The MSM have been full of leaks, reports, articles and opinion pieces – by Tory grandees, Labour members, foreigners in ‘leading’ positions in industry and trade, ‘experts’ across the board, Remainers, a very few Leavers and of course our ’friends’ from Brussels provide a constant drumbeat. All pontificate about Brexit, the Transition Period, the Withdrawal Treaty – on and on.

Now PM Ms May’s Cabinet (meeting at Chequers on Thursday), are at each other’s throats in public. Let me just note that when Kippers have at each other, it’s ferrets fighting in a sack – when our Government ministers do it, it’s high politics …

If you ask where UKIP was in all this, then you must have missed the last four months until the EGM. In the MSM, the deposed leader who has now thankfully left UKIP managed occasionally to get in his old slogan of ‘injecting UKIP into the national debate’ and ‘holding the government’s feet to the fire’, in between talking about his ‘romance’. That was all. One might ask if the absence of UKIP in this crucial debate, rather than wrecking UKIP as Party, was the aim of his backers behind the scenes.

There is, however, one aspect of this “national debate” which has escaped the notice of all those official and unofficial Brexit gurus. Even Jacob Rees-Mogg, with his formidable historical knowledge who argues so eloquently that our country must not become a vassal state, has missed the point.

What point is that you may well ask … it’s this:

This year we remember (I refuse to call it ‘celebrate’) the end of WWI. One hundred years ago, on Nov 11th, the guns fell silent, after the – at that time – most devastating war on the continent of Europe. Papers and TV programmes are already full of content reflecting on the tragedy – in a well-orchestrated way, of course. Just as it’s now de rigueur to play down Wellington’s victory at Waterloo and ascribe it to some sort of nascent EU we’re told that without soldiers from India we wouldn’t have won. ANZAC – Nah, too white, don’t mention them! But I digress.

As History is no longer taught in schools and Universities (for example, see this depressing article) it doesn’t surprise me that nobody mentions The Treaty of Versailles (see here). If you wonder why we ought to remember that, let me explain:

This Treaty, as many historians now recognise, was not just the epitome of French revenge on the ‘old enemy’, with several of the negotiators trying to rein them in, it also led to the rise of that Austrian-with-a-moustache and WWII. We’ll come back to this further down.

The point of remembering Versaille, therefore,e is to realise that its aim was primarily to punish and humiliate Germany – reparations were a nice addition.
That same sort of intransigent ‘punishment’ is now meted out to us, by the EU and their French negotiator, aided and abetted by Germany.

Can someone please inform me: when have we fought a war with the EU? A war we lost? A war we lost and now need to be punished and humiliated for?

Can someone please inform me: why have our Whitehall Mandarins accepted that view from Brussels that yes, we, our country, must be punished for having the temerity of voting for Leave?

Can someone please inform me: where is it written in the Treaty of Rome, wherein the subsequent treaties, where in Article 50 that a country wishing to leave must be punished? Severely?

The fact is that ever since Ms May launched Article 50, her government and by extension our country has been humiliated by Brussels, by Macron, by Merkel.

And Ms May, her Government, the “loyal” opposition, the MSM, the establishment, just let that pass. They just accept this humiliation. Not one voice is raised, officially. One wonders if this strange coalition of Westminster Bubble dwellers and Brussels is behaving thus in order to punish us, the 17.4 million Leave voters and to stop the alleged rise of what they call with horror “right-wing populism”.

Do our ever-so-well educated ‘leaders’, from MPs to government Ministers to Whitehall Mandarins to PM to MSM pundits and economic ‘gurus’ also have scant knowledge of History? Do they not understand that it was precisely the humiliation of Versailles which led to the ‘right-wing populism’ they so decry? Or rather – that it led to the rise of extremist parties on both Right and Left in Germany? They surely cannot have forgotten the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, leading to 79 years of the epitome of a Communist regime! Didn’t we ‘celebrate’ the Centenary of that revolution just a year ago, in 2017?

Secure inside their Westminster Bubble, have they really not noticed that, just as in Germany in the wake of Versailles, we suddenly see the founding of a whole host of splinter parties in our country, some being supported by such humanitarians as Mr Soros or the Bankers of Rothschild?

Oh – I forgot: these are not ‘populist’ at all because they’re supporting “Remain” … and of course the newly awakened militant Labour Left, taking over Old Labour, and their truly militant ‘wings’ like ‘Antifa’: no, no parallel with 1920s Germany at all … Only some splinter groups on the Right are dangerous, as far as TPTB are concerned – and of course UKIP.

Have they made themselves willfully blind to the awful lesson from a humiliated Germany after Versailles, for the sake of remaining in the benevolent arms of Brussels?

Allowing our country to be humiliated by the unelected Brusselocrats, with no resistance from our so-called leaders: that might well lead to a situation down the road similar to Germany in the 1930s. 17.4 million Leavers will not take these Brussels ‘orders’ lying down. Perhaps someone ought to draw the attention of our Mandarins and politicians to what happened in the mid-1930s to all the well-meaning politicians who caved in at Versailles to demands from powers outside their country – both in Germany and the Soviet Union. “Show Trials” and “Night of the long knives” – ring any bells?

That’s why remembering the Treaty of Versailles matters today:

We have not lost a war! We are not a defeated Nation! They don’t have the right to dictate to us – but we have the right to walk away.

Oh, btw – that infamous Treaty was signed after only 6 months of negotiations …