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Stitched up

Exclusive: British officials in secret discussions with EU to extend Brexit transition period to almost three years

Above is a premium article in The Telegraph, but there’s no need to read it – the title says it all. Of course it’ll be even longer until we can gain control of our borders; the EU will not allow us to stop mass immigration and here’s why.

I was watching this video by Stefan Molyneux in which, he talks about the potential DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) deal in the United States and hits the nail on the head when he points out: “The real reason for DACA is that it will alter the demographic of the US.”

This is something that is sometimes mentioned but not given nearly enough attention. This is how the European Union, United Nations and globalists generally operate. If the European Union for instance, alows in millions of fake refugees from Third World sh*tholes, they will be very pro EU for giving them the chance to escape from said sh*thole at our expense.

In the meantime, the indigenous population of Europe and the United Kingdom will be increasingly disenfranchised from political representation in their own countries. After many years of treason and betrayal, we will be presented with a fait accompli, all achieved by lies and subterfuge, and by the time we wake up it will be too late – it’s all very carefully planned and calculated.

According to the Office For National Statistics, the population of the UK has increased by 7.8 million since 1980. Initially, much of the population growth was driven by mass immigration, and it still is, but now as these immigrants breed like rabbits, births have increased dramatically too.

Multiculturalism is a failure and our politicians know it. The Gatestone Institute reports on a speech by our ex Prime-Minister David Cameron on the subject. It proves that he and others are well aware of the problems.

We’re constantly being told that multiculturalism is good for our country, but for the vast majority of us it is a disaster. The population of the UK is ageing and we’re told that by importing millions of gang raping, child grooming, illiterate, ignorant and unemployable  dregs of humanity that it will make things better: the lie of the century!

As I wrote in an article, “Surviving the human tsunami”, the population of the Third World is out of control. It is the biggest threat that we face. It’s a sad fact of life that these people are desperate to escape a crisis of their own making; they will never cease to turn up on our shores if we let them.

The European Union and the United Nation, in pursuit of their globalist dream, are happy to throw us to the wolves. We don’t matter, we’re expendable, we’re expected to commit suicide to accommodate the Third World. Perhaps it’s time to wake up and have our say on this.

Taking us into the European Union was treason and our politicians, whether Lib, Lab or Con are in too deep now and the evil European Union is an expansionist Totalitarian empire in the making that will never let us go.

Unfortunately it comes as no surprise to me that our so called government is plotting to extend our ties with the EU. On the day of our referendum on EU membership, the people of Britain proved that they weren’t as stupid as our government thought them to be.

Although the referendum was supposed to have been only advisory, we were repeatedly promised that if we voted to leave Article 50 would be invoked immediately and we would make a clean break from the EU. Theresa May and her government have been lying and backtracking ever since.

Make no mistake, if we don’t confront May and her government now, we will never leave the European Union, our demographic will be further tinkered with and we’ll be disenfranchised politically in our own country. As I also wrote in a previous article, “De-facto Islamic Rule”, this has already been happening for a long time.  We only have to look at other countries in Europe to see where all of this is headed.

Europe’s refugee crisis is now destroying Sweden.

Then on April 7 this year a terrorist attack, in which an Uzbek man, who was a rejected asylum seeker drove a stolen beer truck into a crowd of shoppers. He ended up killing four people and wounding 15 others. Sweden quickly changed its refugee policy in the face of mounting social problems from within. Global Research.

Sweden is a fallen country, these migrants are not our friends, as Stefan Molyneux says: “They just want our resources.”

Other European countries are following Sweden, particularly Germany with their outright betrayal by Angela Merkel, Theresa May is doing the same to us. If we don’t confront her now it’ll soon be too late – we’re being stitched up.

It is almost beyond belief that a supposed democratic government, supposedly representing its people could betray them so badly and now we have to ask: ‘Which people?’

We must confront the lies and propaganda if we have any chance to survive and we’re in just as much of a survival situation as any time during the last two world wars.

Theresa May is a lying, evil, treacherous woman. She has absolutely no regard for the British people. They can be beaten, raped, sexually groomed and made to pay to keep their attackers in the style to which they would like to be accustomed, as long as the globalist dream is kept alive.

