We are a patient lot, we Brits. We’ve let our beautiful landscapes become disfigured by ‘wind farms’, our coastal waters by ‘off-shore wind farms’, and our prime agricultural land is more and more being covered by solar panels, diminishing the area on which we can grow food while our population increases thanks to uncontrolled immigration.

On top of that, our coal-fired power stations have been mothballed, bringing the whole country ever closer to a possible rationing of the energy supply to industry and private households. If you like to be scared, check out ‘Gridwatch, a site which shows how much energy is currently consumed.

All of this, as we know, is in the name of ‘Saving The Planet’, of ‘reducing CO2’, because of ‘climate change’.

All of this is being paid for by all of us, with higher energy bills which rise year on year, with old people dying of hypothermia because they cannot afford to pay these bills, with industries going to the wall (remember Port Talbot Steel a year ago?) and people losing jobs just because our politicians wanted to look good and ‘pure’ on the international stage …

We in UKIP have always pointed out that this was a scam, a scandal, and that the ‘science’ was a fraud. We were vilified for this, and the words of our MEPs such as Roger Helmer or Stuart Agnew about the detrimental effects on our lives and economies did interest nobody in our MSM, who were and are fully supportive of ‘climate change’, and who simply stopped even attacking all those ‘deniers’.

After all, not just Prince Charles, but President Obama said the climate was changing – the science was in, so who are we to dare ask questions?

Well, here’s news, and what a surprise: the Climate Change ‘Lords of Science’ have been at it again. David Rose in the Daily Mail has written a report on how the latest manipulation was done, reporting that it was done by none other than the director of  NOAA, the US Government Institution. Those of a more scientific mind can do no better than read the article about this on the science blog ‘Tallbloke’s Talkshop’, which is run by our member Rog Tattersall, whom many of you know.

Suffice to say that it was yet again nothing but a propaganda exercise produced for that Paris Climate Summit. Not only did the then director of NOAA produce a paper based on data (seawater temperatures) whose methodology was questionable and criticised by other scientists even at that time, it turns out that, against normal practice, the whole data were not archived. This is important, because in normal, not ‘climate’ science, these research data mean other scientists can check the raw data on which the findings are based. This is one of the pillars of science, but over the years we have learned that ‘climate science’ is … different and that normal rules don’t apply.

But why is this new scandal important? Because of propaganda.

There was the propaganda value for that climate summit. Over the last few years, quite a few proper scientists have pointed out in research papers that there has actually not been any ‘warming’ since 1998. That was inconvenient, especially when President Obama and the rest needed to show the world how green and caring-for-the-planet they were. Thus the paper, hailed by the climate industry, the BBC and of course Prince Charles, was ‘proof’ that yes, everything is indeed as bad as they have always said; that we, the peasants, really must be punished for being profligate with ‘energy’ and, to ‘save the planet’, must pay more and more for less and less. It’s not enough that we have to pay higher prices for our private energy consumption, our taxes – always rising – are also squandered on supporting ‘renewables’ like solar and wind farms, and never mind that our green and pleasant lands are being defaced and disfigured! As an aside, one does wonder how the heir to the throne can on the one hand denounce modern architecture, with the infamous words: “Like a carbuncle on the face of a good friend,” while on the other hand be oblivious to the mutilation of our ancient landscapes …

Oh – that temperature rise which had all the usual suspects pontificate about ‘global warming is real’? Even with the questionable data and the more questionable vanishing of the raw data, that infamous paper said – please do sit down and put down your coffee cup! – that:

While the rate of global warming from 1950 to 1999 was 0.113C per decade, the rate from 2000 to 2014 was actually higher, at 0.116C per decade.

Yes, you read that right: even with all the manipulation, all they found was a rise of 0.003º C …

But there’s now a new sheriff in town. There was a report last year (see here) that climate scientist were so scared that this new sheriff would take away their toys, they ‘frantically’ copied all their data, just in case … The funny thing is that the data for that infamous paper had been made to vanish by the authors so that nobody could check them, well before Mr Trump even thought of running for president, which is actually rather ironic.

It is now more than pressing for us in UKIP to redouble our efforts exposing the climate scam. It is more than pressing for us to demand that our agricultural land no longer be abused for solar farms, that our landscape no longer be disfigured by wind farms, that our taxes no longer be squandered, that our energy prices be lowered – and that the infamous Climate Change Act be repealed. We know that this Act was created to please the Brussels EUro-Rats, so surely, with Brexit (hopefully) looming and, in addition, with this new exposure of the scientific hoax, this must become a plank in a UKIP manifesto.

Let’s ask at every opportunity – Stoke, Copeland, anywhere – why hard-working families should pay for the scammers and fraudsters of this ever growing scandal!

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