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The Remoaners aren’t Giving Up Yet

Ed~This article was originally published on the Campain for an Independent Britain website,  we republish it here with permission of the author.

Life in the remoaner bubble remains as surreal as ever.  The Guardian newspaper has published an article by David Cameron’s former tutor Vernon Bogdanor, claiming that “A second Brexit referendum is looking more likely by the day.”  Wishful thinking perhaps? As we have pointed out on numerous occasions, Mrs. May and the Tory Party dare not row back on their commitment to deliver Brexit. Not only would it be as good as handing the keys of No. 10 to Mr. Corbyn, but it would precipitate the worst crisis the party has faced since the split that followed the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1846. What Bogdanor fails to take into account is that now Article 50 has been triggered, we are on the way out. Even EU sources have suggested that it may not be reversible. Furthermore, Mrs. May shows no sign of conceding a second referendum; not to mention the fact that no one in their right minds would want to go through that grueling campaign again, especially given the lack of interest among the general public

Still, it’s the silly season aka the Parliamentary summer recess, so editors have to be a bit more creative in trying to fill the columns. The Financial Times, another bastion of remainiacs, is no better than the Guardian. In a piece entitled Brexit reveals Britain’s enduring flaws, Simon Kuper claims that the idea of leaving the EU was hatched in the Oxford Union in the 1980s by the likes of Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, because “This generation of mostly former public schoolboys didn’t want Brussels running Britain. That was their caste’s prerogative.” No better proof of the decline in the standards of journalism can be found than this once respected newspaper giving space for such utter tosh. Is Mr. Kuper completely unaware of the long-standing opposition to EU membership within the Labour Party? Or of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, which was set up in 1969 to oppose our accession – before Boris Johnson or Michael Gove were old enough to go to school?

True, both articles acknowledge that the Brexit talks are not going as well as David Davis and his team had hoped, but widely-reported differences of opinion within the Cabinet over the “hardness” of Brexit does not mean that Brexit isn’t going to happen. Whether it is seamless is another matter, of course, but happen it will. I wouldn’t normally quote Jean-Claude Juncker approvingly, but he does seem to have the measure of the mood in the UK (including the government) and has distanced himself from those Brexit sceptics who are expecting a big back-pedalling “My working hypothesis is that it will come to Brexit”, he said.

Meanwhile, our attention has been drawn to a piece by Jonn Ellidge in the New Statesman, which claims that a recent YouGov survey proves that Brexit voters hate their own children.  The reason for this astonishing statement is because:-

A healthy majority of Leave voters, it found, claimed that ‘significant damage to the British economy’ would be a price worth paying for Brexit: 61 per cent, compared to just 20 per cent who disagreed. More bizarrely, when the question was made more personal, and respondents were asked would it be worth “you or members of your family” losing their jobs, 39 per cent still thought Brexit was totes worth it – slightly more than the 38 per cent who, like normal, sane people, replied ‘obviously not’”.

So QED, Brexit voters, which the author equates to retired baby boomers “who are prepared to crash the economy because they don’t like Belgians” are a selfish generation who must hate their offspring because “when asked directly whether they’d swap the wealth and security of their own children for a blue passport and the ability to deport Polish plumbers, they said yes in huge numbers.

As blogger Samuel Hooper says, Ellidge’s claims are “vile” and totally ignore the real reason why a significant majority of older voters supported Brexit. “Does he not realise that the counterfactual, unrecorded by YouGov (who did not bother to probe more deeply) is that perhaps these older people – rightly or wrongly – thought that by voting for Brexit they were preserving some other vital social good for their descendants, something potentially even more valuable than a couple of points of GDP growth? I would posit that the supposedly hateful Daily Mail-reading generation of grey haired fascists scorned by Jonn Ellidge actually do not have any particular desire to inflict economic harm on their children and grandchildren, but simply realise – through having lived full lives through periods of considerably less material abundance than those of us born since the 1980s – that other things matter, too. Things like freedom and self-determination, precious gifts which were under threat during the Second World War and the Cold War, and which the older generations who remember these difficult times, therefore, do not casually take for granted.”

Absolutely, but no amount of debunking is going to stop the blinkered fanaticism of the remainiacs. Among the chief of these is the European Movement, which is ramping up its campaign to stop Brexit altogether, linking up with other like-minded groups including Scientists for EU, Healthier IN the EU and Britain for Europe to try to stop Brexit. I debated with a few members of the European Movement and although I didn’t always win, it was fun to embarrass them by mentioning the funding they received from the American CIA during the 1970s. A recent email has encouraged recipients to join this iniquitous organisation which sees itself as able to “represent the groundswell of opinion against departure from the EU.”

Sorry, European Movement, but the ground isn’t swelling round here. If even I, as a political “anorak” and long-standing opponent of our EU membership, am getting fed up with all the debating about how badly the cabinet is divided, how much we will have to pay to leave, trading arrangements and so on, Joe Public is even less interested. He cast his vote a year ago and whichever way he actually voted, he was never really very excited by the EU, never really understood what we had joined and just wants the country to move on. Hopefully on March 29th, when we finally leave, the European Movement and its fellow-traveller remainiacs will move on – preferably to well-deserved oblivion – but I’m not holding my breath.

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10 Comments on The Remoaners aren’t Giving Up Yet

  1. I’m fed up of all this talk about the “hardness” of Brexit. We voted for out which means the complete removal of any and all influence of the EU and no financial contribution. Nothing else was on the ballot paper.

