The result of the by-election was a surprise to all, in the same manner as the referendum result. Everyone, especially Zac Goldsmith, was expecting him to be re-elected by a margin less than his previous huge majority.

He resigned from the Conservative party and his representation on their behalf to be re-elected as an independent fighting against the third runway that would overfly the constituency.

The Conservatives decided not to put up a candidate and UKIP didn’t want to go there and be in for a hiding for nothing as it is ‘elite’ territory. Labour put up a token fight but for the same reason the constituents were not typical Labour supporters.

The Liberals, though, realised that Richmond in the referendum having voted 69.3% to Remain and only 30.7% to Leave, that there was a huge possibility to severely dent the majority of Zac by appealing to the Remainers.

I am sure that Zac had a real hard time campaigning against the Liberals because they were out in force with full party backing. Having cut his ties with the Conservatives, he could only call on a small amount of troops to assist with campaigning about the third runway and the opposition were campaigning against Brexit (however that is defined).

In the end the result was;-

Liberals 20510 votes, 49.7%.
Zac Goldsmith (Ind) 18638 votes, 45.1%.
Labour 1515 votes, 3.7%, lost deposit.
All others 620 total, 1.5%, all lost deposits.

Bouyant Liberals

On the news the Liberal leader proudly claims his party are back in the running and now he intends to put more pressure on Theresa May to do a soft Brexit, but only after Parliament approves it.

The campaigners for the Liberals also claimed that while door knocking there were significant numbers of people who admitted they voted to Leave and subsequently regretted it.

That may have been true but I bet there were even more people who admitted they voted Remain and regretted it after the dire predictions didn’t happen.

My reason for saying this is what no-one has yet realised, that in the referendum 693 out of every 1000 people in Richmond voted to Remain and 307 out of every 1000 people voted to Leave. In the by-election with the Liberals trying to get the Remainers to send a powerful message to the government and to fight back against the referendum result, only 497 out of 1000 supported that plea. That is a drop in Remainers of 196 in a 1000 or a swing against remain of 19.6%. How about that then?

What else do we know?

Despite the apparent intransigence of Theresa May to be knocked off course for invoking Article 50 by 31 March, her Chancellor of the Exchequer will not support leaving the Single Market. The Foreign Secretary tells EU representatives that he is happy with the free movement of people.

Then the Brexit Secretary David Davis states in the Commons, in answer to a Labour question, that if access to the Single Market cannot be obtained without a payment to the EU then that’s what will be agreed. In effect a continued membership fee!

The Supreme Court will start hearing the appeal by the government from Monday onward but is unlikely to give a determination before mid January. Whatever it decides, it intends to play for time to make it near impossible for Theresa May to get through the House of Commons and House of Lords the necessary legislation to invoke Article 50 in the event that the Supreme Court upholds the biased decision of the High Court.

Frankly I cannot see how the Supreme Court will decide in favour of the Government because the judges are fundamentally, politically, financially and socially part of the elite.

A ruling that Parliament is supreme over the people brings us to the brink of civil war, because it means that our vote is worthless. All the centuries of demands of the people to choose those who govern according to the wishes of the people will have been swept away.

Looking into the abyss

Europe could start going up in flames because countries are close to bankruptcy and won’t be able to pay public servants because of the stress caused by the euro, because of unemployment, because of unfair and draconian EU regulations, because of overwhelming tension in Sweden between the indigenous population and the hordes of Moroccans now causing civil unrest, rapes, burglaries and other crimes, because of social pressures in all EU countries and because of the unrestricted invasion of foreigners.

Add to this that Britain has polarised again between the elitists (Cavaliers) and populists (Roundheads). As I write this the anti-EU presidential hopeful Norbert Hofer could become Austrian President. Likewise in the referendum on the constitution in Italy, also today, the government could lose the vote and the President be forced to resign, leaving the anti-EU 5Star party as the biggest party of government.

If Europe doesn’t burn

We need to somehow do next Thursday 8th December in the Sleaford & North Hykeham by-election where there is a majority of Leavers, what the Liberals did with the Remainers in Richmond. Then all pulling behind our new leader do the same in every constituency in the land that voted to Leave with a potential to notch up 421 seats for UKIP.

That’s what we might have to do because the Brexit team within Theresa May’s government are already revealing that we will end up with associated membership of the EU. There is the strong possibility though that by mid 2019 the EU won’t exist any more, because of the rise of populism, the Peoples’ voice being heard at last. Otherwise I can see UKIP campaigning for the 2020 General election on a policy of Leaving the EU again. What madness.