Editor – This article was first published on Kipper Central. It is republished here with kind permission.

Sargon of Akkad has slammed social media giants as a massive assault was launched on Alex Jones Infowars program. The show, whose Editor-In-Chief Paul Joseph Watson recently joined UKIP, was purged from Apples iTunes, Spotify, Facebook and YouTube.

Speaking exclusively to Kipper Central, Sargon said:

Infowars is famous as a news parody/conspiracy site, and Alex Jones has publicly stated that his on-air persona is an act. Facebook gave no reason for the suspension of Infowars, and given how they are widely perceived, this seems to be an unwarranted and malicious suspension, not unlike the suspension of other conservative voices.”

Brittany Pettibone, who was initially banned from the U.K. for wanting to interview Tommy Robinson and then permanently banned for her involvement with Generation Identity hit-out at the obvious big-tech “collusion” to silence patriotic voices:

She went on to point out that the end game is to actually remove dissenting voices from the internet entirely:

Meanwhile, Tommy Robinson’s Facebook page announced last night that Tommy’s Instagram account has been removed and that it is fully expected Facebook will soon follow suit.

Following on from the news that prominent UKIP members, including the leader, Gerard Batten, were‘shadowbanned’ from Twitter, the arrest of Tommy Robinson etc, etc it is quite clear what we are seeing is a pattern of increasing state repression, fully backed by corporate big tech, directed against dissenting conservative and patriotic voices. This is clearly a response to the widespread populist revolt which is gripping Europe and in the context of Britain an attempt to stop mass resistance to the ongoing Brexit betrayal by the government.

However, the severity of the action clearly indicates that there is worse to come both in terms of restrictions and betrayals – nothing else can explain the panicked action taken by the state. The totalitarian creep has clearly now become a sprint.

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