UKIP in the News

Heartwarming news in the Independent for UKIP, reporting on ComRes poll about favourite party leaders:

What is more, Mr Farage is favoured over Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg as a party leader, beaten only by David Cameron, the ComRes survey reveals. Ukip is the favourite choice of 27 per cent of voters, while Labour is favoured by 26 per cent. The Conservatives are next, on 25 per cent, and the Lib Dems last, on 14 per cent.

This is of course balanced by reporting of Councillor David Silvester rather unconventional views on the cause of the recent floods. What we find most interesting in the reports is what the party spokeswoman said in defence of free speech:

“Freedom to individual thought and expression is a central tenet of any open-minded and democratic country. It is quite evident that this is not the party’s belief but the councillor’s own and he is more than entitled to express independent thought despite whether or not other people may deem it standard or correct. That is what makes the United Kingdom such a wonderful, proud, diverse and free country.”

(Telegraph, Times, Mail)

Interestingly the Mail has a more rational reason for the cause of floods, which turns to our favour: Drowned by EU millions: Thought ‘extreme weather’ was to blame for the floods? Wrong. The real culprit is the European subsidies that pay UK farmers to destroy the very trees that soak up the storm.

The EU In/Out Battle

The establishment are stepping up their defence for staying in the European Union. The Times talks of a campaign to get migrant workers to rise up and vote against the Tories and UKIP, as well as Brits who are living in Europe, while The Guardian has a report saying that British exit from EU may scare off foreign investors, admits Vince Cable. In this, he says:

Asked by the Observer whether foreign companies had raised concerns, Cable said: “The answer is yes. What I say [to businesses] as a government minister is that the risks of us leaving the EU are very, very low … and I just try to reassure foreign investors.”

The latest Opinium/Observer poll suggests 52% of the British public aged over 18 would vote to leave the EU tomorrow, while 34% would vote to stay, representing a small increase since last November when 50% said they would vote to leave.

Meanwhile the Telegraph reports that David Cameron faces Tory deadline over Europe as rebel Conservatives warn they could consider a leadership coup if the party is “hammered” in the Euro elections in May.

Labour MEP Candidate Killed

All the papers cover the sad death of the South East Labour MEP Candidate, Del Singh, in a terrorist attack on a restaurant in Kabul. While anyone who chooses to go to a war zone, without VIP protection, takes a risk, this is a terrible price to pay though.

Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, Mail.

Leaving Islam

Setting aside their lead articles on Hollywood needing more blockbusters and the charging of the mother of Mikaeel Kular, the Independent then bravely reports on Allah vs atheism: ‘Leaving Islam was the hardest thing I’ve done’.  The article opens with:

A growing number of Muslims are speaking out about losing their faith, but it can mean being shunned by their families, or even threatened with death. Sarah Morrison meets the atheists

They relate the story of Amal Farah a 32 year old Somalian banking executive. This is part of her story:

“It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done – telling my observant family that I was having doubts. My mum was shocked; she began to cry. It was very painful for her. When she realised I actually meant it, she cut communication with me,” said Ms Farah. “She was suspicious of me being in contact with my brothers and sisters. She didn’t want me to poison their heads in any way. I felt like a leper and I lived in fear. As long as they knew where I was, I wasn’t safe.”

They tell other people’s stories as well, and it needs no comment from us – worth a read, as are the reader’s comments.

Housing Bubble

The Telegraph leads on a story about the 43 areas where homes cost £1 million. Geographically, this is not just in Central London, but also some of the suburbs, the stockbroker belt and further out, such as Gloucestershire and even the Gower Peninsula and south of Manchester.  In the article, they comment:

“While some experts have expressed concern over whether the increases are sustainable, the data suggest that strong house price rises in the South East are dragging up values across the country, acting as an engine of wealth.

Yet there are also signs that the difficulties facing those trying to get on to the housing ladder may be easing.“

We would contest a housing price bubble as being “an engine of wealth”, it is more a reflection of lack of housing caused by mass immigration.

Liberal Democrats and Women

While the Lord Rennard “case” bubbles on with this in the Mirror, the Express has resurrected the Mike Hancock case (Portsmouth South MP) with some new evidence. A 39 year-old woman who had sought his help with problem neighbours has this to say to The Express:

“The Lib Dem national party investigation has been put on hold because he resigned the whip, and yet he can still sit as a councillor for the party. I had to give upsetting evidence to the party’s chief whip during his investigation and re-live a really horrible episode in my life and now what … nothing. The only sanction they had was to withdraw the whip but it never got that far because he resigned the whip. The situation is farcical.”

The only comment we have is that we are glad another party is feeling the heat of the press. Here’s another such bit of heat for the Tories in the Mirror about David Cameron’s paper clips. Is that the kind of thing he has to worry about now the EU holds all the power?