The Express has uncovered an astonishing document which exposes the realities of EU membership.

A SECRET document, which remained locked away for 30 years, advised the British Government to COVER UP the realities of EU membership so that by the time the public realised what was happening it would be too late.
Almost all of the shocking predictions – from the loss of British sovereignty, to monetary union and the over-arching powers of European courts – have come true.
But damningly for Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath, and all those who kept quiet about the findings in the early 70s, the document, known as FCO30/1048, was locked away under Official Secrets Act rules for almost five decades.
The classified paper, dated April 1971, suggested the Government should keep the British public in the dark about what EEC membership means predicting that it would take 30 years for voters to realise what was happening by which time it would be too late to leave.
That last detail was the only thing the disgraceful paper – prepared for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) – got wrong.

The French president has called again for more EU, says Breitbart.

Emmanuel Macron has demanded closer and faster EU integration towards a superstate, in a speech where he vowed to “yield nothing” to conservative eastern members which believe in a Europe of strong nations.
Speaking in Aachen, where he received this year’s pro-EU Charlemagne prize “in recognition of his vision of a new Europe” and his “decisive stance” against nationalism, the French president urged Brussels to move full speed ahead on monetary union and creating a single foreign policy and defence strategy for the whole bloc.
Condemning the “music of nationalism [that] is resounding everywhere in Europe”, Macron called on Europhiles who want to see more power concentrated in Brussels to “move forward with full force and as quickly as possible” with plans for integration so as to drown out the “clear [voices] of nationalists and demagogues”.

Customs partnership

The customs partnership is still a bone of contention, reports the Telegraph.

At least a dozen members of Theresa May’s Cabinet are lining up to block her plans for a new “customs partnership” with the European Union, The Telegraph can disclose.
Two pro-Remain ministers say they were among a growing number of figures around the Cabinet table who opposed the proposals described by Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, as “crazy”.
The Telegraph has now established that 12 out of a total of 28 individuals who sit in Cabinet alongside Mrs May oppose her favoured plans for Britain’s post-Brexit customs relationship with the EU. However, government sources 
believe the total could be as high as 15.

But it seems the experts have been called in, reports the Express.

TAX officials have been asked to help settle the Brexit customs union debate after it was reported HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) considers Theresa May’s preferred solution to be “unviable”.
The Prime Minister is said to be in favour of a “customs partnership” system after the split which would see the UK collect tariffs on behalf of Brussels.
But it was reported yesterday HMRC is against the “incredibly complicated” idea, with one source saying officials from the Revenue had thought ministers were “having a laugh” when they heard the system was being considered.
HMRC would ultimately be responsible for overseeing the collection and rebate of tariffs under the customs partnership plan.
And now, tax bosses have been asked to appear before MPs on the Commons Treasury Committee to clear up the issue and outline what the organisation thinks should be done.

Westmonster also has the story.

The soft Customs option that would see the UK hooked into the European Union post-Brexit has reportedly been described as “unviable” by HMRC.
Brexiteers have opposed a ‘Customs partnership’ with the EU, with Boris Johnson calling it “crazy” and Jacob Rees-Mogg describing it as “cretinous”.
And now sources have told The Telegraph that HMRC believes the system wouldn’t work and is “incredibly complicated”. It would see the UK collecting tariffs on behalf of the EU and refunding some later.
The ‘Maximum Facilitation’ option is the option now being championed, harnessing technology to ensure Brexit Britain is fully independent moving forward.
Time for Theresa May to drop the soft ‘Customs partnership’ and get real. It doesn’t have the support of pro-Brexit Ministers and clearly wouldn’t work. She should get behind ‘Max Fac’ and focus on delivering.

And the Independent reports that the Falkland Islands are worried.

The Falkland Islands’ government has sounded the alarm over leaving the EU single market, warning that the territory would take a “catastrophic” economic hit if it faces new tariffs and quotas as a result of Brexit.
The Independent understands that representatives of the islands’ fishing industry and government have been lobbying British politicians over the dangers of losing seamless access to the EU – where the vast majority of the territory’s exports go.
The Falkland Islands’ fishing industry exports almost exclusively to the EU, with 94 per cent of fishing exports by bulk heading to the single market in 2017.
Fishing accounts for 41 per cent of the islands’ exports and two-thirds of the corporation tax received by its treasury.
Any negative impact from Brexit on the islands’ economy is likely to be a thorny issue for Brexiteers, for many of whom the Falklands is a touchstone issue.


Will we leave the EU next March? The bloc could push for an extension to the transition period, reports the Independent.

The EU is to push for an optional six-month extension to the  Brexit transition period to be built in to the UK’s withdrawal agreement, The Independent  understands.
European Commission officials will seek the extension to give the EU added flexibility, but it comes as key figures in the UK also look to extend the transition to give time to implement new customs arrangements.
Next week a crunch meeting will see Theresa May’s top ministers try to agree what kind of customs relations to seek in negotiations, with both of her proposed options potentially needing more time than the current transition allows.
The Independent has been told by two sources in Brussels that the EU wants the six-month extension to protect its own interests, as Brexit negotiations come to their most critical phase.


