At the last general election (2017), UKIP was effectively a sitting duck for attacks by the legacy parties and their fellow travellers in the main stream media.  Repeatedly, the message was that UKIP is a single issue party (campaigning to leave the European Union, the EU), and now that BREXIT is happening, UKIP’s work is done.  It worked!  UKIP’s share of votes fell dramatically, although to be fair other forces were at work as well, such as Labour’s largesse with taxpayers’ money (our money) and a protest vote against Theresa May’s taking the Electorate for granted.  Could history repeat itself in 2022 with UKIP again being a sitting duck, assuming the party survives that long?

Historically, UKIP has been on the fringes of national politics, unable to break the first past the post barrier and the tribal dominance of the left liberal EU-centric duopoly of Champagne Socialists (aka Labour) and TINOs (Tories in Name Only). In 2014, in the European Parliamentary elections, many of the Electorate dramatically switched to UKIP, partly because UKIP was seen as best able to ‘fight their corner’ in the EU, or at least worth a gamble.  This complemented a trend of legacy party members defecting to UKIP as best able to represent true traditional conservative or hard-working class values; socially conservative, patriotic and financially prudent etc.  It was a promising basis for a general election.  In the 2015 General Election the transfer of votes already in motion continued against a comprehensive, generally conservative manifesto despite UKIP being unlikely to form a government or to achieve its objective of leaving the EU.

The Referendum ‘Leave’ majority result was indeed a vindication of UKIP’s efforts over the years and again showed a substantial movement in the Electorate away from the political establishment (who overwhelmingly campaigned to stay within the EU).  Surely then this was a good base for UKIP to expand building on an existing trend by the Electorate of discontent and disillusionment with the legacy parties who no longer represented their values or interests?  Presaged by failure, it was not to be! In the 2017 General Election and local elections, many voters returned to their traditional party loyalties, apparently bringing to an end the trend of rebellion.

Long term trends do not change, especially if the underlying causes remain in place. The Champagne Socialists did well in 2017 to siphon up a protest vote resting on implied social justice (‘for the many not the few’). Yet this is still the party that has brought much misery to its traditional supporters over the years through mass immigration, social engineering, Big nanny state government, and destruction of traditional values of law abiding hard work, thrift, the family, and patriotism.  The TINOs are happily continuing the cultural, physical, and economic destruction of our country pursued by NuLabour. Yet where is UKIP to be the voice (and ultimately defender) of the betrayed, deceived and exploited British people?

This UKIP leadership contest could be sowing the seeds for the party being a sitting duck again in 2022. The left liberal ruling establishment (sometimes called Cultural Marxists or even the Frankfurt School), are the real problem.  Failure to strongly oppose their actions (on behalf of the British people) will allow them to continue their destructive efforts and in the 2022 General Election to attack UKIP; probably branding the party as an irrelevant single issue pressure group.  Of course, that labelling and associated derogatory name calling is much easier if UKIP (and its leader) is focused strongly on a single (narrow) issue with the angry knee-jerk quick-fix brigade exerting undue influence (all parties have them).

The left liberal establishment is using mass immigration multi-culturalism (in practice Islam) to smash up our traditional Judaeo-Christian heritage and values.  They will inevitably defend their weapon of choice regardless of any adverse results – not to do so would be a serious admission of their culpability.  There is, therefore, nothing to be gained and much to be lost by focusing directly on the internal intricacies of the left liberal establishment’s ‘machine gun’ rather than on understanding and then defeating their ‘war’ aims and strategy first.

The left liberal establishment could quite easily become a sitting duck instead if UKIP goes with the Electorate’s existing discontented and disillusioned flow, giving it voice; to their wishes, hopes and fears, and provides a genuinely wide-ranging British people first conservative alternative. Nobody else will do this so it needs to be UKIP.  There are so many areas where the ruling elite have failed the British people. Almost everyone (including liberals) has been affected by these failures in one or more ways to the extent that makes them angry or fearful and keen for change to a better situation.

What is needed is to empower the Electorate, to help them understand what the Cultural Marxists in the former Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties are doing through wide-ranging destructive activities.  This task of education and agreement is far easier where there is common ground (on personal, local and national issues) that fits in with a person’s own experiences and views. It also helps to be affable, likable and honest, rather than be an easy target for ruling establishment smears.

The next generation deserves better than to be handed a country ruined by an out of touch, control freak, ideologically driven elite – The British people deserve preservation of, and building on, the traditional best of British.

In this fight for the British people against being used and abused by the ruling elite, there is substantial evidence (for example, here, here, here) that David Kurten (of the current leadership candidates) is best placed to lead UKIP.

There is a tide in the affairs of men.

Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;

Omitted, all the voyage of their life

Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

On such a full sea are we now afloat,

And we must take the current when it serves,

Or lose our ventures.
Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3, William Shakespeare