The time has come, one way or another, by hook or by crook, for Theresa May to go.

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I'm not living in the UK at the moment, and I'm an ex university lecturer in IT and MBA. I don't belong to any political party but if I was in the UK I'd be with UKIP.

17 Comments on Stitched up

  1. You are right about Mrs May. She makes speeches that sound right. She’s a specialist at this. Then doesn’t care and keeps her job regardless of the harm it can do. She,in her time as Home Secretary, Supervised the creation of our modern useless non working Justice system, and “changing” and ” redefining ” of statistics, and decimation and lowering standards of our policing. That’s just my view. Lord knows what coppers think of her.

    She has to be nailed to her promises.

  2. Thank you Flyer for speaking to us on this as only you can. A vitally important wake-up call.

    I was awakened to this war we’re in when I was a wee broth of a boy at school. I saw it first-hand and was aghast at how quickly the ordure descended upon Rhodesia and turned it into Zimbabwe.

    If, before it all started, someone had stood up on a soapbox in Bulawayo and warned that soon there would be people starving, innocent rural tribes-men slaughtered by the Red Brigades for being in the wrong tribe etc. etc. (the list is long) he would, in all probability, have been quietly taken to a place for the mentally unwell.

    Rhodesia was just a practice run.

    They’ve learned their lesson well, these enemies of ours, with two failed attempts at arriving on our doorstep, armed to the teeth with guns, rockets and bombs.

    So now it’s plan B. The Trojan Horse attack.

    First, they ship them in disguised as nice, needy, suffering people looking for our help. Who that calls themselves nice could resist?

    Make no mistake. We’re only being served the horderves. The nasty part will come.

    We’re on the road to nowhere. Next stop Venezuela.

    As we’ve seen this is nothing new, but it IS new to the, decent, friendly, well-meaning, ‘be nice to others and they’ll be nice to you’ inhabitants of these sceptered isles.

    So now we know what to tell them but how do we do so in a way that gets them to agree and then act accordingly?

    UKIP is the only answer that I can see.

    Our enemies need to know that not only is UKIP not done.

    UKIP has only just begun!

  3. Stitched up; no surprises there from the traitors in government. Sadly many people are too busy Facebooking or devoting all their spare time to watching sport on TV to open their eyes to reality.

    i fear that we are close to having to fight to keep our freedom and country. Time is on the side of the enemy now.

  4. We are facing a conspiracy which is multipronged. It includes laws with regard to speech and actions which under our Common Law would not have been unlawful. It includes international agreements on asylum. It includes immigration laws which make it hard to control the flow of people in practice. It includes the tone set by the media including not only news but also entertainment and advertising all of which promote a Weltanchauung which is incompatible with the survival of European civilisation and inhibit the expression of that which would sustain it.

    We should be concerned by the consequences of the unprovoked attacks on Middle Eastern countries and Afghanistan and the consequential creation of millions of refugees and likewise that on Libya and the consequential egress of millions of sub-Saharan economic migrants, none of which could not have been predicted and which almost certainly were planned to happen because of their impact on Europe.

    We should be concerned not only with those who overtly flaunt their failure to assimilate our heritage but those that purport to have assimilated it but are actively working against its survival; we should be concerned with these most of all.

    • Add to that the constant changes in policy i.e. diesel is good then, a few years later, diesel is bad. All based on government funded “research” with the sole intent to disrupt our lives and lose us money either directly or through excessive taxation.

  5. If I’m repeating information already submitted I apologise, but the current immigration has been planned for many years. It has two prongs as far as can be seen. The first is the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan and the 2nd The Barcelona Agreement, signed in the name of the UK by Malcolm Rifkind. The Charlemagne Prize is awarded regularly to the person deemed to have contributed most to the advancement of the CK plan. All material quoted is freely available on the net. Some UKIP MEPs have not heard of above. It was never mentioned by any movement pre-referendum as far as I can tell.