An Irish MEP is making demands, says the Express.

IRELAND must receive a Brexit “relief fund”, an Irish MEP has demanded, as the row over the “black hole” in the next EU budget continues to escalate in the wake of Britain leaving the bloc.
Ireland has has become an increasingly central part of the  Brexit debate due to the impact on the island’s border after the UK leaves the EU.
However, while Dublin has cozied up with Brussels repeatedly during the negotiation process, the alliance appears at times shaky – especially when it comes to the upcoming EU budget.
Britain’s departure from the EU is set to result in a budgetary “black hole” of £9 to £13 billion, with member states divided as to how this should be made up.
Some, including Germany, say they are happy to pay more while others, including Austria, oppose any increase.
Ireland, too, is happy to pay extra to help plug the gap – but MEP for Dublin Brian Hayes said this must be off-set by a Brexit “relief fund”.


When will this irritating little Speaker resign? Next year, reports the Times.

John Bercow intends to stand down as Speaker of the House of Commons next year.
He refused to be drawn on his plans last week when asked to allow MPs a debate on a possible replacement, but has told friends he will resign next year. Potential successors include the Deputy Speaker, Lindsay Hoyle, and the Labour MP Harriet Harman.
A source said: “His wife Sally and their children have grown tired of living in parliament and been urging him to call it a day. But he has no intention of letting anyone push him out of the job, so has indicated that he will go on his own terms next year when he has served 10 years.”

Conservative Party

The Prime Minister has begged the country to trust her. The Express says:

THERESA MAY has insisted she can be trusted to deliver Brexit and has vowed to spend the billions we send to Brussels on the NHS.
In a punchy intervention amid a Cabinet split over Britain’s post-Brexit customs arrangements, she restated her “mission” to take back control of our money, laws and borders when we leave the EU, insisting that we would “establish our own independent trade policy”.
Mrs May has repeatedly said the UK will leave the single market and customs union but her support for a so-called “new customs partnership” with Brussels has been criticised by Brexiteers, who say it keeps us too closely aligned with the bloc.
Her latest statement on the subject suggests she has softened her stance on the Eurosceptics’ preferred alternative “Max Fac” – short for maximum facilitation – which relies on new technology and trusted trader schemes to avoid a hard border with the EU in Northern Ireland.

The Times reports:

Theresa May today seeks to break the deadlock in her warring cabinet and party over their differences on Brexit by declaring “trust me to deliver” and vowing: “I will not let you down.”
Writing for The Sunday Times, the prime minister adopts the language of the Brexiteers as she promises to “take back control” of Britain’s borders, money and laws, but says: “There will have to be compromises.”
Her intervention comes after tensions in the cabinet exploded into the open last week as Boris Johnson launched an attack on the prime minister’s preferred option for a post-Brexit EU customs partnership. The foreign secretary dismissed the proposal as “crazy”, saying it would deny Britain control of trade policy.

The Independent reports she is fighting criticism.

Theresa May has urged the public to “trust me” to deliver  Brexit, as she fights off mounting criticism that her warring  cabinet threatens to derail the process.
The prime minister dismissed bitter rows among her top ministers about how Britain should leave the European Union as simply “noisy debate and technical discussions”.
Instead, she insisted Britain remained on course to “take back control” of its money, laws and borders, including “billions of pounds” that would be diverted to the NHS.
Dismissing talk of compromise, Ms May again vowed to take the UK out of the EU single market and customs union and “establish our own independent trade policy”.
“You can trust me to deliver,” she promised, writing for a national newspaper after a week in which her own Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, dismissed her customs proposal as “crazy”.

Labour Party

Labour is also having a torrid time, says the Telegraph.

Emily Thornberry has plunged Labour’s Brexit policy into fresh chaos after she said she wanted the UK to stay in the customs union after Britain leaves the European Union.
The shadow foreign secretary said “we want to remain in the customs union” despite Labour’s official position being that the UK should strike a customs union deal which would give Britain a say over future trade deals.
Meanwhile, Ms Thornberry suggested Labour wanted the UK to “end up in the same place” as Norway in terms of its future relationship with Brussels.
Norway is in the European Economic Area (EEA) which allows it to be part of the single market.

The Mail quotes a former Labour leader.

Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock has warned Jeremy Corbyn that if he fails to back plans to keep Britain in the single market this would be a ‘serious evasion of duty’.
Lord Kinnock, who led his party from 1983 until 1992, said his refusal would expose working people to ‘the rockslide of hard Brexit‘.
He slammed Mr Corbyn’s claim that being part of the single market restricts the UK’s ability to intervene in British industry, branding it an ‘infantile leftist illusion’.
‘It would be a serious evasion of duty if Labour did not seize this chance to protect our country from the rockslide of ‘hard’ Brexit,’ the peer wrote in The Independent

And the Guardian urges the Labour leader to change course.

