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We have received permission to publish this statement by our UKIP members in the House of Lords, Lord Malcolm Pearson of Rannoch, Lord David Stevens of Ludgate and Lord David Willoughby de Broke. Their statement was first sent to the NEC. It is published jointly by Kipper Central and UKIP Daily. The importance of the UKIP Peers’ proposal is self-evident:

To the UKIP NEC.

Dear NEC members,

As you will know, ahead of your emergency meeting on 20th January, we wrote to NEC chairman Paul Oakden indicating that, as the three UKIP Peers in the House of Lords, we had lost confidence in Henry Bolton as Party Leader.

We now write to suggest that, ahead of the EGM on 17th February, you resolve to immediately appoint Gerard Batten MEP as Interim Leader in the event that Henry Bolton loses the vote at the EGM.

Further, we suggest that you publicly announce ahead of the EGM that it is your intention to appoint Gerard in the event that Henry Bolton loses, so that UKIP members will know as they vote that you have a plan of action around the party leadership and that there will not be any demoralising vacuum at the top. This will be helpful for members up and down the country and is especially necessary in view of the local elections just over two months away on 3rd May.

If possible, you might even make plans to introduce Gerard as Interim Leader at the end of the EGM at Birmingham if Henry Bolton loses the vote, in order to demonstrate continuity and forward vision.

Gerard will be well known to you as one of the founding members of the party. At our request we met with him recently, and  are confident he will make a competent Interim Leader with a clear idea of what he would like to do with and for the party.

We note that former Deputy Leader Margot Parker MEP and former Assistant Deputy Leader Mike Hookem MEP, both of whom recently offered to step in as Interim leader, have both now withdrawn their offers and instead are backing Gerard for the post.

We also see that the UKIP leader on the Welsh Assembly Neil Hamilton AM, and the UKIP leader of the London Assembly Peter Whittle AM, have both come out in support of Gerard as Interim leader.

We believe that Gerard Batten has what is necessary to unite the party and see it out of the present crisis.

With best wishes,

Malcolm Pearson of Rannoch,

David Stevens of Ludgate,

David Willoughby de Broke.

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  1. As there will be a Corum of members present at the EGM I see no reason why Gerard Batten shouldn’t be elected on a “show of hands” as “Interim Leader” for a year or a 5 month Leadership election campaign seeing as other candidates have withdrawn.
    I would also add that a change in the Party rules is required so that no member should be allowed to put their name on the Leadership candidates list who hasn’t been a continuous member of UKIP for at least 5 years.

    • We don’t know if there will be a quorum although there is the likelihood that there will be more than 250 members present – the number required for the meeting to be quorate. However, the only thing on the agenda will be to confirm or reject the NEC’s No Confidence motion. The question of whether Gerrard could be voted into the position of interim leader may not even be asked or it will be ultra vires. That is a decision that only the NEC can make at a properly-constituted meeting.

  2. This is unbelievable! At last they are talking to us and not at us, this is what I call truly democratic and long may it continue. The party can only prosper when we all work together instead of shouting at each other and trying to dominate the conversation.

    • Donald,

      Perhaps Bolton getting the Leadership was a good thing in a way because I think we will look back on all this in 12 months time and find it was necessary to unite the party.

      Of course what I have just written will be nonsense if he wins the vote on Saturday as then there will be no party.

  3. In correspondence with Gerard Batten He correctly critised me for chastising him because he did not promote the fact that all our treaties with the EU are unlawful. He showed me his previous statements that proved me wrong. If, as a future leader of UKIP he uses his position to place these facts before the British public, then I for one will rejoin UKIP. Until that happens they are supporting breaking our laws and constitution.

  4. It is the intention of the majority of the NEC to immediately vote in Gerard Batten as Interim Leader should Bolton be voted out on Saturday.

    • Hallelujah! 👍

    • I understood that the only business on the agenda was to vote on whether or not to endorse the NEC’s vote of no confidence. Surely the NEC can’t subsequently vote in GB as Interim leader, even though that is what a good proportion of the membership wants, unless a meeting of the NEC has already been formally called and convened.