  6. They haven’t been mentioned for a while on these pages, but two excellent books that are worth reading (if you haven’t already):
    David Vincent: “2030: Your Childrens Future in Islamic Britain”
    Douglas Murray: “The Strange Death Of Europe”

    While Labour, under Tony Blair, started this sequence of events back in 1997, the Conservatives have done NOTHING to change things, which tells you all you need to know about the supposed differences between the Labour and Conservative parties, and brings new meaning to David Cameron’s statement of “we’re all in this together”. Yes, they definitely are.

  7. Leaving the EU won’t save us. Immigration will then be stepped up from elsewhere. When UKIP openly says that we are suffering population replacement then we’ll know it’s getting on the case at last. But PC says there can be no such thing since everyone is British the moment they arrive. ‘Diversity is our strength’. UKIP is terrified of PC.

    Notice how Sky tried to stitch Tommy Robinson with one of the oldest gags in the fake news game. If you warn about something then if it happens it’s your fault because you ‘provoked’it. See the relevance to the above para? Need I spell it? Problems as a result of immigration? Only occurred because someone said there might be.

  8. ‘Theresa May is a lying, evil, treacherous woman. She has absolutely no regard for the British people.’ Ditto corbyn, cameron blair etc
    Immigration is a political weapon to divide and control the population.Thats it. At the top of government there is no other benefit beyond protecting their iron grip on political power. Multiculturalism, equality, human rights and social justice are all theatre to distract us from economic looting by a national and global elite. Racial tensions are kept neatly simmering as well as terror threats to scare people into compliance. Looking at sweden the west can clearly see the nightmare approaching endgame.Or if the mainstream media wont show us sweden we can walk round London. Just venture a few tube stops from the center. Or read the knife crime statistics or the acid attacks. For all this we must thank the British Gov. Don’t blame immigrants. Blame T.May and take the fight to a gov.that doesn’t give a damn. Stop saying we need a points system. Stop saying we need controlled immigration. Stop talking on their terms and recognise mass immigration for what it is: a political weapon to keep tptb in power forever.

    The country and the conservative party (and farage) need to stop giving T.May and her gang the benefit of the doubt. First article 50, billions for eu, ever extending transition periods..more child migrants with beards. At what point will someone stop the wrecking ball that is destroying our country?

  9. Alec,

    I agree, we need Gerard now because then we would have the support of the ‘veteran’s against terrorism’ and the ‘FLA’ from what I have seen on their web pages.

    There is no time to waste, brexit is rapidly slipping from our grasp and another referendum beckons.

  10. Can’t much disagree except…who will end up replacing her, Corbyn ?

  11. Flyer,

    Surprise, surprise, we have been stitched up!

    • Donald,

      You and I know that the reason for this has been successive Conservative and Labour governments who have lied to the electorate.

      They have also colluded to keep themselves in power with the FPTP system. It cannot continue and that is why we need a strong UKIP with a Leader who can connect to ordinary people.

      • Alec you are absolutely right that a UKIP leader needs to connect with ordinary people.

        Even if Matt can prove he is right, such language would be well Over The Top for the masses and so would be counter-productive esp. when dealing with sensitive subjects.

        The blame game won’t help as for starters you’re asking thousands if not millions of people to admit that they were wrong to vote for the culprits. How easy does anyone find it to admit they were wrong when they’ve done it in good faith?!

        To my mind, leading UKIP is basically a teaching and two-way communication (speaking out and listening) exercise, and a good teacher and/or communicator starts where his/her audience/pupil is, which may not at present be where you’d like them to be. You then work out, with others, how to lead them to where you want them to be in a way which makes them feel they’ve made the political journey on their terms. That’s not diluting your ideal at all: it’s realising it.

        The first step is of course to make sure that we get a true Brexit: not a nominal one which only has the effect of stopping EU funding of activists – if only on a salarying MEP Brexiteers basis – to starve-out opposition to continued business as usual within the EU under the auspices of an endless transition period. This is why UKIP needs a credible leader as opposed to one who has become a laughing stock, and thereby made UKIP look equally daft.

        But take courage from the fact that the level of debate around the EU Referendum from so-called professional politicians was with very few exceptions pretty appalling, but we still won. So if we put arguments together and express them carefully we can keep on winning and in time get our country back.

        In short, don’t get angry, as that’ll just provoke an equally angry reaction. Be smart to win.

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