Jeremy Corbyn will commit a “serious evasion of duty” if he does not change course and back the UK retaining key aspects of the single market after Brexit, the former Labour leader Neil Kinnock has said.
In a strongly worded attack, the peer signalled that  Labour  MPs should defy Corbyn if he repeats instructions to abstain in parliamentary votes on Britain staying in the European Economic Area (EEA).
Lord Kinnock was one of 83 Labour peers who rebelled against Corbyn and backed an amendment to  Brexit  legislation in the upper house for the UK to remain in the EEA – a grouping that allows for the free movement of persons, goods, services and capital within the European single market.
In a thinly veiled swipe at Corbyn, Kinnock said objections to EEA membership were based on “infantile leftist illusion”.

Corbyn has called for a new deal – more money – for workers, reports the Mail.

Jeremy Corbyn has called for ‘decency in society’ and demanded a ‘new deal’ for workers during a Trade Union Congress (TUC) march through London today.
The Labour leader spoke to thousands who joined him on the streets of London today, where the TUC were protesting what they labelled the worst pay squeeze in modern history.
Corbyn told the rally: ‘This demonstration today is about workers rights, it is about collective endeavour but above all, it’s a declaration that we’re around to campaign as long as it takes, to bring about that social justice and that decency in society.’
He added a Labour government would boost training for young workers, build more homes and nationalise some sectors so consumers would be given a greater say in how companies were run, or if they should be sold off. 

Civil partnerships

In other news, the Times reports on the prospect of no more civil partnership.

The government is considering scrapping gay people’s rights to civil partnerships rather than extending them to heterosexuals.
It has intervened before a Supreme Court hearing tomorrow when Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, a couple with two young children, fight for the right to enter a civil partnership rather than having to get married.
Penny Mordaunt, the women and equalities minister, has commissioned research to find out if demand for civil partnerships is so low that the “government should consider abolishing or phasing out civil partnerships entirely”.
In a paper slipped out quietly in parliament, she points out that the introduction of same-sex marriages in 2014 led to a slump in the number of civil partnerships.


Investigations have started into why the death rate in the country has soared this year, says the Mail.

Shocking statistics reveal that more than 20,000 ‘additional deaths’ have occurred in England and Wales in the first 16 weeks of this year.
Academics remain baffled by the spike in fatalities, which prompted several to demand a Government investigation into the matter.
However, some statisticians believe the crisis engulfing the NHS and cuts in care, along with the killer winter flu outbreak, are factors that should be taken into consideration.
The figures, from the Office for National Statistics, showed there were 20,215 more deaths in the first 16 weeks of 2018 compared to the previous five years – namely, 198,943 compared to an average of 178,778.

Rail travel

Silent, emission-free trains could run on our current tracks, says the Times.

Britain’s railways are to enter a new steam age with up to 100 ageing diesel trains poised to be converted to run on eco-friendly hydrogen. They could be on the network within three years and will be almost silent, with the same range and speed as diesel trains.
Their only emissions will be water, with some released as small puffs of steam above the train. The conversion programme — drawn up by Alstom, the French train maker — would make Britain a world leader in hydrogen train technology. Jo Johnson, the rail minister, called in February for all Britain’s 3,900 diesel trains to be scrapped by 2040.
There is growing concern about the impact of diesel emissions at railway stations.

World cup

There’s going to be trouble in Russia this summer, says the Star.

ENGLAND hooligan firms have teamed up to infiltrate Russia weeks before the World Cup – and are plotting joint “revenge” attacks on ultras.
They have been hard at work planning the best way to cause chaos in Russia, Daily Star Online has discovered.
We spoke to a 57-year-old Middlesbrough fan from the Smoggies Elite involved in organising the “Great Britain contingent” travelling to the World Cup.
He explained the Russians had written them off after ambushing fans at Euro 2016, but claimed “they won’t know what’s hit them” this time.
Choosing to remain anonymous, the ‘Boro fan said: ”We’ve been keeping tabs on them for a while, and honestly, if these gangs of thugs are all they’ve got, this is going to be a f****** walk-over.”
The buzzing fighter is a self-proclaimed “warrior” of the “old hardcore” who he claims are uniting ahead of the World Cup after several London meet-ups.


Keep your fingers crossed for a bit more sun, says the Sun.

BRITS are set to bask in summer temperatures once more as a mini-heatwave sweeps through the UK after a weekend washout.
Forecasters are expecting temperatures to soar EIGHT degrees higher than normal for this time of the year, as a high pressure front sucks warm and sunny weather back towards the mainland.
Meteorologists reckon highs could reach 20C in north-east England by Tuesday, with highs up to 19C elsewhere.
The best weather will be found in central and north-east England where the high pressure will bring sunshine and high temperatures.

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