is the 3rd reminder for the AGM) for any CV you want to be distributed.  And attend.  My CV, FWIW, is attached to this email.

Branch officers, please distribute this email within your branch.  In the wildly improbable event that I survive the AGM, I will put forward a plan to reorganise London branches into viable units, and to implement our own GDPR (Ghastly Data Protection Regulation, as most also see it) Coping Mechanism so, irrespective of national success in this, we can keep communicating efficiently after May 24 without being fined.


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