      • 6.18 Any five or more voting members of the NEC may requisition an Emergency Meeting of the committee by notifying the Party Secretary in writing signed by each of them to summon one as soon as practicable. The document calling for such a meeting shall set out the business to be discussed and any motions to be put at that meeting. The agenda for the emergency meeting shall comprise this business and matters arising and no other.

  5. unless and until any brexiteer tell the truth by shouting it from the rooftops, I submit that they are all frauds. The truth: All our UK treaties with the EU are against our constitution and bill of rights.Their cowardice amazes me. I challenge them all to go live on our media to expose the truth. Otherwise I think that they are all frauds.

    • Within the UK the EU is an illegal Entity/Power/Organisation/Person/Authority. It does this by force and collaboration with labour/liberal/conservative party and UK establishment. They are betraying and breaking our own native UK legally binding Constitution. Our native constitution is permanent and it is illegal to betray it, brake it and ignore it.
      Despite our democratic majority wish to be rid on the EU, we are still under EU occupation. The EU is an Occupying Force. And we will remain under EU occupation as long as we continue to be betrayed and threatened into any continued proxy membership and accept ‘deals/extortion rackets’ by the traitorous members of lab/lib/con and the evil empire that is the EU.

      Bill Of Rights 1689


      ‘’And I do declare That noe forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiastical or Spiritual within this Realme Soe helpe me God.’’


      English Historical Documents

      The text of each of these important constitutional documents has been posted as pages on England Calling. The links can be found at the top of the blog. (top of page on link below)


  6. I fully support Gerard Batten….he is not a Muslim basher, but what else would you expect of the MSM other than to have a go at UKIP. Nigel is for HB, but there is no love lost (on Nigel’s part) between Gerard and Nigel. Nigel is also against Suzanne Evans, but she is a great orator….don’t know the reason for this.Gwen

    • Gerard Batten’s policies on what to do about Islam are more radical than those ‘of “far right racist Nazi” Anne Marie Waters.

      “9. Islam: To face up to the threat posed to our way of life by literalist and radical Islam. This means a policy of no more mass immigration from Islamic countries and policies to neutralise the influence of Islam; e.g. no more overseas funding of mosques and imams from extremist regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.”

  7. I doubt the NEC will be legally safely able to discuss interims ahead of the EGM, nevertheless I would back his appointment asap after (if) Henry falls.

  8. The media attack has started immediately; Batten described as a ‘Muslim-basher’. Shame, as I usually enjoy Guido.

    • Jenna, what exactly is the shame, that Guido is bashing Batten, or that Batten is seen as someone hating islam?

      Either way I wouldn’t worry about it, if Batten does become leader of UKIP – a worthy individual I grant – he daren’t talk about islam because most of the remaining UKIP members will leave and/or Nigel will wag his finger at him on his LBC spot.

    • In today’s circumstances that can only be regarded as a plus.
      The public are crying out for some party to take a stand against what is being perceived by many as invasion, occupation and islamification on a huge scale.
      We must show the courage to ignore the neo lib PC pervading the entire lib/lab/con and start putting the interests of the British people and Britain first.
      Or we will waste our time and remain in the wilderness for more years to come.
      People are crying out for another Cromwell.
      Gerard Batten may or may not be that man, but he will do for the time being until we find a better.

  9. We have featured Gerard on the UKIP Devon,Cornwall and SW websites for the last couple of weeks with a couple of videos and his pamphlet.

    I agree with you Alan it is an excellent well thought out contribution by our UKIP Peers and one we can all support.

  10. Wow!!!!!!!!!
    Thank goodness for a bit of Common Sense at last, it was supposed to be our USP along with telling the truth – its re-emergence is well WOW!

    I trust the MSM will be featuring this first step UKIP are taking for the “WAY BACK” (I know the answer – FAT CHANCE)

    I hope readers will look at the comment I just penned in “ON BALANCE” thread by Stout Yeoman in which I suggested a possible course of re-stabilisation commencing immediately following the vote in Brum.

  11. This is stunning, heavyweight and carefully-considered opposition to Bolton and support for Gerard as Interim leader. Love the proposal to name Gerard as Interim ahead of EGM, if Bolton loses. It would be responsible of the NEC to do so – to show they have an effective contingency plan. Go to it NEC!

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