    That is the only a “Brexit” which satisfies the vote; nothing less is acceptable. We cannot allow government to get away with a fudge whatever that might entail.

    • Exactly, all this talk of ‘extreme Brexit’, ‘cliff-edges’ etc is just more wishy-washy vague talk, usually from the left-wing.

      There is only Brexit. If you don’t leave the single market, the customs union and the jurisdiction of the ECJ, then you have not really left the EU.

      The EU is just 28 countries. There are 195 recognised countries on this planet, 167 of them are not EU members, so how on earth do these countries manage to survive? 😀

  2. Simon Blanchard // August 8, 2017 at 10:55 pm // Reply

    It was a good thing you mentioned the CIA funded the European Movement in the 1970’s. The CIA part funded the Yes campaign in 1975 too, to the tune of £300,000 (worth about £3 million in today’s money).
    My bet is the EM are still being funded by the CIA and I would say most of the other Remainer organisations are still getting a fat brown envelope from the CIA and they played their part in the 2016 referendum. The Jo Cox incident has a whiff of the security services classic false flag event that is right up their street.
    Despite Trump trying to steer US foreign policy in a different direction, since he was elected, the Council on Foreign Affairs who steer the CIA on foreign policy wish for the UK to remain.
    I recently sent a request (6 months ago) to the European Movement to find out if they still received funding from the CIA. I’ve not so far had a reply to deny it, so I take it they still do.

    • Jo Cox; indeed you are right to be sceptical and there is a precedent which I don’t recall just now. Funny too how the post trial publicity has been muted. I am waiting for the untimely death in jail of Muir to be reported; he cannot be allowed to speak out.

  3. I was a member of YouGov for about six months. I left because I was getting fed up of being given ‘marketing surveys’ to complete. I was rarely asked for my opinion on political matters.
    They’re just a con, selectively targeting who they want to survey, no doubt to ensure a result that is favourable for whoever sponsored them to carry out the survey.
    I take all these opinion poll results with a pinch of salt as a result. When I cast my vote at the polling station, I’m asked only to put a cross in a box, the ballot paper doesn’t ask me for my age, sex, income or any other information. So it is quite incredible how organisations such as the BBC claim to have ‘detailed analysis and breakdown’ of polling data.
    Just another way of manipulating people, with the latest trend seeming to be to try to turn young people against older people.

  4. Samuel Hooper, for the benefit of inferior minds, sums up the counter-argument to Remainer dross beautifully. But do Ellidge and his ilk have the moral capacity to understand the unexplored motives behind the results of a shallow Brexit survey? I doubt it. Such Leftards are capable only of jumping to foul conclusions based on their own warped ideology, biased judgement and limitation of mind.

    Ellidge should get together with Vince Cable and discuss the psychological quirks that lead one to conclude that Leavers hate their children (did he suspect that his parents hated HIM?); and the other to blame the old for ‘sh*****g the young (did he blame old people when he was young and still hasn’t got over it at 75?)

    Rabid Remainers have some important things missing: a sense of proportion, a sense of propriety, a sense of history, a sense of decency, a sense of fairness, a sense of democracy, a sense of pride, a sense of humour, commonsense ….
    Yes, all of those, but the things they most lack are love of their country, love of the British people, and love of freedom and independence, which together add up to patriotism in its purest form. Sad sacks.

    • Another brilliant contribution Panmelia; please keep posting!
      I was delighted to read that you received a UKIP gold medal for services to country and party – richly deserved. Which must make the ridiculous posturings of ‘pantomime baddie’ Baron Bickley of Hardup even more galling.
      Like many who visit these blogs I want to thankyou for all you have done and all you are doing. I am certain that it makes a difference.

      • Many thank for your kind comments, citizenkain, with a sincere return of the compliment.
        Yes, Bickley’s posturings were galling in the extreme and now Rob McWhirter has started as well (Open Letter to Editor).

        I continue on ukipdaily for the comfort of knowing that ordinary people, ukip members or not, have a voice on here, and that I can join in the dialogue. Not everyone who reads leaves a comment, but what matters is that they are interested and can take away ideas to mull over. I know that reading others’ contributions to ukipdaily helps to shape my ideas; if mine make a difference too, that is a fantastic bonus.

  5. We Brexiteers must take heart despite the enormous difficulties facing the UK in the next 5 or so years. We have the best people, the best arguments, and the best of the truth on our side. We face an entrenched and rotten to the core establishment consisting of most professional politicians,the evilbbc, much of our MSM, senior civil servants, the academic establishment (shamefully), and a big slice of big business. The rank and file of brexit( ordinary ukip members plus grassroots tories plus patriotic normal working class labour) is our bulwark and will not falter when things get tough as they will. The problem is the collapse of the UKIP aristocracy ( self appointed)when they see a future of no MEP lite jobs and no entree onboard the gravytrain; some like Suzanne Evans have only been kippers for a couple or so years so they have no history of adversity. John Bickley’s retorts and condemnations in the “Time to slay a few myths” blogs illustrates the appalling elitist mindset better than anything I have ever wrote. This bodes bad for party unity and reform.
    In any event I remain confident that there are enough good men and women out there who will all do their bit to progress BREXIT and then we can all shout/sing “FREE AT LAST FREE AT LAST”. And on that day it really will be the end of the old order of corrupt and corrupted politicos and so called journalists.

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