They say history doesn’t repeat but it rhymes, I’ve certainly been noticing some rhythms in recent years. For instance: I’ve been wondering whatever happened to all of the Nazis after the Second World War?

Sure we executed some of these Nazis, some ran away to places like South America. While living in Brazil, I remember reading in the newspapers about a magnificent house in Southern Brazil that had the bottom of the swimming pool tiled with a swastika. What about families friends and relatives, what happened to them?

Even  José Manuel Barroso the ex-President of the European Commission has semi-retired to Brazil but he’s still working for Goldman Sachs. Barroso should be in good company in Brazil.

I’ve written before about how the European Union, through trade imbalances has bankrupted much of Europe, hitting Greece first, the rest is still ongoing. Europe has been sacrificed to the Euro, the only country to really benefit up until now is Germany; the Euro is under-priced for the German economy and this has been a boon to German exports and German companies.

German companies like BMW. According to an article in the New York Post in 2016: “BMW admits ‘regret’ over using Nazi slave labor during WWII

“Günther Quandt (28 July 1881 – 30 December 1954) was a German industrialist who founded an industrial empire that today includes BMW and Altana (chemicals).” 

Quandt was an influential figure in the Nazi party also supplying uniforms to the German army during the First World War.

“Quandt’s second marriage on 4 January 1921 in Bad Godesberg to Magda Ritschel produced another son, Harald Quandt. Magda was half Günther’s age. The marriage ended in divorce in 1929. Two years later Magda married Joseph Goebbels with Adolf Hitler as best man.”

Günther was arrested after the Second World War because of his links to the Goebbels family, after his death, his sons ran his empire.

Companies like Volkswagen and Krupp have long admitted to their Nazi past, but only recently have BMW been forced to admit this.

BMW has expressed deep regret but are these crocodile tears? It seems totally ironic to me that while the European Union and its flawed politically motivated currency has driven entire countries into bankruptcy, many millions of people into poverty, only Germany (and in particular its Nazi spawned business empires) have benefited. Profiting on the misery of people all over Europe.

Of course, the Nazis are now famous for enforced slave labour in their concentration camps and murder in their gas chambers.

What many people don’t realise about these gas chambers is that before they were killing Jews, originally they were a tool of the Nazi involuntary euthanasia program.

 “Aktion T4 (German, pronounced[akˈtsi̯oːn teː fiːɐ]) was a postwar name for mass murder through involuntary euthanasia in Nazi Germany.”

Today, the elderly and infirm are constantly persecuted in our society. Gordon Brown ordered the printing of seven hundred billion pounds in so-called Quantitative Easing to protect the banks during the 2008 financial crisis. Interest rates were also lowered to almost zero.

Pensioners and the disabled have borne the brunt of the above financial strategy; our governments always protect the banks at the expense of everybody else don’t they. The old and disabled were sacrificed without a second thought, they didn’t matter.

Older people are ruthlessly discriminated against in the workforce. The elderly are blamed for everything, such as clogging up the health service, never a mention of the millions of immigrants it has to cater for.

Ageism is getting to be palpable in our society, it’s easy to imagine that one day we’ll have a new European version of Aktion T4.

The Nazis gave several reasons for Aktion T4, including eugenics, compassion, reducing suffering, racial hygiene, cost-effectiveness and pressure on the ‘welfare budget.’

They always give such altruistic reasons for these evil programs, today, we call is sustainability and Agenda 21 now Agenda 2030. I wrote an article about Agenda 21: “Human Cattle and Agenda 21”.

Agenda 2030 is really a blueprint for a global concentration camp, complete with sweatshop labour and population control, behind the altruistic language there lies something far more sinister. I suggest you read my article on the subject and also do your own research.

The Nazis were also brilliant at propaganda:

“The propaganda used by the German Nazi Party in the years leading up to and during Adolf Hitler‘s leadership of Germany (1933–1945) was a crucial instrument for acquiring and maintaining power, and for the implementation of Nazi policies.” 

Today we have Political Correctness a manipulated Mainstream Media and entertainment industry amongst other things, all very Nazi, and we have a police behaving more like the Waffen-SS to maintain the lies and prevent criticism.

Adolf Hitler was a puppet that along with his particular brand of extreme nationalism was easily cast aside when he’d ceased to be useful, the Nazi brand was dropped. I can’t help but feel the real power behind the Nazis just moved on and became or infiltrated the European Union and United Nations, both organisations that hide their real, very likely evil intentions behind altruistic propaganda: globalists.

We now have another puppet: Theresa May and she’s hell-bent on keeping us tied to the European Union despite all of her lies and reassurances. Theresa May will stitch us up over Brexit and I think I’ve figured out how she’ll do it, I’ll be getting back to you on that one.

I’ve never blamed the Germans for the Second World War, Germany was simply the base of operations for a particularly evil and pernicious group of people. The German people were sold a dream with the use of lies and propaganda. After the war, upon realising their mistake, they hung their heads in shame for many decades.

In our country today, we have Liberal Leftists and remainers hell-bent on keeping us tethered to the European Union, I hope one day when they wake up from their dream and realise their mistake, they too will hang their heads in shame.