I was one of the first people to make the joke ‘will the Lib Dems now ask for a second vote at Richmond Park as the people did not know what they were voting for’. However there is though a much more sinister undertone to what has happened post June 23rd. Joking apart, the newly elected MP for Richmond Sarah Olney has fervently and confidently stated that, should this go to Parliament, she will not vote for the invoking of article 50. The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has stated that they, the Labour Party would seek to attach amendments to the bill.

The attempts by people from all political sides to undermine and overturn the will of the people is actually taking a very dangerous path. The language now being used is aimed at confusing the electorate and slowly but surely turning them away from the issue so it becomes of little importance or, more worryingly could it be that these so called elite are aiming to simply dictate their political will on the country? I fear the latter.

The sheer arrogance and complacency of people like Nick Clegg, Tim Farron, Tony Blair and others is just staggering. I have never ever thought in favour of civil unrest to win an issue nor condoned behaviour which would lead to such trouble. But these people now wishing to muddy the waters are in their own way promulgating such unrest by the spoken word and their insistence that the electorate got it wrong.

Since the vote on June 23rd, the Remoaners have consistently taken a view that the economy is in free fall or that it will be. Doom and gloom is the constant prophecy and they insist on their rhetoric even in the face of lower unemployment, lower inflation and major companies such as Landrover, Google, Siemens and Nissan all committing to a long term investment in the country. The recent largest rise for a decade in consumer spending will not deter their determination to talk down this nation. They will not listen and have gained the upper hand so far in this war of words. This standpoint is largely supported by the mainstream media and they are a very powerful ally.

A further sinister unravelling of the vote to leave is the current court case before the Supreme Court. All eleven judges are sitting to hear the appeal but there is clearly for some, an enormous conflict of interest that cannot be ignored. One of the judges has openly said that the outcome of the referendum is “not legally binding”. There are further issues with members of this supremacy, such as the chairman of the court whose wife tweeted that the Brexit vote was “just a protest vote”. We await the outcome with baited breath.

The language of the “remain in the EU at any cost” cabal, is strong. They are gaining more and more confidence as political interrogator’s struggle to make sense of their view points. The more experienced agitators find it easy to confuse and conflate their message. One thing is clear though, they insist at all times that they agree that this country will leave the EU. However it is the way in which we leave that is their so called concern.

The single market has now become the biggest issue; it is bigger than immigration, the recent migration numbers, almost the highest on record, have largely been lost in the cacophony of noise about the single market. The government are not helping much, recent comments in Parliament by the Brexit Minister that we could consider paying sums of money to the EU to stay in the single market are a very worrying development. Given that we have a £70 billion deficit with the EU on trade surely common sense dictates that our stance should be just the opposite. Any watering down of the vote to leave will not be tolerated. Ministers and Remoaners should be reminded of this at every opportunity.

We the leave group have to be more vocal. We have to find a champion, someone to step up to the plate and talk the talk. Someone who will have the political credence to be heard and understood. That person should be Paul Nuttall the new leader of Ukip. There has of course, since his election, been a concerted effort to undermine and ruin his name by the press. He has in true Ukip style ridden out the nonsense put to him in the form of disturbing and untruthful allegations. He has answered all questions with an honesty so often not available from other political operators.

Peter Whittle, his deputy leader, is a strong performer and a straight talker and very credible when defending the 17.4 million who voted to leave the EU. One note of concern is the appearance by members of the Ukip Hierarchy on shows such as Have I Got News For You and the political show, This Week. These productions have one agenda and that is to ridicule, they should be given a very wide berth.

We thought the war was won, clearly that was a mistake. It was the first in a very long line of battles yet to be fought. We cannot rest, we cannot sit back and watch the will of the people be overturned and more importantly ignored.

I for one was hoping that the single issue of the EU would be a part player now in putting to the country the 2015 Manifesto of UKip. I thought we were in a very great need to get our message out there, to prove to the electorate that we are a serious party with a serious plan for the country. I for now though think we should again put our party and its aims to one side to ensure that we represent the people who voted for leave on the 23rd. For sure no one else will.


Photo by johnsons531